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Since its inception, the “Warm Winter” charity campaign organized by our newspaper and Alibaba Tiantianzheng Energy has been attracting the attention and enthusiastic participation of people from all walks of life. On December 19, the Youth Volunteer Association of Hebei University of Science and Technology also participated in this activity. The students organized a "knitting class" spontaneously, and each person knitted a scarf for children in poor areas. Tan Aiping, a "post-80s loving mother" who has been actively participating in the "Operation of Dreams" of the newspaper before, became the teacher of this knitting class, teaching classmates to knit hand in hand, and sending warmth to the children together.

HKUST volunteers set up weaving class

"I hope that the children will feel some warmth after receiving the scarf we knitted. May this scarf can accompany them to grow up healthily and happily. May they know that we are watching them all the time." Hebei University of Science and Technology Youth Volunteer A classmate of the association said.

It is understood that since its establishment, the Youth Volunteer Association of Hebei University of Science and Technology has adhered to the voluntary spirit of “dedication, friendship, mutual assistance, and progress”, based on the campus, facing the society, and constantly expanded the field of daily youth volunteer services. A variety of colorful volunteer service activities, such as "sunshine protection, love to support education" activities, grass-roots love for the elderly, volunteer activities, Shijiazhuang railway station to provide voluntary services, and so on.

"When I was a freshman, I signed up to become a volunteer. Whenever I have time, I will participate in volunteer activities. Later, due to some experience, I took on some organizational work and mostly contributed to public welfare actions. On the weekends, our volunteers will go to the community's caring bookstore to volunteer for the children. "Said Qiao Mengting, vice chairman of the youth association of the academy. After learning about the “Needs and Hearts” Warm Winter Charity Action, the volunteers spontaneously organized a “knitting class” and recruited volunteers to join the scarf-knitting learning throughout the school.

In the afternoon of the 19th, in the staircase classroom of the teaching building, the fine sunlight poured in from the window slits. Tan Aiping turned into a teacher of knitting crafts and started to teach the details from the stitching of the scarf. The students sat in the front row and listened carefully to the teacher's knitting instruction. The students who have not knitted a scarf before start slowly under the patient guidance of the teacher; some of the students who knitted the basics knitted early. "I just finished knitting a scarf myself, and I plan to give it to my boyfriend to keep warm in winter. Because we knit more and become skilled, we will naturally knit faster. I will knit a few patterns to make the scarf look better Children will love it! "Said a girl volunteer.

After everyone learned, the teacher and the students started to work together, and after a while everyone had a small scarf in the hands. Next, these cold-proof items will be delivered to the children in the mountains by the newspaper and Alibaba every day to accompany them through a warm winter.

Passing of love: old friends knit scarves for young children

The loving mother Tan Aiping has always been enthusiastic about the cause of public welfare. Even before this newspaper organized the "Dreaming Dream", she had participated in many times to support the actions of the elderly. She took a lot of wool in Operation A Dream and took it home to knit scarves, sweaters and hats for the children. She uses the Internet to view and learn related knitting video tutorials, find knitting guide maps, and slowly explore. She uses her free time to knit, and on average she can knit one in 3 days.

Tan Aiping's sweaters vary in style. She is proficient in knitting, knitting, and hooking. In her hands, small sweater pins can knit various patterns. Not only her sweaters are rich in styles and methods, but she also added some hand-crocheted cartoon decals, beautiful flashes, etc., to make each sweater full of new ideas.

"A little more thought will make my child like more sweaters I knitted." Tan Aiping said. "Operation of Dreams" began to now, Tan Aiping knitted a dozen sweaters and donated them to children in the mountains.

Tan Aiping answered the news of the need for knitting teacher at the "Needs and Hearts" event. "The majority of college students today lack the basis for weaving. I am willing to use this opportunity to popularize knitting technology for them," Tan Aiping said. She patiently taught her classmates how to knit scarves faster and better. Every step from the needle start was taught very carefully. At the same time, she also expressed the idea of spreading knitting skills, hoping to organize more such knitting classes. This will not only benefit the learners, but also the children in the mountains who have received donations.

"I and the students from HKUST today knit scarves and hats for the children in the mountains. I feel very happy. These college students learn very fast. Big friends knit scarves for children, this is the transfer of love. Hope the children receive After knitting a good hat and scarf, we can feel some warmth, we weave all our love into it. "At the end of the knitting class, Tan Aiping said.

I hope I can give the scarf to the children myself

On the 23rd, scarf gloves with the love of college student volunteers were delivered to the newspaper on time. Although there were no particularly new styles, I still felt the love of the classmates slowly knitting from needle to thread; Tan Aiping knitted each with the received wool. Scarves and hats, "I knitted two scarves, two shapes, and a beautiful and popular beret, I believe children will like it."

"When I send the scarf, can I go along with it?" A volunteer suggested, "We want to participate in the caring activities throughout the whole process and send the scarf we knitted to the children in person and feel their lives. At the same time, Tan Aiping also actively expressed the hope to send warmth together. "A scarf and a love, I hope the children in the mountains will feel the warmth in the winter. I don't care about the hardship of the road, I hope to give the scarf to the children by myself. They feel the love and warmth of society. "

Next, we will actively communicate to meet the wishes of these caring people as much as possible.

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