The "Member of the Communist Party" magazine in Hebei is an organ publication sponsored by the director of the Hebei Provincial Party Committee of the Communist Party of China. It was founded in 1958.

The Communist Party magazine in Hebei takes "promoting the party's ideas, reflecting party members' voices, telling the story of party members, and building a communication platform" as its purpose. It is characterized by "depth, comprehensiveness, authority, and professionalism." assistant. The "Member of the Communist Party of Hebei" is a semi-monthly magazine, 16 in size, printed in red. The first half of the month focused on interpreting the work of the central and provincial Party committee centers, introducing local experiences and practices, and reporting on advanced models; the second half of the month focused on theoretical explanations, building a clean and honest government, grassroots party lessons, and party history and literature. The first half and the second half of the month are interconnected in content and integrated.

Hebei "Communist Party Members" each set of 24 volumes (upper and lower) throughout the year, priced at 168.00 yuan; grassroots party organizations and readers are welcome to subscribe.

Hebei "Communist Party Member" magazine is self-published. The majority of readers can subscribe directly in the magazine, or be subscribed by the local organization.

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