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Energizing development and facilitating the masses

——Hebei Province deepens the reform of "decentralized service" to improve service efficiency and quality

Drafting / Zhan Maoguang

Refined 46 measures, and draw up a comprehensive plan for promoting the reform of "decentralized management services";

Construction of "Internet + supervision" system, aggregated 10.64 million pieces of data;

1,279 provincial-level matters, 7,542 municipal-level matters, and 54,02 county-level matters can be handled online;


Since this year, the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government have continued to promote simplified administration and decentralization, the combination of decentralization and management, and the optimization of services as an important measure to comprehensively deepen reform and transform government functions. Each measure and group of numbers has witnessed the solid results achieved by our province in deepening the reform of "decentralization of service" and promoting the high-quality development of the province's economy and society.

More vigorous "put"

Improve the quality and efficiency of administrative approval, and further optimize the business environment in Hebei

At the end of the year, all six workshops in the first phase of Weixian Jiayu Industrial Incubation Park project have been capped, and the interior decoration is being carried out in an orderly manner. "Catch up with the reform of the enterprise investment project commitment system. Our project can be so profitable from project establishment to construction!" He Guoping, the project leader, said with emotion.

This year, the incubation park projects they invested in were included in the pilot reform of enterprise investment project commitment system reforms, and implemented a new model of "approval for land, start construction when land is available". The project took only 32 days from project establishment to construction, and the construction period was shortened by at least 4 months.

The business environment is like air, and fresh air can attract more investment. Since this year, the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government have taken the reform of "delegating management services" as one of the key reform tasks, and have made greater breakthroughs in this work with greater determination and intensity.

Wang Dongfeng, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and Director of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People's Congress, and Xu Qin, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and Governor of the Provincial Committee, have conducted in-depth grass-roots investigations on the “decentralization of service”, interviewed the public, listened to public opinions, and solved problems.

On July 25th, Wang Dongfeng went to the Provincial Government Service Center for investigation and inspection and presided over a symposium to redeploy the reform of deepening the "decentralization of service" reforms, demanding that the problems be solved and that the problems be corrected to further improve the quality and efficiency of administrative approval.

On October 18th, Xu Qin came to the window of Xingtai County Administrative Service Center to exchange cordially with the staff and the working people. He asked for more online approval to achieve efficient work and warm service.

The hope of the people, the direction of governance.

In April this year, the General Office of the Provincial Government issued "Several Measures to Promote the Acceleration of Engineering Construction Projects", innovating "double streamlining, one optimization (simplifying the examination and approval procedures, streamlining the examination and approval process, and optimizing the examination and approval process)". The approval time for approved social investment and record social investment projects has been shortened to 80, 68, and 65 working days, and the State Council's target tasks have been exceeded in advance.

The establishment of enterprises speeds up and improves efficiency, and the project approval process is reengineered. Our province has sorted out matters concerning administrative power in an all-round way. Cancellations that can be cancelled, decentralization that can be decentralized, and more effective "decentralization" have led to an increase in effective investment.

——Develop a list of reforms. This year, our province has advanced benchmarking and matching tables, looking for twelve shortcomings in the establishment and cancellation of enterprises, refining 46 measures, and promulgating the "Hebei Province's plan for deepening the key tasks of the" decentralization and management service "reform," drawing the overall plan for reform and promotion. Figure, clear direction path.

——Speed up approval efficiency. We will deepen the reform of "one seal for examination and approval". This year, the General Office of the Provincial Government promulgated the "Implementation Plan for Further Improving the Efficiency of Examination and Approval Services" to create an "approval, fast-track, strict management, convenient, open" approval service system; formulated the "Administrative Measures for the Provincial Hall's Special Administrative Stamps", Improve the efficiency of examination and approval; print and distribute the "Guide Catalogue for the Transfer of Administrative Licensing Matters by the Municipal and County Administrative Examination and Approval Bureaus" to regulate the transfer of city and county affairs.

— Breakthroughs in key areas. This year, our province focused on the development of the free trade zone, promoted the "separation of licenses and licenses" reform, promoted reduction of licenses after licenses, simplified examination and approval, and worked hard to lower the threshold for admission. In September of this year, the Provincial Government promoted the transformation of government functions and the “Decentralized Management” Reform Coordination Group Office issued the “Special Action Plan for Enterprises to Improve Power Quality and Efficiency”, reducing the time limit for large and medium-sized enterprises, small and micro enterprises to run electricity to 40, Within 15 working days, it has entered the forefront of the country.

More scientific and effective "management"

Building an "Internet + supervision" system to achieve simplified administration but not "reduced administration"

"Since this year, we have supervised 15 key special tasks in real time and achieved very good results." Recently, a person in charge of Shuangye District Government of Chengde City pointed to the electronic inspection system on the computer display to reporters. Introduction.

At the beginning of this year, the District Supervision and Examination Office consolidated all the important decisions and tasks of the district committee and government, as well as all indicators and responsibilities of the higher-level assessment of the district committee and district government, established a supervision account, and implemented a person-in-charge and account supervision. Roll forward, and incorporate the results of the inspection into the assessment of the leadership team and cadres, and implement dynamic assessment and follow-up.

"Simple administration" is not simply a "reduction of politics." Only a scientific and effective "management" can promote a more vigorous "release."

Since the beginning of this year, our province has comprehensively implemented "dual-random, one-public" supervision, solidly promoted comprehensive supervision, implemented inclusive and prudent supervision of new industries and other explorations, strengthened credit supervision, and promoted the implementation of joint credit reward and punishment mechanisms. Fairness and order.

We promoted our province to be included in the national "Internet + supervision" pilot, build an "Internet + supervision" system, build a supervision big data center, and connect with multiple supervision department systems, and aggregated more than 10.64 million pieces of data. At present, the system is rapidly popularized, and it is used by 1,574 departments at the provincial, city, and county levels.

Massive data mining analysis, multi-dimensional collisions, traceability of the supervision process, detection of problems, and early warning of risks. The "Internet + supervision" work has been fully affirmed by the General Office of the State Council and promoted throughout the country.

With the credit system construction as the guarantee, the social governance system is continuously improved. This year, our province will build a five-level "one network" of credit, realize three-level connectivity of provinces, cities, and counties, and build a provincial credit data cloud center and database.

Strengthen the construction of government integrity, and promote the implementation of joint punishment. Our province has studied and formulated the four-level classification criteria for corporate credit evaluation. This year, we have sorted out more than 2,500 joint reward and punishment measures and 102 disciplinary measures for those who have breached trust, and have released them to the public. Promote credit verification, joint punishment, and take the lead in embedding and using in the field of public resource transactions and government services. Credit monitoring work across the province is also continuously progressing. Shijiazhuang ranks 19th in the provincial capital and vice-provincial cities for credit monitoring, and has been rated by the National Development and Reform Commission as a "top ten cities with improved credit monitoring rankings."

Better and better "service"

Fully promote the "One Netcom Office" to allow more information to run and the masses to run less

Running many times, running up and down, running in different places-a word of "running", expressing the anxiety of the people. In order for the masses to run less, the service must spread its legs.

Entering the Provincial Government Service Hall near Shijiazhuang North Second Ring Road, I saw that it was spacious and bright with advanced and complete facilities. According to reports, the provincial government service hall officially started operation on July 16, and is the first-class government service hall with the shortest construction time and the least investment in the country. 35 provincial departments and 641 government service matters have been settled, with a settling rate of 96.5%. The lobby implements the "comprehensive reception at the front desk, classified approval at the background, unified window submission, and the chief representative is responsible" operating mode. It has already received 67,000 people and handled 168,000 business cases, that is, the on-site settlement rate reached 100%. The commitment rate is 100% on time.

Since the beginning of this year, our province has accelerated the reform of “one network, one door, and one time” for government service, optimized the work flow, shortened the working time, and promoted the “one network communication, only one door, and one run at most” for government service.

For the benefit of the people, silk hair will flourish.

In order to further standardize government services, our province has issued the "Provincial Government Service Effectiveness Evaluation and Evaluation Method (Trial)" and "Provincial Government Service" Good and Bad Evaluation "Evaluation Method (Trial)" to comprehensively build a "mass evaluation, media inquiry, social The "quarantine and government assessment" Quartet collaborated with the "good and bad evaluation" evaluation system to force a comprehensive improvement in efficiency.

Recently, the “Ji Shiban” Alipay applet has been officially launched, and users can use their mobile phones to “swipe their faces” to conduct online inquiry, payment, application for certificates, appointment registration and other more than 1,000 government services. The "Ji Shiban" homophonic means "just in time" and is an important part of our province's "Internet + government service" system.

The relevant person in charge of the Provincial Government Service Management Office said that this year is the beginning of the reconstruction and integration of the provincial government service reform system. Driven by "Internet + government services", the level of intelligence has been further improved. Our province has established an online government service system, built an integrated online government service platform across the province, opened up 16 special business networks, and achieved five levels of province, city, county, township, and village connectivity. The whole province is linked up and down, with the same responsibilities and overall linkage. 2. A government service system for business collaboration has been formed.

Fully promote the "One Netcom Office", the level of online services has been greatly improved. As of now, 1,279 provincial-level matters, 7,542 municipal-level matters, and 54,023 county-level matters in our province can be handled online, and the third-level online rate is over 90%, which reaches the national advanced level; the 16 certificates of the entire system of housing construction have been electronically implemented. Paperless, the General Office of the State Council spoke highly of this and promoted it nationwide. (Reporter Cao Zhi)

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