Cangzhou Teachers College's public recruitment of staff announcements in 2019

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Notice on Printing and Distributing the "Interim Measures for the Public Recruitment of Staff in Public Institutions in Hebei Province" in accordance with the "Personnel Management Regulations of Public Institutions" of the Organization Department of the Hebei Provincial Party Committee of the Communist Party of China and the Hebei Province Human Resources and Social Security Department (Ji Renshe issued [2011] 9 No.) and "Cangzhou Municipal Party Committee Organization Department, Cangzhou Human Resources and Social Security Bureau Circular on Printing and Distributing the" Cangzhou Municipal Institutions Public Recruitment Staff Implementation Measures (Trial) "(Cangrenshezi [2011] No. 133) Document Spirit, combined with our school's 2019 recruitment staff plan, after research and decision, it is planned to openly recruit 60 staff to the society. The recruitment plan is now formulated as follows:

I. Basic situation of recruitment unit

Cangzhou Teachers College is the only municipal undergraduate college in Cangzhou City. Its main responsibilities are: cultivating talents with junior college and bachelor degrees to promote the development of education; related scientific research, continuing education, professional training, academic exchanges; other related social service.

Recruitment principles

Adhere to the principles of openness, equality, competition, and merit, in accordance with the employment standards of both virtue and talent, and according to the recruitment plan, select merit based on examinations and inspections.

Third, recruitment methods

This recruitment adopts open recruitment. Follow the steps of formulating recruitment plan, issuing recruitment announcement, registration and qualification review, recruitment examination (written test, interview), qualification review, physical examination, inspection, publicity of the proposed staff, and employment.

4. Recruitment objects, quantity, positions and conditions

(I) Recruitment object

Recruitment targets are graduates of full-time general institutions of higher education and graduates who have graduated in 2019 and before. They have employment registration certificates (foreign students studying abroad need to be certified), and their household registration is not limited.

(2) Recruitment quantity and position:

According to the recruitment staff plan approved by the superiors, a total of 60 staff members were publicly recruited this time. For specific recruitment numbers and job conditions, please refer to "Cangzhou Teachers College 2019 Public Recruitment Staff Job Information Form" (Annex 1).

(3) The candidates shall have the following basic conditions:

1. Nationality of the People's Republic of China;

2. The age requirement is 18 years old and above, 35 years old and below (born between December 31, 1983 and December 31, 2001, the birth date of my ID card shall prevail);

3. Obey the Constitution and laws;

4. Have good conduct and professional ethics;

5, with the age, education, professional conditions suitable for the requirements of recruitment positions;

6. Adapt to the physical conditions required by the post;

7, have other conditions required for the job;

The specific conditions required for recruitment positions are determined in accordance with the "Cangzhou Teachers College 2019 Public Recruitment Staff Position Information Form". Those who return to study abroad and other overseas and foreign degree holders do not have the same professional name as the job title requirements, but most of the courses they study are the same as those of the professional post courses, and they meet other requirements required by the post After being approved by the school's professional qualifications accreditation team, you can also apply for the job.

(4) Personnel in any of the following circumstances shall not apply for the examination:

1. Persons who have been criminally punished for crimes and have been expelled from public office;

2, active duty soldiers;

3. The person who failed to execute the letter;

4. Civil servants during the probation period and staff of public institutions during the probation period;

5. Persons who have not completed the minimum service period or the agreed minimum service life;

6. Full-time general non-graduate graduate students are not in the scope of recruitment;

7. Laws, regulations, and policy documents stipulate that it is not allowed to recruit personnel in other circumstances as staff of public institutions.

In addition, applicants may not apply for recruitment positions that constitute an avoidance relationship after being hired.

Avoidance relationship refers to Article 41 of the "Interim Measures for the Public Recruitment of Staff in Public Institutions in Hebei Province" on "Every applicant who has a marital relationship, a direct blood relationship, a close blood relationship or a close marriage relationship within three generations, It is not allowed to apply for the secretary or personnel, financial, and disciplinary inspection positions of the personnel in charge of the unit, as well as positions with direct and subordinate leadership relations. When the personnel in charge of the unit and the recruitment staff are involved in the personnel employment matters, they have the above-mentioned kinship or Others that may affect the fairness of recruitment should also be avoided ".

V. Recruitment Procedure

(1) Registration and qualification review

1. On-site registration time: December 31, 2019-January 3, 2020 (8:30 to 11:30, 2:30 to 5:30).

2. Registration location and contact information:

Venue: Personnel Office of Cangzhou Teachers College (Room 723, Library and Information Building of Cangzhou Teachers College)

Contact: Teacher Yang, Teacher Xu, Teacher Wang

Phone: 0317-5667721.

3. Registration requirements: Each applicant can only apply for one post. Applicants are required to download and complete the “Cangzhou Teachers College 2019 Public Recruitment Staff Application Qualification Examination Form” (Annex 2) in duplicate, with the second-generation resident ID card, graduation certificate, degree certificate, and employment registration certificate ( Returned overseas students must provide the original and a copy of the academic degree certificate issued by the Ministry of Education (where the professions listed in the "Job Information Form" stipulate the professional direction, such as the graduation certificate and degree certificate do not clearly indicate the professional direction , You need to bring the original and transcripts of the postgraduate course transcripts for proof), 4 recent 1-inch crownless photos with the same bottom, register at the designated registration place. Candidates should submit relevant information and materials truthfully. Anyone who fills in the information incorrectly, incompletely or incorrectly shall be responsible for their own responsibilities. If fraudulent or fraudulent, the qualification for the examination or the qualification for employment will be cancelled upon verification.

4. Preliminary Qualification Examination and Payment: The preliminary qualification examination shall be conducted according to the conditions set in the recruitment positions. The results of the preliminary qualification examination shall be confirmed on the spot. The candidates who pass the preliminary qualification examination shall pay a total of 100 yuan for the registration examination fee.

5. Issuance of admission ticket: The time for the qualified applicants to receive the admission ticket will be notified on the website of Cangzhou Teachers College on February 10, 2020.

6. Examination ratio: The ratio between the number of applicants for the post and the number of applicants for the position is in principle not less than 1: 3. If this ratio is not reached, the number of applicants for the position will be reduced or cancelled. As for special professional posts that are in short supply, they can be appropriately relaxed after review and approval by the competent authority, but effective competition must be formed.

(Three) examination

The exam is divided into two parts: written test and interview.

1.Written test

(1) The written test adopts a closed-book method, and the content is related to public basic knowledge and college education related subjects (covering pedagogy, educational psychology, etc. and relevant positions for recruitment positions should have ability). The exam does not specify exam tutoring books. The written test is implemented on a 100-point scale, with a perfect score of 100 points.

(2) Written test time: The written test time will be notified on the website of Cangzhou Teachers College on February 10, 2020. The test time limit is 120 minutes. The specific time, place and relevant requirements of a candidate's written test can be found in the written test admission certificate. Written test results are published 5 days after the written test is completed on the website of Cangzhou Teachers College.

After the written test is over, the recruitment leadership team will draw a qualifying score line based on the recruitment plan and test results. For positions that do not reach the ratio of 1: 3, the written test score cannot be lower than the minimum score of the written test scores of interviewers who enter other positions.

2. Interview

(1) Interview candidates are determined. According to the planned recruitment number and the candidate ’s written test ranking from high to low scores, the interview candidates are determined according to the ratio of 1: 2, and the final written test results in the ratio are all entered into the interview. The passing mark for the interview is 60 points. For positions with an interview ratio of less than 1: 2, the interview results must not be lower than the minimum interview results of other positions who enter the next stage of the interview.

(2) Interview time and place: Notice on Cangzhou Teachers College Network.

(3) Interview method. Professional and technical positions are conducted through trial lectures, on-site narration, and on-site questioning, and counselor positions are conducted through personal speeches and on-site defenses. Interviews are conducted on a 100-point scale. Points are scored on the spot. Interview results use the "gymnastic scoring" method. One high and one low are removed. The average of other scores is divided into interview results. Interview results will be announced on the day of the interview. The entire interview process was recorded.

(4) Synthesis of total scores and determination of rankings. After the interview, calculate the total test score based on the written test score and the interview score of 40% and 60% respectively, with a perfect score of 100 points. (For calculating the candidate's score, two decimal places are reserved.) Those who have a total score at the end of the same position and exceed the recruitment plan, and take the high score in the written test to enter the next step. If the above method still cannot determine the ranking, then try again. In the subsequent qualification review, physical examination, inspection, publicity, etc., when problems are found to be replenished, if the total scores appear side by side, they will be determined according to this ranking order.

(IV) Qualification review

After the interview, according to the recruitment plan and the candidate's overall ranking from high to low, the qualification review personnel will be determined in a 1: 1 ratio, and the qualification conditions will be reviewed by Cangzhou Teachers College. In addition to the materials required for qualification review at the time of on-site registration, the materials required for qualification review need to review personal files. If the review does not meet the requirements, the qualifications of the personnel to be hired will be cancelled, and candidates who have applied for the same post will be replenished in order of the candidate's total score in descending order.

(V) Physical examination

Qualified review personnel enter the medical examination link. According to the recruitment plan and the ranking order of the candidates' total scores, the candidates for the physical examination will be determined in a 1: 1 ratio. The list of medical examination personnel was announced on the website of Cangzhou Teachers College. The physical examination is organized by Cangzhou Teachers College and supervised by the Municipal Education Bureau. The physical examination refers to the current General Standards for the Employment of Civil Servants. Those who fail the medical examination shall be disqualified, and candidates in the same position shall be replenished in the order of the highest total score of the candidates.

(Six) investigation

Qualified medical personnel enter the inspection link. The inspection was organized and implemented by Cangzhou Teachers 'College, and mainly examined the applicants' ideological and political performance, moral quality, professional ability, and work performance. Those who fail the inspection shall be disqualified, and candidates who are applying for the same post shall be replenished in the order of the total score of the candidates. After the inspection, the college's open recruitment work leading group wrote a written report on the performance of the inspection object and made conclusive opinions on whether it was qualified.

(7) Publicity

Those who have passed the physical examination and inspection are qualified and determined to be candidates for employment. Candidates who are to be hired shall be publicized on the website of Cangzhou Teachers College for no less than 7 working days (prior to publicity, the Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau will review personal files and other materials), and accept social and mass supervision.

(8) Employment

During the publicity period, those who abandon the hiring during the publicity period if they reflect serious problems and find that the evidence does not meet the employment conditions, cancel their qualifications for candidates, and the candidates who apply for the same post will be ranked in descending order of the total score Make up. If there are serious problems in the report but it is difficult to verify at the moment, the employment will be suspended, and whether to hire will be decided after the verification and conclusion is reached. The "Examination and Approval Form for Public Recruitment of Units" shall be submitted in quadruplicate and submitted to the Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau for relevant employment procedures. The probation period shall be implemented in accordance with relevant policies and regulations, and the probation period shall be included in the employment contract period. Those who pass the assessment after the probation period will be formally hired, and those who fail will be cancelled.

Relevant requirements

(1) Any candidate who fails to participate in the examination of documents, written examination, interview, qualification review, physical examination, inspection, registration, etc. within the required time will be deemed to have waived his qualifications.

(2) The registration implements a strict self-discipline mechanism. Candidates must be responsible for the authenticity of the submitted registration information. Qualification review runs through the entire recruitment process. At any stage, if candidates are found not to meet the recruitment conditions, and fraudulent, cancel their qualifications. Serious responsibility should be pursued.

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