Capital scale reaches 3 billion yuan! Hebei Capital Management completed capital increase

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Hebei News Network December 30 (Reporter Wang Meng correspondent Yuyang) Today, Tianjin Junjia Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. ’s capital increase of 544 million yuan is in place, which marks the capital increase of Hebei Asset Management Co., Ltd. (“Hebei Asset Management”) Successfully completed, the company's capital scale increased to 3 billion yuan.

It is reported that in order to make better use of the value of Hebei asset management, in March 2019, with the approval of the Hebei State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, Hebei Asset Management introduced the affiliated enterprises and the original shareholder units to carry out capital increase and share expansion through non-public agreement premium transfers. 2 billion yuan. After the capital increase is completed, the company's capital will increase from 1 billion yuan to 3 billion yuan. In addition to the company's original shareholders Hebei Construction Investment Group, Hebei Port Group and other companies continue to hold company shares through capital increase, including Hebei Iron and Steel Group, Kailuan Group, Hebei Six key SASAC key enterprises, including China Energy Group and Sanyou Group, have become the company's new shareholders, and the number of company shareholders has increased from 4 to 10.

The relevant person in charge of Hebei Asset Management said that the successful completion of the capital increase work further reflects the high recognition of the development achievements of Hebei Asset Management since the regulators and shareholders. Through the capital increase, the comprehensive strength of Hebei Asset Management will be greatly improved. The deepening of the reform level, the ability to fulfill missions, and the synergies of shareholders will speed up gear shifts. The company will conduct more in-depth market transformation in areas such as corporate governance, business scope, and talent management. Contributing to greater efforts in preventing and resolving regional financial risks, advancing the deepening reform of state-owned enterprises, and promoting industrial transformation and upgrading.

Hebei Asset Management is the first local asset management company in the province that has been authorized by the China Banking Regulatory Commission and approved by the provincial government to acquire and dispose of financial non-performing financial assets in batches. It was established at the end of 2015 and is a state-owned holding company supervised by the provincial SASAC. Ownership enterprises. In 2018, the company was the only first-level supervised enterprise of the provincial SASAC and was selected as the "Double Hundred Actions" of the state-owned enterprise reform. In June 2019, the company was the only enterprise in Hebei Province and was listed in the national state-owned by the National Development and Reform Commission and the SASAC of the State Council. Pilot units for enterprises' mixed ownership reform. Based on a systematic evaluation and full demonstration of its positioning and capabilities, Hebei Asset Management has formulated the "Five-year Development Strategic Plan", which clearly defines "optimizing the financial ecology, assisting the reform of state-owned enterprises, serving the real economy, and building a strong economic province." Corporate mission. At the 3rd China Local AMC Forum, the "Hebei Plan" based on the company's development strategic plan was highly recognized by the industry, and highly praised by the China Banking Regulatory Commission. At the end of 2018, the company received the subject's credit rating of AA +, creating a precedent among the local asset management companies in the country that has the shortest time to establish and the lowest registered capital. In October 2019, as assessed by China Chengxin Credit Rating, the company's main credit rating in 2019 maintained "AA +", the rating outlook was stable, and the publicly issued corporate bond credit rating was rated "AA +". The company's outstanding financing ability and stable debt service The ability and comprehensive qualities were recognized, reflecting the market's affirmation of the company's reform and development results and confidence in future development.

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