From "people" to "big"! Beijing-Zhanghai High Speed Rail Line opens

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Changes in the century-long development of the condensed railway set up another monument on Fuxing Road

From "people" to "big"! Beijing-Zhanghai High Speed Rail Line opens

On December 30, a Fuxing EMU train passed the Beijing-Zhanghai High-speed Railway Guanting Reservoir Bridge. On the same day, the Beijing-Zhangjiakou high-speed railway was opened and the Chongli Railway was opened to traffic. Photo by reporter Zhao Jie

Hebei News Network (Reporter Fang Suju, Gao Zhenfa) December 30, Beijing North Railway Station.

At 8:30, the G8811 Fuxing Intelligent EMU train exited from here and headed to Prince Edward Station. After 10 minutes, another Fuxing EMU train G2505, from here to Zhangjiakou Station.

The Beijing-Zhangzhou high-speed railway opened, and a new era of intelligent railways began.

The Beijing-Zhangzhou high-speed railway is 174 kilometers in length and leads from Beijing North Railway Station. It passes through Changping District and Yanqing District of Beijing to Huailai County, Xiahuayuan District, Xuanhua District, and Qiaodong District of Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province. The maximum design speed is 350 kilometers per hour.

The Beijing-Zhangzhou high-speed railway Chongli Railway leads from Xiahuayuan North Station to the Olympic Village in Prince Edward City, Chongli District, with a total length of 53 kilometers and a design speed of 250 kilometers per hour.

1 minute after leaving the station, the train "drilled" from the ground into the ground, and passed through the Tsinghua Garden Tunnel 5 minutes later.

"Don't look at it in just 5 minutes. There are 3 subway lines, 7 important urban roads, 106 important municipal pipelines and passengers passing by. The closest distance is only 0.8 meters." On the train, Jiang Weiping, the former chief engineer of the Beijing-Zhangzhou high-speed rail of the China Railway Design Group and the head of the group, was very excited. The 6020-meter long tunnel took 5 years for the initial demonstration, but only 1 year for the repair.

This tunnel, which has encountered the most complicated construction situation in the world, uses the world's most advanced mud-water balance shield machine-"Tianyou" to ensure the construction accuracy between centimeters, just like between many arteries of the human body. Have surgery.

The train travels to the Badaling Tunnel. The convenience of the tunnel is the "living fossil" of China's railway development-Qinglongqiao Station, where a bronze statue of Zhan Tianyou stands.

110 years ago, Zhan Tianyou presided over the construction of the first mainline railway designed and built by the Chinese, the Beijing-Zhangzhou Railway, which solved the problem of the 33 ‰ large slope in the Guangou section of the Beijing-Zhangjiang Railway, which will be a huge " "Person" is carved between the mountains and mountains.

Today, also here, the Beijing-Zhangzhou high-speed rail passes under the "human" character and completes a three-dimensional intersection with the century-old Beijing-Zhang, forming a "big" character.

At this moment, a special passenger in the car had tears of excitement in his eyes. She is the great-granddaughter Zhan Xin of Zhan Tianyou. "The historic change from 'people' to 'big' condenses the changes in the development of the railway for a century. How comforting my great-grandfather Quanquan knows!"

The century-old Jingzhang carries the Chinese people's dream of revival and the feelings of strengthening the country; the reconstruction of "Beijing Zhang" is setting up another monument of China's revival and railway power.

This is an intelligent railway-the first integrated application of the latest achievements of China's intelligent railway, carried out 67 intelligent special scientific research, and for the first time in the world adopted a full line, full professional, full life cycle BIM technology.

This is a cultural business card-the theme of the Beijing-Zhangjiang Railway culture that puts forward the idea of "Heaven and Man Combine with One Hundred Years of Beijing and Zhang" representing unyielding, self-confident, self-improving, and harmonious virtues. Designed the Beijing Zhang “LOGO” represented by people, the Great Wall and the high-speed rail.

With the opening of the Beijing-Zhangzhou High-speed Rail, the running time of the railway from Beijing to Zhangjiakou will be shortened from the original fastest 3.5 hours to about 1 hour, which will effectively promote the coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and provide transportation operation service guarantee for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

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