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2019 is coming to an end. Looking back at the end of the year, this year, the cultural events that caused public debate are still vividly remembered. The Great Wall, the Grand Canal, and the Long March National Cultural Park have lost overseas cultural relics, "home", cultural night economy, and the site of Liangzhu Ancient City The World Heritage List ... They settled in the long river of time and became the cultural mark of the times. Combing the cultural events in 2019, exploring the context of cultural development, drawing more power for us in the new year, and providing a space for the development of rational thinking for cultural construction.

Great Wall, Grand Canal, Long March National Cultural Park

Grand Canal Cultural Belt Construction

News background: In January, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the State Administration of Cultural Heritage jointly issued the "Great Wall Protection Master Plan", which clearly focused on the protection of the Qin and Han Great Walls and the Ming Great Wall, and followed the general strategy of "in-situ conservation and in-situ conservation". In February, the General Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the General Office of the State Council issued the "Outline of the Grand Canal Cultural Conservation and Utilization Planning", which proposed to create a "deep cultural belt following the ancient times, a beautiful green ecological belt, and a colorful tourist belt known both at home and abroad." With "function positioning. At the beginning of December, the General Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the General Office of the State Council issued and issued the Plan for the Construction of the Great Wall, the Grand Canal, and the Long March National Cultural Park.

Evaluation: The excavation, rise and fall of the Chinese Grand Canal, and the construction of the Great Wall have all marked the special development trajectory of the long river in Chinese history. The protection of the World Heritage Great Wall and the Grand Canal, as well as the construction of the Great Wall, the Grand Canal, and the Long March National Cultural Park, not only activate the cultural assets of the millennium, but also create a platform for cultural self-confidence and cultural development, enhance the soft power of Chinese culture, and strengthen the self-confidence of the Chinese nation. And self-reliance, a historical choice to enhance the centripetal force and cohesion of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

Lost overseas cultural relics "home"

Lost overseas cultural relics "home"

News background: In February, the United States handed over 361 (sets) of Chinese cultural relics illegally smuggled into the United States and transferred them to the State Administration of Cultural Heritage; in March, representatives of China and Italy exchanged about 796 (sets) of Chinese lost cultural relics Returned certificate. According to the agreement between the two parties, Italy returned 796 (sets) of Chinese cultural relics and artworks. This is the largest return of Chinese cultural relics and artwork in nearly 20 years. In September, China successfully pursued the loss of Zeng Bok's father bronze set from Japan. Soon after, the "Return to the Road-The Exhibition of Returned Achievements of the Lost Cultural Relics in the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of New China" opened at the National Museum. This is the first panoramic exhibition of the achievements of the repatriation of lost cultural relics in China. More than 600 returning cultural relics from 12 provinces (municipalities) and 18 cultural and cultural institutions have outlined the magnificent picture of the lost cultural relics on their way home. The return of cultural relics reflects the road to the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

Comment and analysis: The lost cultural relics continue to return to the motherland, which continues to cause huge patriotic emotional excitement in the public opinion field. The "Welcome Home" calls have risen one after another, which is a reflection of the public's uneasy mood of "returning home" to the cultural heritage. . Behind every lost cultural relic, there is a twisty and vicissitudes story, which carries the collective emotion and cultural identity of the nation. This is why many netizens do not forget to bless the motherland more and more prosperous when they return home with emotions. Because-only when the motherland is strong, the lost treasure will return to the embrace of the motherland. However, we still have to soberly realize that the loss of cultural relics “going home” has a long way to go.

Cultural night economy continues to heat up

Forbidden City First Night

News background: On February 19, the first night tour of the Centennial Palace Museum— "The Forbidden City's First Yuan Night" was hard to find. On April 15, Shanghai issued the "Guiding Opinions on Shanghai's Promotion of Nighttime Economic Development", and ten policies were issued to create an "international model" and "Shanghai flavor" nightlife gathering area to prosper the "night Shanghai" culture. On June 19, Jinan released " "Implementation Opinions on Promoting the Development of the Night Economy", establishing a "night district chief" and "nightlife CEO" system; in July, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce issued "Beijing Measures on Further Prospering the Night Economy and Promoting Consumption Growth". In August, the General Office of the State Council issued the "Opinions on Further Stimulating the Potential of Cultural and Tourism Consumption", which clearly stated that vigorously developing the night tourism economy and put forward 9 policy measures to stimulate the potential of cultural and tourism consumption.

Evaluation: The development of the night economy not only focuses on improving the infrastructure and public services, extending the business hours of commercial establishments, cultivating key consumer business circles and event brands, but also emphasizing the exploration of nightlife culture with local characteristics. From the Forbidden City's first "Night of the Forbidden City" to the Shanghai Museum Night Tour Project, cultural night economy has become an important indicator of the economic activity and openness of a city, and it has also promoted local economic development, enriched the supply of tourism products, New ways and new tools to enhance the cultural experience of tourists.

Video platform supervision strengthened

News background: On April 3, the State Administration of Radio and Television issued the "Administrative Regulations on Juvenile Programs", which regulates the management of juvenile programs. Its contents include not to induce minors to talk about fame and fortune, love, and other topics. Child star effect and star children. In May, the National Cyberspace Office co-ordinated and guided 14 short video platforms including watermelon video, Bilibili, Second Shot, A Station, Meipai, Pear Video, and Weibo, as well as Tencent Video, iQiyi, Youku, and PP Video Waiting for 4 online video platforms, before the arrival of Children's Day on June 1, the "Adolescent Addiction Prevention System" will be launched online. On July 5, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism issued the "Regulations on the Comprehensive Enforcement of Cultural Markets (Draft for Solicitation of Comments)" to strengthen the comprehensive enforcement of cultural markets and regulate the comprehensive enforcement of cultural markets.

Comment and analysis: In 2019, the market supervision of the video platform will be strengthened. The good operation of the market is inseparable from the effective supervision of relevant departments. As the cultural market continues to thrive and some video platforms violate regulations, administrative law enforcement agencies must not only keep supervision online, carry out periodic and normalized special actions, but also guide relevant cultural units and enterprises to accelerate the establishment and improvement The pace of industry standards, strict content review, to ensure that more healthy cultural and entertainment products are produced and disseminated for minors.

The site of Liangzhu Ancient City is included in the World Heritage List

Cultural relics unearthed from the site of Liangzhu Ancient City

News background: On July 6, at the 43rd UNESCO World Heritage Committee meeting, the site of Liangzhu Ancient City was approved for inclusion in the World Heritage List. So far, the total number of world heritage sites in China has increased to 55, ranking first in the world. The site of Liangzhu Ancient City, located in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, was an early regional center of power and belief in the Taihu Lake Basin. The elements of the heritage include the city site from 3300 BC to 2300 BC, peripheral water conservancy projects with complex functions, and graded cemeteries (including altars) of the same period.

Comment: Cultural heritage is a development resource that humans have accumulated over millions of years to connect historical memories and meet future challenges. The success of the application for the legacy is only the beginning, and the journey of cultural heritage protection is still long. Cultural heritage is an important carrier of national history and culture, and protection is precisely to maintain the roots and soul of the Chinese nation. Some experts said that the key to the protection of cultural heritage is to establish a correct view of heritage and explore new ideas for the protection of cultural heritage.

The 10th Mao Dun Literature Award

News background: On August 16, the 10th Mao Dun Literature Award was announced in Beijing. The five novels, Liang Xiaosheng's "World", Xu Huaizhong's "Wind Wind", Xu Zechen's "Northward", Chen Yan's "Protagonist", and Li Zhi's "Yingwu Brother" won the award. This year's award-winning works further lead the realist creative trend that is rooted in the people and based on the times. The five works are soaked in the care of the times and the concerns of the people by the realist creations at present, reflecting the literary creators ’deep exploration of life, creative creation, and the active exploration of national spirit and the spirit of the times.

Comment: With cultural people, moisturizing is silent. The Mao Dun Literature Award is one of China's highest honor literature awards. The awards are selected every four years, and the works in the evaluation are novels. This year's awards and awards coincide with the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China by people of all ethnic groups throughout the country. It is of great significance. The entries and award-winning works reflect the Chinese literary community in the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, Under the guidance of important work discussions, the efforts and achievements of going deep into life, concentrating on creation, promoting the national spirit and the spirit of the times, and moving from the "plateau" to the "peak".

A-level tourist attractions face "big test"

News background: This year, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism strengthened the dynamic management of scenic spots. An announcement was issued in July to deal with 7 5A-level tourist scenic spots that were seriously unsatisfactory or had serious problems. In addition to the cancellation of grades, problem areas have also been dealt with by downgrades, severe warnings, warnings, notifications of criticism, and rectification within a time limit. In November, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism convened a video conference on the improvement of the cultural and tourist markets and the improvement of service quality in scenic spots. The meeting reported that in the rectification and upgrading of A-level tourist attractions in 2019, more than 5,000 A-level tourist attractions were reviewed nationwide, and 1186 scenic spots were dealt with, of which 405 were cancelled. It can be said that it has been the biggest rectification in the past years.

Evaluation: For all kinds of A-level tourist attractions, 2019 is indeed an extraordinary year. The qualification of the scenic area is "in and out", and the "golden signboard" is no longer an "iron rice bowl". It changed the situation of the past one-level life-long evaluation system, which is good for the development of the scenic area. As some experts have explained, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism's heavy-handed governance reflects the development direction of the state's optimization of the A-level tourist attractions and the control of incremental growth. It requires further optimization in terms of management, services provided, and security to provide tourists with Better service to increase tourist satisfaction.

Excellent domestic movies are constantly emerging

"Wandering Earth" poster

News background: In 2019, excellent domestic movie works continue to emerge. During the Spring Festival, the sci-fi movie "Wandering Earth", which does not use traffic stars as its selling point, relied on science fiction themes and family feelings to highlight the encirclement and leapt to the top of the box office at the Spring Festival. At first, the domestically produced animated film "Nazi's Witch Boy" came to the end, and eventually became the annual box office champion with a "counter attack" of 4.97 billion yuan. In addition, films such as "I and My Motherland" and "Youth of Youth" have also achieved both good reputation and box office.

Commentary: In 2019, there are constant successes in domestic film productions, both in terms of market performance and artistic exploration. Chinese films are entering the "healthy fast lane." As of December 17, relevant statistics show that the cumulative domestic box office of movies in 2019 has reached 61.3 billion yuan, exceeding the total box office performance of 60.688 billion yuan last year. This year, both the practitioners in the film industry, the middle and lower reaches, and the general audience are moving in a more rational direction.

Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of New China

Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China

News background: On September 29th, a large-scale literary and art party "Fighting Chinese Children" celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China was held in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. On the evening of October 1, a gala to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China was held in Tiananmen Square. The whole gala event featured seven highlights including themed performances, central gala performances, mass gala performances, firework performances, stage performances, large installations, and light art presentations, which aroused heated discussions among 1.4 billion people across the country.

Comment: In the evening of October 1st, the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, the celebrated scene was transmitted to Tiannan Haibei through radio, television, and the Internet, so that millions of Chinese children can immerse themselves in this unforgettable moment. This grand gala, in which the ordinary people played the leading role, aroused strong resonance among the participants, audience and listeners, and stirred up the deep patriotic feelings of children of all ethnic groups. Looking up at the flag and thinking. Seventy years ago, the sound of the long night through Tiananmen Square still resounded in my ears; today, how can a China ushered in from standing up, getting rich, to becoming strong? !! People's Republic of China's birthday, people's holiday.

China participates in restoration of Notre Dame Cathedral in France

Notre Dame in repair

News background: On November 6, this year, when the reconstruction plan of Notre Dame was about to start, French President Macron visited China, and then Xinhua released an exclusive news: "Chinese experts will join the reconstruction of Notre Dame." China State The Cultural Relics Bureau also stated that the Chinese and French parties signed a cooperation document in Beijing on November 6 to start cooperation on the restoration of Notre Dame. Chinese experts will participate in the restoration of Notre Dame. According to this document, China and France will determine the theme and model of Notre Dame's protection and restoration cooperation in 2020, as well as Chinese expert candidates, and select Chinese experts and French teams to participate in the site restoration work as soon as possible.

Comment: On April 15, Notre Dame de Paris, a world cultural heritage with a history of more than 800 years, was severely hit by a fire, making the world frightened. After the fire, the Chinese and French cultural heritage authorities repeatedly exchanged letters to discuss cooperation ideas. The cooperation between China and France is not only of great significance to the two countries, but also a useful exploration and active demonstration of cultural relic protection and research and international cooperation and exchanges around the world. (Reporter Cao Yu Liu Ping)

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