66911 "ecological courtyards" were relocated to the west

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Hebei Daily (correspondent Fu Wenhao and Dong Dapeng reporter Liu Yutong) Since August this year, Qianxi County has set a new model for revitalizing the countryside with “eco-friendly living environment, beautiful industry and prosperous people”, and has launched an “ecological courtyard” "Creation work will organically integrate the four tasks of clean coal promotion, toilet reconstruction, garbage classification, and beautiful courtyard construction, and explore the construction of every courtyard in the countryside as an" ecological courtyard "to achieve" three cleansing and three beautiful ", that is, Farmers ’kitchens are clean, toilets are clean, front doors are clean, people are beautiful (referring to the beauty of people ’s mental appearance), rooms are beautiful, and courtyards are beautiful. As of the end of November, the county's "ecological courtyard" had declared a total of 66,911 households, all of which were approved, accounting for 82.56% of the county's permanent households.

At the beginning of the establishment work, Qianxi County held a county-level "ecological courtyard" creation mobilization conference, issued an implementation plan to carry out the "ecological courtyard" creation activities, determined the creation goals, standards, steps and safeguard measures, and successively introduced a series of Policy documents set out clear objectives and requirements for the creation of sub-projects and sub-tasks, especially for the promotion of clean briquettes and rural toilets, etc., and formulated financial subsidy policies in detail to realize the precise investment of financial benefits to the people.

The establishment of the county implements the system of subcontracting townships and sub-contracting key villages at the county level. All county-level cadres sink to the front line, which not only supervises the progress of work, but also helps solve difficulties. Township cadres go to the door to do the work and help themselves to clean up. The village cadres grouped up packages to become the cutting-edge commanders of the creation of ecological courtyards. The county also issued a notice on the development of "ecological courtyards, assistance and co-construction" activities, and mobilized all units in the county to participate in the creation and acceptance of "ecological courtyards" to further unite the county's cadres together.

Combined with the periodical characteristics of the creation of the “ecological courtyard”, the county party committee secretary and county chief lead teams to organize regular monthly training activities. All deputy cadres at or above the county level, party township party committee secretaries, and heads of county departments participate in two groups. After the observation, the real-name system was scored after the observation. The top two townships in each group were awarded 50,000 yuan and 30,000 yuan respectively. The last township in each group had to make a check and speak. The gap was stimulated by observation and observation. Fighting spirit has formed an atmosphere to promote work. After five rounds of establishment acceptance, the county has awarded a total of 1.57 million yuan for 21 founding advanced townships and 30 founding advanced villages, establishing a good work orientation.

The establishment of ecological courtyard signage for households and towns that meet the standards has inspired the enthusiasm of the masses to participate in the creation. As of the end of November, the county has renovated 28,900 innocuous sanitary toilets in rural areas, and the penetration rate of sanitary toilets has reached 89.3%; 95,800 clean coal villages throughout the county have achieved full coverage, and the clean coal promotion rate has reached 100%.

After in-depth exploration and summary, the county has established a long-term mechanism for "one regulation and five transformations" of urban and rural environment improvement, namely, village regulations and people's covenants, networked responsibilities, refined management, marketized operations, participation in diversification, and performance evaluation. The county's 417 villages covered the whole market of rural garbage removal and transportation, and the garbage removal rate reached 100%.

The creation of "ecological courtyard" not only improved the environment, but also the quality of civilization of the villagers. "Clean beauty" has become a universal pursuit of the masses, "ecologicalization" has become a value guide, and the masses' satisfaction and happiness have been significantly improved.

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