December "Time Newcomer, Hebei Good Guy" released 28 people (including groups) on the list

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Hebei News Network (Reporter Ren Xueguang) On December 30, December 2019, the "New Age · Hebei Good People" launch event was held in Jingjing Mining District of Shijiazhuang City. Sun Liqun and 28 other good people (including groups) were honored on the list.

At the event, the short stories, live interviews, and interactions with audiences and netizens were played to reproduce the touching stories of the good people around. The audience at the scene said that the good people around let people truly and intuitively feel what is true, kind, and beautiful, so that everyone ’s soul was washed and sublimated.

Since 2019, the Provincial Civilization Office has continued to carry out the "New People of the Times · Hebei Good People" selection campaign, focusing on areas such as innovation and entrepreneurship, poverty alleviation, environmental protection and pollution control, and social governance, with a focus on posts and dedication, and promoting the extensive selection of trees in various places. There are more than 12,000 "good people around", and 355 "new people of the era · Hebei good people" have been selected for merit, of which 58 people have been included in the "China Good People List".

December "Newcomers of the Times · Hebei Good People" List

Dedicated and dedicated categories: Medical Rescue Group of the Second Hospital of Hebei Medical University (Shijiazhuang), Tian Hongsheng (Shijiazhuang), Dong Shaowen (Zhangjiakou), Yang Cunshan (Zhangjiakou), Yang Fucun (Zhangjiakou), Zhao Yingjian (Tangshan), Zhu Xiumin (Tangshan), Du Guoqiang (Langfang) , Cao Dianyu (Langfang), Liu Liguo (Xingtai), Liu Haitao (North China Oilfield)

Helping people for music: Gao Zhasuo (Shijiazhuang), Li Zhisheng (Shijiazhuang), Liu Lidong (Zhangjiakou), Chang Xiuhua (Qinhuangdao), Shen Shiqiang (Langfang), Huanghua Red Chaoyang Volunteer Association (Cangzhou), Ren Shanping (Xingtai), Yang Chunli (Handan)

Honest and trustworthy: Zhang Jianmin (Chengde), Lu Ying (Langfang)

See righteousness as categories: Meng Lingchuan (Shijiazhuang), Sun Liqun (Qinhuangdao), Zheng Maolai (Tangshan), Di Tengfei, Tian Tian (Baoding)

Filial love for the elderly: Tang Tianping (Chengde), Jiang Zhonghong (Qinhuangdao), Wang Yurong (Cangzhou)

Editor-in-chief: Shan Jie_DW089

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