New Year's Day opera music concert is about to be staged in Shijiazhuang

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Yanzhao Metropolis News (Yandurong Media Reporter Kang Ruizhen) With the approach of New Year's Day in 2020, major concerts and concerts will be unveiled. The reporter learned from the Hebei Xunzi Theater in Hebei Province that on the evening of December 27 and 28, the New Year's Day opera music concert will be performed at Pei Yanling Theater of the Peking Opera Academy of Arts in Hebei Province. The concert will be based on classic Hebei Xunzi music and vocals. Old and young artists will bring an audiovisual feast to Hebei Xunzi on the same stage.

It is reported that the concert has a strong lineup, bringing together three generations of artists from old, young and middle ages. In addition to outstanding young actors such as Hao Shichao, Suna, Sun Na, Zhao Xuan, Zhao Yuejuan, Wang Ping and other classic vocals such as "Night Run", "Honghu Red Guards", "Tsing Yi", and "Mu Guiying", the famous Hebei Bangzi Performing artist Tian Chunniao, "Second Degree Plum" winner Xu Heying, and plum blossom winners Liu Fengling, Wu Guiyun, Qiu Ruide and other famous artists will also bring classic vocals from the "Butterfly Cup", "North and South Peace", "Zhong Ling" and "Sixth Panchen" Let the audience feel the charm of Hebei Xunzi, and play excessively addictively.

Opera accompaniment, as the most powerful supporting element of opera aria, has traditionally been called "half-course gong-drum half-time play" to describe the importance of bands in performances. It is worth mentioning that this time, more than thirty players will be on the stage, and from the backstage to the stage, the classic Hebei Xunzi traditional tunes will be used as a series to fully display the characteristics of Hebei Xunzi. The concert's latest opening song was incorporated into the ensemble of all instruments. The ensemble "A Fish" with Hebei Bangzi song brand and "Deep Night" led by Banhu will bring audiences a different taste of "Beijing." The percussion ensemble "Golden Sound of Clouds" adapted from traditional dry brands will Demonstrate the rhythmic charm of opera percussion.

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