Suggestions for the revitalization of Hebei Xunzi

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I am a member of the 7th Provincial People's Political Consultative Conference. My job is an actor in Hebei Xunzi Theater. I have been in art for 67 years, and I am 82 years old this year. Although I have only served as a member of the provincial CPPCC for most of my life, the CPPCC's feelings will always be remembered, especially when the 70th anniversary of the CPPCC is celebrated, the love for the CPPCC is even stronger, and I can't help recalling my performance Every bit of due diligence.

During my time as a member of the Provincial Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, due to various factors, the market performance of Hebei Xunzi's operas was sluggish, and talents were scarce. I was very anxious about this. I took the lead to contact Qi Huatan and other members to conduct in-depth investigations, understand the existing problems from the market and personnel training, and put forward specific suggestions to solve the problem of the lack of succession of Hebei Xunzi. At the fourth meeting of the committee, the proposal of "Appealing to the Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government to further care and support for the revitalization of Hebei Xunzi" was submitted.

Immediately after the proposal was put forward, it attracted the attention of relevant provincial leaders and was implemented by the Provincial Department of Culture. On March 28, 1996, the Provincial Department of Culture issued Ji Wen Ban Zi [1996] No. 9 Document, which not only provided comments on the proposal, but also formulated 8 measures to revitalize Hebei Xunzi as a prosperous bird. The focus of Zhao Art and the strategy of building a strong cultural province will be focused. On May 23, 1996, the Propaganda Department of the Provincial Party Committee issued a document expressly stating: "The revitalization of Hebei Xunzi is not only a matter of concern for Hebei Xunzi actors, but also the ardent aspiration of the people of the province. . "

After the implementation of this proposal, different types of research forums were held in the province, soliciting opinions from various quarters, and setting up the "Rejuvenating Hebei Xunzi Office" at the Hebei Xunzi Theatre. The Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government supported the funding and released "Medea", and went to Greece and Colombia to participate in international theater festivals.

After the Provincial Political Consultative Conference was re-elected, although I no longer served as a member of the Provincial Political Consultative Conference, the CPPCC has been dreaming about it and is still busy with the revitalization of Hebei Xunzi.

After entering the 21st century, I often thought that although the Hebei Provincial Art School (secondary school) has been upgraded to the Hebei Vocational College of Art (junior college), there is no public undergraduate art college in the province. College. " I also know that the leaders of Hebei Vocational College of Art are very anxious about this and have discussed with the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Opera about the establishment of Hebei Xunzi University.

Just in the "China Art News" on December 19, 2012, I saw a message that in 2013, 14 national-level intangible cultural heritage dramas, including Cantonese opera, Henan opera, Jin opera, Yue opera, Lu opera, Huangmei opera, will be Included in the undergraduate education teaching plan of the Chinese Academy of Traditional Opera to enjoy free policy. After reading it, I was shocked and happy. Hebei Xunzi was listed in the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage as early as 2006. Can it also enter the undergraduate education and teaching program of the Chinese Academy of Traditional Opera? Therefore, on December 28, 2012, I contacted 38 well-known Hebei Xunzi performers, composers and directors in the province, and jointly wrote "About Participating in Chinese Opera Academy to Host Hebei Xunzi University" to the Provincial Culture Department and the Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department The Appeal Letter for Undergraduate Education urges the cultivation of highly educated talents, which has attracted the attention of relevant leaders. After the party committee of Hebei Vocational College of Art was re-elected in 2013, he promptly urged the matter. In this way, Hebei Xunzi and Shijiazhuang Silk String majors were included in the undergraduate education and teaching plan of the China Academy of Drama in 2015.

The CPPCC has gone through a glorious journey of 70 years, and I am proud to have been a member of the CPPCC. I will continue to provide advice and suggestions for the development of Xunzi in Hebei Province.

(Tian Chunniao / The author is a member of the Seventh CPPCC and a first-class actor in Hebei Xunzi Theater)

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