Why are many high-quality projects "produced" on the saline-alkali deserted beach?

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——Exploration of Cangzhou Bohai New District to Optimize Business Environment and Promote Project Construction

▲ This is the corner of Cangzhou Xingyu Auto Parts Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned Korean company located in Zhongjie Industrial Park, Bohai New District, Cangzhou. The favorable business environment has attracted a large number of projects to land in the Bohai New Area. Photo by Correspondent He Xuelin

? Recently, in the Biomedical Industrial Park of Bohai New District, Cangzhou, Beijing, a pharmaceutical company technician is conducting pharmaceutical testing. The good business environment has attracted 140 biomedical companies to sign and land here. Photo by Correspondent He Xuelin

□ Reporter Zhang Lanshan correspondent Wang Xiaole

The open port has huge ships, and the vast land is lined with tower cranes. Although it was already winter, the hot construction scene came into the Bohai New District of Cangzhou.

After being rated as the “Top 10 Business Environment for Chinese Enterprises” by the China Enterprise Confederation last year, this year the Bohai New Area was re-elected; in 2019, it was included in 17 provincial key industrial projects with a total investment of 47.73 billion yuan, accounting for 47.2 of Cangzhou %; As of the end of October, there were 593 newly signed industrial projects of over 100 million yuan and high-tech industry projects, and the actual utilization of foreign capital ranked first in the city ... A series of new records refreshed people's understanding of this hot land for investment.

A few days ago, the author walked into the Bohai New District to explore how the former saline-alkali deserted beach became the business environment of today's "high-quality project and high-yield field".

Big Project "Birth" in Noodle House

When he met Liu Baofeng, the director of the first bureau of investment cooperation of the Bohai New Area, he was seeing off a representative of a national industry association who used the weekend to inspect.

"Where investors invest real gold and silver, they must be carefully considered and carefully decided after multiple elections." After working for more than 5 years in investment promotion positions, Liu Baofeng has a deeper understanding of the business environment. "Investors are more Attaching importance to the cost environment and sustainable development prospects of the project itself after landing, rather than some preferential policies that are “one-off, one-time”. A stable, transparent, predictable and fair competition market environment will help reduce various costs and attract investors. . "

Liu Baofeng introduced the example of the Lihe Zhixin project-this is a large project that was promoted in a small noodle shop.

Lihe Zhixin New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is invested by a Beijing company and is planning to build a high-performance resin project with an annual output of 800,000 tons, with an investment of more than 5 billion yuan and an area of more than 1,400 acres.

After establishing contact, Liu Baofeng's team negotiated with investors in a small noodle shop in Beijing. "In the process of Lihe Zhixin investor's contact with us, we never asked what preferential conditions can be given, but focused on early start, early production, and early money. As soon as these questions are resolved, cooperation will come to fruition." Liu Baofeng said Of course, the Bohai New Area has an inclusive policy for the introduced investment projects, and it is equally transparent and very easy to find.

In recent years, the Bohai New Area has taken advantage of the three advantages of having harbors along the coast, being located in the Beijing-Tianjin economic circle, and ample construction land. While strengthening infrastructure construction, it has strived to create a market-oriented, rule-of-law, and institutionalized business environment for project owners. Investment in the Bohai New Area has become a simple matter.

"Project investment and cost control are critical. The business environment will have a great impact on time and operating costs." At the construction site of Lihe Zhixin Project, speaking of the business environment of the Bohai New District, the company's deputy general manager Dai Jinsong said, They value the transportation corridor that can connect the port with the factory area, and they can also get the land certificate in a short time.

"For projects of this size, in order to seek the maximum degree of concessions, in general, investors will only be determined after talks with the main local leaders." Liu Baofeng said that in recent years, the Bohai New Area has been based on the rule of law and created The anticipated and transparent business environment consolidates the foundation of pro-clear government-business relations, and project investment in the Bohai New Area is becoming increasingly simple.

As of the end of November, the Bohai New Area had newly undertaken 456 Beijing-Tianjin projects, and cumulatively undertaken 1,088 Beijing-Tianjin projects, accounting for 58% of the city.

Appointment service realizes "do something whenever you want"

Walking into the administrative hall of the Bohai New Area Administrative Examination and Approval Bureau, the author found that not many people came to work.

"We have implemented intensive implementation of the" Internet + government services ", and many matters have been handled through the Internet." Cui Yongkai, deputy director of the Bohai New Area Administrative Examination and Approval Bureau, said that promoting facilitation and improving office efficiency is an important aspect of building a business environment. "Now we have The 365-day appointment service has been implemented, and foreign investors can come to work on rest days. "

The Bohai New Area is one of the first batch of pilot reforms in our province. All the 124 administrative licensing items that originally involved 11 departments were transferred to the Administrative Examination and Approval Bureau, which truly realized "one window of approval and one official seal for approval", and fully promoted " Run at most "and meet and approve.

At present, in the Bohai New District, government investment projects, approved projects, and record-based project offices have completed the examination and approval process in 60% or more than 70% of the time limit determined by the investment service process in Hebei Province. The 101 items that were run at most once were sorted out, accounting for 80% of all items, and the average settlement time was reduced from 48 hours to 2.5 hours.

Approve as "subtraction" and service as "addition."

"No matter how perfect the system requirements are, they will not cover the special needs of all project constructions. It is also important to optimize the business environment and take the initiative to serve and act." Zhang Haichao, deputy director of the Bohai New Area Key Project Construction Leading Group Office, introduced the service projects of the Bohai New Area The construction of the "four-stage work method", the project introduction stage, early stage, construction stage, after completion and commissioning, there are corresponding departments to provide "one-on-one" nanny-style services.

"The essence of the" four-stage work method "is to ensure that the main players in the market are all-round, full-element, and full-process." Zhang Haichao said.

Participated in the company's first phase of project preparation in 2010 and was responsible for the formalities of the second phase of the project this year. Li Yang, assistant general manager of Hebei Jiahao Cereals and Oils Co., Ltd., witnessed the great improvement of the business environment in the Bohai New Area. , The examination and approval bureau will also convene a matchmaking party. It is much easier and faster than before. "

As of the end of October, there were 8,327 new market entities in the Bohai New Area, and private investment increased by 2.26 billion yuan, 13.4 percentage points higher than the growth rate of fixed asset investment in the region; 628 technology-based SMEs, an increase of 25%; and high-tech enterprises reached 51 companies, a year-on-year increase of 36%.

Benchmarking the “World Bank Indicators” to optimize the open business environment

In the Bohai New District, a group of buildings with black facades add solemnity, but Lu Yili, head of foreign trade of Huamao Weiye Green Technology Co., Ltd., feels kind here-this is Huanghua Customs. Last year, the company issued 40 Free Trade Agreement Certificates of Origin for the company's products from the customs, with a value of $ 1.9877 million, a year-on-year increase of 48% and 60% respectively.

"Many companies with foreign trade potential do not understand the international trade rules in this area, and it is important for the customs to take the initiative to do a good job." Li Zongxiang, the first branch of the Huanghua Port Customs Comprehensive Business, said that in the first 11 months of this year, the Huanghua Port Customs issued a certificate of origin. 3291 copies worth 298 million US dollars, which can save tariffs of 4.8 million US dollars for export enterprises in the jurisdiction.

Since last year, the business environment at the port of the Bohai New Area has greatly improved, which has also deeply impressed import and export traders. The Huanghai Port Customs opened a new customs declaration form on August 1 last year. The original customs declaration and inspection had a total of 229 declaration items combined into 105, achieving a single window, one declaration and one customs clearance.

"In November, the General Office of the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government formally issued the" Implementation Plan for Accelerating the High-quality Development of the Cangzhou Bohai New Area ". The Bohai New Area Development Station set a new starting point. The construction of the business environment should focus on an international perspective and have a higher level. "Cangzhou Municipal Party Committee Standing Committee, Bohai New Area Party Working Committee Secretary and Management Committee Director Zhang Guodong said that Cangzhou Huanghua Port is working to build a modern integrated service port, an international trade port and an important hub of the" Belt and Road "; China, which was approved to land in the Bohai New Area last year, -The construction of the Central and Eastern European (Cangzhou) SME cooperation zone has been accelerated and improved. The depth and breadth of the opening up of the Bohai New Area have put forward higher requirements for the construction of the business environment.

The author noticed that in the "Cangzhou Bohai New District Five-year Action Plan for Deepening the Reform of Decentralization Services" (2018-2022), there is such a working arrangement, "Reference to the World Bank's business environment assessment index system, study and formulate new district management Business Environmental Assessment System. "

"The World Bank's business environment assessment indicator system is more refined, and it has a wide-ranging impact on the business environment rankings of more than a hundred economies around the world, and has a broad impact on local investment and economic and social development." Zhang Guodong said that the Bohai New Area is open The New Heights, on the one hand, must absorb the World Bank's business environment construction concept based on rules, system guarantees and support, and promote the facilitation of international trade and investment. On the one hand, it must proceed from the characteristics of the Bohai New Area, adhere to the new development concept, and improve the city's functions. In accordance with the requirements of the "Implementation Plan for Accelerating the High-quality Development of Cangzhou Bohai New Area" and the layout of Cangzhou's "One Port and Two Cities", the construction of Huangpi New City will be promoted to build a modern coastal model city.

In the past three years, the Bohai New Area has completed 594 projects worth more than 100 million yuan. The energy consumption per unit of GDP and the comprehensive industrial energy consumption have dropped by 11.7% and 19%, respectively. The comprehensive air quality index has ranked in Cangzhou counties for three consecutive years ( (City, district) first; the introduction of 6 higher education institutions including Beijing Jiaotong University Waterfront College, Hebei Agricultural University Bohai Campus, and Oriental College of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, human resources, human environment and shortcomings become longer ...

At present, the Bohai New Area has established strategic cooperative relations with 26 countries and regions. Relying on the China-Central and Eastern European (Cangzhou) SME Cooperation Zone, the “Top Ten Key Cooperation Projects” with a total investment of 1.82 billion yuan have been solidly promoted; 24 of the world's top 500 projects such as Air Liquide France and BASF in Germany and 12 domestic top 500 projects have been introduced. Each. As of the end of October, the Bohai New Area had newly signed 593 industrial projects and high-tech projects with a total investment of US $ 295 million, ranking first in the city and accounting for 56.2% of the city.

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