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——Fan Zhenxi, Party Secretary of Zhoutaizi Village, Chiping County in 2019

Fan Zhenxi (middle) is talking about development with the villagers. Photo by correspondent Zhang Liping

The most beautiful veterans

□ Reporter Chen Baoyun

On December 24, the Central Propaganda Department, the Department of Retired Military Affairs, and the Political Work Department of the Central Military Commission jointly released the advanced deeds of the country's "most beautiful retired soldiers" in 2019. Fan Zhenxi, party secretary of Zhoutaizi Village, Chiping County, Hunan Province, was among them.

Over the past 32 years, relying on the style of soldiers who are not afraid of hardships, suffering, and hardships, Fan Zhenxi has led the villagers to develop Zhoutaizi Village, a "poor and chaotic", into a diversified industry, residential buildings, environmental parks, A beautiful and happy new countryside with an integrated welfare system and normalization of peasant education.

"Give your heart to your fellow folks, and make Zhou Taizi completely different!"

In 1980, Fan Zhenxi, 19, stepped out of the mountains and joined the army. "The four-year military career has played a key role in growing my life, and has cultivated my tenacious style of hard work, courage and dedication." Fan Zhenxi said.

In the army, Fan Zhenxi once risked his life and led the whole class of soldiers into the arsenal that was already on fire and could explode at any time to rush out guns and ammunition. As an excellent division-level operator, he had been in the construction of national defense projects. He hammered his eyes and gave demonstrations for the officers and men of the regiment. He also spared no effort to cover his comrades in successfully avoiding the rushing rocks and won the admiration of the officers and men of the company. Due to his outstanding performance, he joined the Communist Party of China gloriously within a year of his enlistment.

At the end of 1985, Fan Zhenxi retired to his hometown wearing a bright "Glorious Flower". At that time, Zhoutaizi Village was “one poor and two confused”, with a per capita income of less than 400 yuan, the village collectively owed 80,000 yuan in external debt, and no one of the village cadres was willing to do it.

In 1987, Fan Zhenxi was elected as the village party secretary. "From the moment I took office, I have found a rationale, stepping down on this land, giving my heart to my fellow villagers, and making Zhou Taizi completely different!"

As soon as he took office, Fan Zhenxi focused on the matter with the greatest public opinion. There are six or seven mines in the village, all of which are mined by individuals, and they ca n’t get a penny collectively. The largest mine is his second brother. His mine was returned to the village collective. For this reason, the second brother turned his face with me, broke his relationship, and did not speak for several years. "

Subsequently, several other mines also re-signed contracts to clear up Chen Oo and control deforestation, and the village collective earned more than 100,000 yuan that year. The situation opened, and people's hearts closed. The folks said that this young branch secretary was not elected in white, and was full of righteousness. Immediately after, Fan Zhenxi led the villagers to build farms, set up businesses, and build schools. The village developed better and better.

"The people are my reborn parents, and I am willing to give everything for them!"

Just as Fan Zhenxi was about to fight, in 1992, he unfortunately developed blood cancer. Without bone marrow transplantation, there is only one dead end. For bone marrow transplantation, the deposit is 100,000 yuan. Desperate, his father and fellows extended a helping hand to him, two hundred in the family and fifty in the western family, and he just made up 100,000 yuan to save his life.

"Mrs. Zou Fengxia shook her handkerchief tremblingly and handed me a piece of loose change and said, 'Zhenxi, this is more than 50 yuan from the eggs I sell. You can treat it. You have good character, It's a good family, we can't live without you in our village! '"Recalled Fan Zhenxi's words choked. "I was holding the 100,000 yuan lifesaving money collected by my fellow villagers, and I secretly vowed: I must overcome the illness and come back alive!"

Hurrying to the hospital, hundreds of folks sent Fan Zhenxi to the village entrance. He vowed not to acknowledge his second brother, and donated bone marrow to him. "After the operation, lying on the bed, my heart couldn't calm down. The folks gave me money to treat the disease, and he gave me the scene of reluctance, let me Unforgettable! People are my reborn parents, and I am willing to give everything for them! "

After leaving the hospital, he failed to comply with the doctor's order that he had to rest for three years. He risked being infected. Only three months later, he faced the scorching heat and the members of the village team to catch the economy and go to the enterprise day and night. Seven or eight village-run enterprises, such as steel structures, and steel structures, develop and strengthen the village collective economy.

After the bone marrow transplantation operation, due to his weak body and overwork, Fan Zhenxi has suffered from a variety of diseases such as cerebral infarction and dry eye disease. He fell to his post five times, received a critical notice four times, and has undergone three major operations. I take more than 10 medicines every day. "It is the sincerity and care of the folks who support me to survive and live, the affection and love of blood and water, and a Communist member deeply rooted in my bones. Responsibility!"

"No honor is more precious than satisfying the people!"

"The purpose of reform and development is to make people live a better life." With the prosperity of village-run enterprises, Fan Zhenxi led everyone to charge forward towards the desire to achieve a better life.

Since 2002, Zhoutaizi Village has invested nearly 500 million yuan to disperse Qigou Bacha in 6 natural villages. All 680 households have concentrated in the current central village. The folks live in spacious and bright new buildings. In 2006, it took the lead in carrying out land transfer in the form of “management on behalf of”, realizing large-scale and intensive land management. Since 2013, more than 100 million yuan has been invested in greening villages, turning barren mines into green water and green hills. In 2014, the village collectively carried out a shareholding system reform. Everyone in the village enjoyed shares and received dividends every year. The elderly over 60 years old receive 3,600 yuan per year, and the elderly over 70 years old receive 6,000 yuan per year. They live in old apartments for free, and the village provides uniform services.

After the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Fan Zhenxi and the village party committee determined the development path of "scientific development and secondary entrepreneurship" in response to the disadvantages of a single village economic structure. In order to realize agricultural modernization and industrialization, the village established a modern agricultural development company, invested in the construction of two intelligent greenhouses of 5,000 square meters, 38 sunlight greenhouses of 1,000 square meters, and 150 acres of open field picking gardens. From rose, cream strawberry, oil peony, honeysuckle, soft date kiwi, lantern fruit, high calcium fruit agricultural production area, set up a hundred flowers happy garden, high-tech flower greenhouses and flower trading wholesale market.

After more than 30 years of development and construction, Zhou Taizi has realized sharing and equality in four aspects: public service facilities, new housing, welfare benefits, and collective enterprise equity. At present, the village's fixed assets amount to more than 1 billion yuan, with an annual output value of more than 400 million yuan, an annual collective income of more than 30 million yuan, and an average annual income of 18,000 yuan.

In recent years, Fan Zhenxi has successively received honorary titles such as "National Model Workers", "National Excellent Communist Party Members", "Most Beautiful Grassroots Cadres in the Country", and was elected as the representative of the 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th National Congress of the Party. "I know that no honor is more precious than the satisfaction of the people! There is no strength and it is stronger than uniting with the people! There is no foundation and it is stronger than taking root in the people!" Fan Zhenxi said.

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