"One Day Out of Poverty Relief · Hebei" Live Broadcasting Over 870,000 Views in 12 Hours

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Hebei Daily's large-scale graphic live broadcast of "Tackling the Poverty Relief · One Day in Hebei" aroused widespread attention from netizens

Over 870,000 page views in 12 hours

Hebei News Network (Reporter Liu Rongrong) On December 30, 2012, General Secretary Xi Jinping came to Fuping County on a snowstorm and issued a mobilization order to win the fight against poverty in the country. In the past 7 years, bearing in mind the entrustment of the General Secretary, Hebei has made every effort to win the fight against poverty and fight against poverty. On December 30, hosted by the Hebei Daily, the Provincial Party Committee's Internet Information Office and the Provincial Poverty Alleviation Office guided the whole process. Today's headline provided platform support. A 12-hour large-scale live graphic broadcast of “One Day Out of Poverty Relief and Challenges in Hebei” was held on the Hebei Daily Client and Hebei Daily. News Network and Hebei Daily's official WeChat Weibo were launched simultaneously. The reporter of Hebei Daily No. 12 Road, starting from Luotuowan Village in Fuping County, walked into 12 frontline scenes of poverty alleviation, and recorded the progress of poverty alleviation in our province in real time.

The live broadcast was broadcast by nearly 40 websites including People's Daily, Xinhuanet, Guangming, International Online, China Youth Daily, Sina, Phoenix, and many mobile platforms such as Toutiao, Weibo, Baijiahao, Renminhao, etc. Forward. As of 20:00 on December 30, the total online views exceeded 870,000.

7 years ago, Luotuowan Village was a poor village with a per capita annual income of only 950 yuan. Today's Luotuowan Village, the villagers have lived in new houses, developed poverty alleviation industries such as edible fungi, forestry and fruit industry, and the per capita income reached 13,620 yuan. During the live broadcast, reporters went into the homes of villagers such as Gu Baoqing and Tang Zongxiu to learn more about the changes in life. They visited the recent development of the tourism industry at the guest house reception center, and each smile vividly explained the great changes from the poor village to the "Happy Bay".

"As long as there is confidence, the loess will become gold." Through the lens of the reporter, people saw that the great changes not only occurred in Luotuowan Village. In the past 7 years, the per capita disposable income of Gujiatai Village has increased from 980 yuan to 16,109 yuan. In accordance with the road guided by General Secretary Xi Jinping when he visited the village in 2017, Desheng Village, Zhangbei County made "small potatoes" into a "big industry" to achieve poverty alleviation in the whole village. Lishu Community of Pingquan City is the largest and most populous rural community in Hebei. In the past, the poor mountain villages realized urbanization on the spot.

The live broadcast showed that various parts of our province have gone through different ways to get rid of poverty through poverty alleviation through industrial, employment, and poverty alleviation through science and technology. In the poverty alleviation micro-factory in Zhao Zaolin Village, Wei County, farmers "change" workers and stay rich. In Xizhao Village, Raoyang County, families build fruit and vegetable sheds. In Beibei Village, Shunping County, Baoding City and Hebei Agricultural University jointly build Taihang Mountain Agricultural Innovation Station, helping farmers grow rich fruits; Zhangchangfeng Village in Haixing County has developed a series of characteristic agricultural products “three sides” and “four sauces”, which has launched the “Zhang Changfeng” brand across the country; special funds for poverty alleviation have been invested in leading enterprises, Shahe King, Wei County The poor in Zhuangcun became "preferential shareholders" of the enterprise and enjoyed dividends ...

Keeping in mind the mission, both wind and rain, we only dream of getting rich for the masses. In the battle against poverty, a group of good party members and cadres emerging from the land of Yan Zhao entered the live broadcast screen. A cadre of Hebei Public Security Vocational Police College Sun Guoliang went to the village of 40 acres of beaches in Yangyuan County to help the poor in 2016. By developing vegetable cultivation, firewood breeding and photovoltaic power generation, he vowed to remove the "poor roots" of the 40 acres of beach villages. Private entrepreneur Jia Ru founded Tang County Haoteng Disabled Persons' Double Innovation Park, where 161 impoverished disabled people or disabled family members are employed here to start a new life. Mushrooms, hazelnuts, and other local products in Chengxi County of Chengde County are "raised" in the mountains all year round. Under the leadership of the Party Secretary of the Village Party Committee, Xu Jiandong, "local goods" got on the e-commerce to get rich train, and opened a new way for farmers to increase their income.

"Luotuowan Village has changed a lot!" "Poverty alleviation by industry is the golden key that opens the door for the poor to get rich." "Happiness is a struggle, pay tribute to the cadres who help the poor!" ... During the 12 hours, many netizens participated in the Hebei Daily client. During the live broadcast, the response was enthusiastic.

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