Announcement of public recruitment of teachers in Cangzhou municipal education system institutions in 2019

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In order to meet the employment needs of the education system of Cangzhou City, and to ensure that the structure of teachers in newly-built schools is reasonable, the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government have decided to recruit 20 teachers from Cangzhou counties (cities and districts) on the job. The related matters are announced as follows:

I. Recruitment principles and plans

(1) Recruitment principle

The 17th Middle School of Cangzhou City publicly recruits and adheres to the principles of both morals and talents and democracy, openness, competition, and merit selection. It selects and employs merit based on examinations and inspections.

(II) Recruitment plan

Cangzhou No. 17 Middle School has a total of 20 recruitment plans. For the specific number of recruiters and job conditions, please refer to the "Cangzhou No. 17 Middle School Annual Public Recruitment Staff Position Information Form" (Annex 3).

2. Recruitment scope, target and basic conditions

(I) Recruitment scope and target

Recruitment targets are middle school teachers who have been working in the post for 3 years within the counties (cities, districts) of Cangzhou City.

(2) Basic requirements for applicants

1. Have the nationality of the People's Republic of China.

2. Comply with the Constitution and laws.

3. Good thinking, obeying disciplines and law, and good character. Physical and mental health, love education, and possess the professional knowledge and business ability required for the job.

4. Bachelor degree or above recognized by the state.

5. Age is 18 years old and above. Those with the title of a teacher at the primary and secondary level, aged 35 and under (born between December 31, 1983 and December 31, 2001); those with the title of a teacher at the primary and secondary level, aged 40 and under (1978 December 31—born between December 31, 2001); those with a full-time post-secondary postgraduate education or senior teachers in primary and secondary schools and above, aged 45 and under (December 31, 1973— (Born between December 31, 2001).

6. Teacher qualification certificate for junior middle school or above.

7. Have other conditions needed for the job.

The specific conditions required for recruitment are determined according to the requirements of the "Job Information Form".

Where it is necessary to determine the age, working hours, etc., the calculation date ends on December 31, 2019.

(3) No one can apply for the test if

1. Those who have passed the annual assessment since 2016 and below.

2. Persons under suspicion of violations of laws and disciplines, and those who have not been lifted from party discipline and discipline, or those who have been found to have serious violations of discipline and regulations in the civil service recruitment examination and public recruitment examinations of institutions are still in the test ban period.

3. Having been punished by a criminal agency.

4. People who are still within the specified service period.

5. Laws and regulations stipulate that personnel in other circumstances who are not allowed to be employed as public institution staff shall not apply for examinations.

6. Candidates shall not apply for recruitment positions that constitute an avoidance relationship after being hired.

Avoidance relationship refers to Article 41 of the "Interim Measures for the Public Recruitment of Staff in Public Institutions in Hebei Province" on "Every applicant who has a marital relationship, a direct blood relationship, a close blood relationship or a close marriage relationship within three generations, It is not allowed to apply for the secretary or personnel, financial, and disciplinary inspection positions of the personnel in charge of the unit, as well as positions with direct and subordinate leadership relations. When the personnel in charge of the unit and the recruitment staff are involved in the personnel employment matters, they have the above-mentioned kinship or Others that may affect the fairness of recruitment should also be avoided ".

Third, the recruitment process

(1) Registration and qualification review

1. On-site registration time: December 31, 2019-January 3, 2020 (8: 30-11: 30, 2: 30-5: 30 pm).

2. Registration location and contact information:

Place: Cangzhou No. 17 Middle School

Contact: Teacher Tian

Phone: 3170900

3. Registration requirements: Each applicant can only apply for one post.

Applicants are required to download and fill out the Registration Form for Public Recruitment of Teachers of Cangzhou Municipal Educational System Institutions in 2019 (in duplicate), the Letter of Commitment on Integrity, the Registration Form and the Letter of Commitment (paper) (Specification is A4), and bring my recent 2-inch color photo without a crown (in the form of an electronic U disk, the same version as the registration form photo), a second-generation ID card (within the validity period), a professional title certificate, a teacher qualification certificate, a degree certificate, etc. The original and photocopy of the certificate should be registered at the designated registration place. Candidates should submit relevant information and materials truthfully. Anyone who fills in the information incorrectly, incompletely or incorrectly shall be responsible for their own responsibilities. If fraudulent or fraudulent, the qualification for the examination or the qualification for employment will be cancelled upon verification. The ID used for registration and examination must be the same.

4. Preliminary qualification and payment. The preliminary qualification examination is conducted according to the conditions set in the recruitment positions, and the results of the preliminary qualification examination are confirmed on site. Candidates who pass the preliminary qualification examination pay a total of 100 yuan for the registration examination fee.

5. Issuance of admission ticket: Qualified applicants will go to Cangzhou No. 17 Middle School Office to receive a written examination admission ticket on January 5, 2020 (8:30 to 11:30, 2:30 to 6:00 pm).

6. Examination ratio: The ratio between the number of recruited candidates for the same position and the number of applicants for the position is not less than 1: 3 in principle. If this ratio is not reached, the number of recruits for the position will be reduced or cancelled.

(Two) examination

The examination adopts a combination of written examination and interview.

Written test

(1) The written test is closed book. The scope and content of the test are: professional knowledge related to the reported position, with a perfect score of 100 points. Special reminder: Some test papers may use answer cards. Be sure to prepare special stationery.

(2) Written examination time: January 11, 2020, the examination time limit is 120 minutes. The specific time, place and relevant requirements of the written examination of the applicants can be found in the written examination admission ticket.

(3) Results query: After the written test, the Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and the Municipal Education Bureau will determine the passing score line based on the recruitment plan and the test results. The written test results and certificate entry list can be landed in Cangzhou within five days after the written test. City Human Resources and Social Security Bureau website, Cangzhou Human Resources Network query.

2. Interview

(1) Certificate review

Before the interview, the personnel who want to enter the interview are first reviewed for the document. The ratio of the number of people who enter the document to the number of recruited positions is 5: 1. The staff of the document review is determined from the high score to the low score (the last one is also included in the document review) ). Candidates must present the employment, work experience, annual assessment certificate of the past three years, certification issued by the preparation department of the county (city, district), 2 recent small 2-inch crown-free color photos, and the requirements for the post Original and photocopy of other related materials. Candidates who fail to meet the application requirements after reviewing and registering shall be disqualified from the application. Candidates who apply for the same post shall be replenished in the order of written test rankings. Accountability for serious frauds shall be investigated. The examination place of the certificate is Cangzhou No. 17 Middle School.

(2) Interview method

① Interview form: conducted in the form of trial lecture and defense. The interview mainly examines the basic qualities of the candidates, including aspects of teaching state, blackboard design, professional knowledge, teaching methods, and on-site defense.

② Interview content: First, extract the professional test lecture topics reported, complete 15 minutes of on-site teaching, require blackboard design and chalk writing; second, answer 1 to 3 questions of the judges, time 5 minutes.

Interview video. The judges scored on the spot, the interview results, and removed the highest and the lowest scores. The other scores were averaged into the interview results. Interview results are announced on the spot. The full interview score is 100 points, and the passing score is 60 points.

3. Determination of overall results and job rankings

Calculate the total score based on the proportion of written test scores of 40% and interview scores of 60%. If there is a tie for the total score at the end of the same recruiting position, the method based on the interview results, the higher academic qualifications, and the higher quality courses will be determined in order. If there are problems in the subsequent medical examinations, inspections, qualification reviews, etc. that need to be supplemented, if there are parallel results, they will be determined according to this ranking order.

(Three) physical examination

After the test, the candidates who will enter the medical examination will be determined according to the total score of 1: 1 from high to low. The examination time and the list of personnel will be notified separately. The physical examination refers to the current "General Standards for Medical Examinations for Civil Service Employment". If the physical examination fails, the qualification of the person to be transferred is cancelled, and candidates who apply for the same post will be replenished in order of the total score.

(4) Inspection and qualification review

Conduct a comprehensive inspection of qualified personnel. It mainly examines the political and ideological performance, moral quality, professional ability, and work performance of the personnel to be transferred. At the same time, the qualifications of candidates are reviewed, and the originals of the applicant's personal files and other materials are mainly reviewed. If any failure occurs during the inspection and qualification review, the qualifications of the candidates will be cancelled, and candidates in the same position will be replenished in order of the total score.

(V) Publicity and Employment

The qualified personnel who have passed the physical examination, inspection, and qualification review are determined as candidates to be called. The list of people to be called is published on the website of Cangzhou Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and Cangzhou Human Resources Network for 7 working days. If there are serious problems in the public notice and there is evidence, if they do not meet the requirements for recruitment, the qualification of the personnel to be transferred will be cancelled. If there is a problem with the report but it is difficult to verify at the moment, the formalities will be postponed, and whether to hire will be decided after the verification and conclusion is reached; if there is no objection to the expiry of the publicity period, or if there are problems with the report but the verification does not affect the employment, fill in The "Examination and Approval Form for Public Recruitment of Units" shall be submitted in quadruplicate and submitted to the Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau for relevant employment procedures. For the problems reflected in the public notice, the Education Bureau will investigate and put forward the opinions on hiring, canceling and postponing the hiring. The probation period shall be implemented in accordance with the relevant policies and regulations, and the probation period shall be counted within the term of the employment contract. Those who pass the assessment after the probation period will be formally hired, and those who fail will be cancelled.

Candidates who fail to participate in examinations, physical examinations, inspections, registrations, etc. within the required time are deemed to have automatically renounced their qualifications for enrollment; qualification review runs through the entire recruitment process, and at any stage, candidates are found not to meet recruitment requirements Those who falsify will be disqualified from enrollment. Those with serious problems shall be held accountable.

4. Municipal public education institutions and public institutions are overseen by the Municipal Discipline Inspection and Supervision Department.

Consulting Tel: 3170900

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