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· 致敬凡人英雄礼赞奉献精神 Tribute to mortal heroes salute dedication
· “一村人过成了一家人” 03/01/2020 “One villager became a family”
· 盐碱荒滩上为何“产出”众多优质项目 2019/12/30 Why are many high-quality projects “produced” on the saline-alkali desert beach
· 舍命为民续写军人本色 2019/12 / 26Dedicating life to the people to continue to write the military character
· 迁西建成66911户“生态庭院” 2019/12/25 Moved west to build 66911 "ecological courtyards"
· 爱心妈妈客串老师助力编织课堂 2019/12 / 25A loving mom guest teacher helps knitting class
· 爱心企业携手慈善组织赴蔚县贫困村献爱心 2019/12 / 25Love companies join charity organizations to show their love to poor villages in Yu County
· 汇聚爱心涓流温暖严冬点亮心灯 2019/12 / 24Convergence of love trickle warm warm winter light up the heart lamp
· 做好群众需要的每一件小事 2019/12 / 23Do every little thing that the masses need
· 给需要的人温暖和前行的力量 2019/12/20 Give people in need warmth and strength to move forward
· 涵养优良学风放飞青春梦想 2019/12 / 20Fostering a good study style and letting go of the youth dream
· 生态“生财” 2019/12 / 17Ecology "make money"
· 铿锵爵士鼓传导向上的生命律动 2019/12/17 铿锵 Jazz drum conducts upward rhythm of life
· 初心故事榜样力量 The power of role model in the beginning story
· 辞职做公益深山捐建20座图书馆 2019/12 / 13Resigned to do public welfareShenshan donated 20 libraries
· 把人情负担降下来把文明新风树起来 2019/12/13 Reduce the burden of human relationships and set a new wind of civilization
· 康保党员干部深入基层为民解难题 2019/12 / 12Kangbao Party members and cadres go to the grassroots to solve problems for the people
· 遗体捐献那刻才是我公益之路终点 The donation of remains is the end of my road to public welfare
· 让“冰天雪地”变成“金山银山” 2019/12/09 Make "Ice Snow" into " Jinshan Yinshan "
· 心里装着群众,干好扶贫实事 2019/12/09 With the masses in my heart, doing good poverty alleviation

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