Announcement of Public Recruitment of Primary and Middle School Teachers in Shijiazhuang Jingjing Mining Area in 2020

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In order to improve the overall quality of the teachers in the mining area and promote the improvement of the quality of education and teaching, after research, it is necessary to openly recruit 56 primary and secondary school teachers to the society. The special announcement is as follows:

I. Recruitment Principles

Recruitment work adheres to the principles of both morality and talent, prioritizing morality and the principles of openness, fairness, competition, and merit.

Recruitment majors and places

There are 56 primary and secondary school and preschool teachers. Detailed post is attached.

3. Recruitment conditions

1. Have the nationality of the People's Republic of China, and are 18 years old and above, 35 years old and below (born between December 26, 1983 and December 26, 2001), Shijiazhuang's county (city), mining area household registration (urban area) Except) or the candidate's place of origin or the spouse's party is registered in the mining area (or the spouse works in the mining area), full-time postgraduate students are not limited in household registration, 2020 full-time fresh graduates are not subject to age and household registration restrictions. (If there are specific requirements in the post information conditions, follow those requirements).

2. Obey the Constitution and laws.

3. Have good conduct and professional ethics.

4. Ability to teach in Mandarin and skilled use of modern teaching equipment and instruments.

5. High school (including vocational high school) teacher positions must have full-time bachelor degree or above, the majors and examination positions should be the same or similar, and have corresponding teacher qualification certificates; junior high school teacher positions must have full-time bachelor degree or above, Have the corresponding teacher qualification certificate; elementary school teacher positions must have a full-time bachelor degree or above, with a primary school or above teacher qualification certificate; a preschool teacher position must have a full-time college degree or above, a preschool teacher qualification certificate; meet the post requirements and hold 2020 full-time fresh graduates of the corresponding teacher qualification examination certificates can also apply.

6, have the physical conditions to perform their duties normally.

Fourth, recruitment procedures

In order to ensure the fairness, professionalism and scientificity of recruitment, the recruitment work entrusts professional examination institutions to implement.

(I) Registration

This registration is implemented online registration and preliminary qualification, each person is limited to apply for one post.

1. Online registration and preliminary qualification time

Registration URL:

Registration time: 9:00 December 27, 2019 to 17:00 December 31, 2019

Payment time: 9:00 on December 28, 2019 to 17:00 on January 1, 2020

2. The ratio between the number of applicants for the post and the number of applicants must reach a ratio of more than 1: 2. If this ratio is not reached, the position recruitment quota will be reduced according to the proportion until the position is cancelled.

3. The personnel who passed the preliminary examination of online registration will pay the registration fee of 100 yuan as prompted. Candidates who have completed the online registration will print their admission tickets online to take the written test from January 7, 2020.

(Two) written test

1. Written test time: January 11, 2020, Location: Mining Area Middle School

Candidates can take the exam with their admission ticket and valid second-generation resident ID card (temporary ID card).

The written test is divided into two sessions, morning and afternoon. 9: 00-11: 00 on January 11th, "Public Basic Knowledge", 2:00-4:00 PM, "Educational Basics". Candidates should take the examination in accordance with the examination place and examination room determined on the admission ticket.

2. Written test content: The written test is conducted in closed book mode, all of which are objective questions:

The exam subject in the morning is "Public Basic Knowledge" with a perfect score of 100 points;

The afternoon exam subject is "Basic Educational Theory", which includes: pedagogy, educational psychology, educational laws and regulations, and teachers' professional ethics, etc., with a perfect score of 100 points.

3. Confirmation of written test scores and score lines

Written test score = "Public Basic Knowledge" score * 50% + "Educational Basic Theory" * 50%, the written test pass score line is 60 points, and candidates who pass the written test are determined by the position from high to low scores according to the ratio of 1: 2 to enter the qualification review The list of personnel and the final written test scores are all entered into the qualification review.

(III) Qualification review

Relevant departments will review the qualifications of the interviewers.

Qualification review time: January 14-15, 2020.

Location: Room 202, Administration Building, Jingxing Mining Area

Those who enter the qualification review must provide: a graduation certificate, a degree certificate, a teacher qualification certificate, a second-generation resident ID card, a copy of the original hukou (the closing date of the household registration as of December 31, 2019) and a set of copies of the above documents, Written examination admission certificate, "Electronic Registration Record Form of Educational Certificate of the Ministry of Education" and other relevant certification materials, 2020 fresh graduates provide school certification materials, when the formal application procedures, provide all the materials required above, otherwise the qualification for employment will be cancelled.

Candidates who report inaccurate conditions and do not meet the application requirements during online registration will be disqualified from the application and will be replenished in order of their performance. Responsibility should be investigated for serious fraud.


Focus on investigating the practical ability of education and personal comprehensive quality. The interview time is January 18, 2020.

On January 16, 2020, at 2:00 pm, print your admission ticket online to attend the interview.

The interview takes the form of lectures and defenses, with a total of 11 minutes, of which 8 minutes are lectured and 30 minutes are prepared for lectures. The answer time is 3 minutes. In order to ensure the quality of recruitment, those with an interview score below 60 are considered unqualified. Please refer to the interview notice for the details of the interview procedure and content.

Candidate's comprehensive score = written test score * 40% + interview score * 60%.


According to the comprehensive results of candidates, the candidates who have entered the medical examination will be determined according to the 1: 1 ratio of posts. If there is a tie, the candidates who will enter the medical examination will be determined in the following order: Communist Party members and student cadres during school, high scores in written tests, children of martyrs or spouses , Higher education (degree), those with grass-roots work experience or grass-roots work experience are longer. The cost of the medical examination is at your own expense.

The medical examination standards shall be implemented in accordance with the relevant provisions of the General Standards for Medical Examinations for Civil Servants (Trial).


Investigate the political ideology, moral quality, work ability and actual performance of those who pass the medical examination. It also reviews the authenticity of the personnel files and relevant documents to be recruited.

If there is a medical examination, an unsuccessful inspection, or abandonment of personnel, candidates who have reached the minimum passing score line (60 points) for the same interview group in the same position will be replenished in order.


Those who pass the inspection will enter the publicity link, and will be publicized on the registration website for 7 days.

Apply for employment

Those who meet the requirements for employment, if there is no objection after the publicity period expires, shall report to the Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security for the record, sign an employment contract in accordance with the regulations, and go through the procedures related to personnel and wages. The hired person shall implement a one-year probation period in accordance with the relevant regulations, and the probation period shall be counted within the term of the employment contract. Those who pass the assessment after the probation period will be formally employed; those who fail will be dismissed. The service period is five years. Fresh graduates can apply for employment and take up their positions only after obtaining a graduation certificate.

V. Related Requirements

1. Candidates who fail to participate in the written test, qualification review, interview, physical examination, inspection, registration, etc. within the required time are deemed to have automatically waived their qualifications for qualification; qualification review runs through the entire recruitment process, and at any stage, candidates are found Those who do not meet the recruitment requirements, forgery, counterfeit various documents, and falsification, once verified, cancel their qualifications for employment, serious problems should be held accountable.

2. The exam does not specify exam guidance books, nor does it organize or commission any organization or individual to hold any form of exam training courses.

3. Candidates are required to fill in their usual contact information when registering to ensure that communication equipment such as mobile phones are kept unblocked during recruitment. Poor communication will affect registration, examination, qualification review, physical examination or inspection at their own risk.

4. After the unified recruitment and employment in our district and successful application for talent green card, you can enjoy the following preferential policies:

Shijiazhuang Talent Green Card B card holders: Each year within five years, they can enjoy rent subsidies of 24,000 yuan for doctors, 18,000 yuan for masters, and 12,000 yuan for bachelors. Those who purchase the first set of self-use commercial houses and stock houses in the city are not subject to the restrictions on the purchase of housing. The municipal finance will grant a one-time housing subsidy of 150,000 yuan for doctors, 100,000 yuan for masters and 50,000 yuan for bachelors.

Talented green card holders in Jingjing Mining Area: enjoy a rent subsidy of 4000-7000 yuan per year for five years.

5. Staff strictly abide by the recruitment discipline and implement the confidentiality system to ensure the smooth progress of recruitment. Those who falsify, engage in malpractices for personal gains, and violate recruitment disciplines during the recruitment process will be investigated and dealt with severely upon verification, and those involved in serious cases will be held accountable.

The matters not covered in this plan are explained by the District Leading Group Office for Publicly Recruiting Teachers.

This open recruitment consultation telephone: Mining District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau 0311-82089007

Mining Area Education Bureau 0311-82088151

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