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Hebei Xunzi Theater Performing Arts Co., Ltd. (Hebei Xunzi Theater), located in No. 26 Jianshe South Street, Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, was established in 1959. It is a "national key theater group for the creation of local operas." The demonstration base has a large number of outstanding professional artistic talents such as well-known older generation artists, "Second Plum", and Plum Blossom Award winners. The strength is impressive. Since its establishment 60 years ago, it has created and performed more than 200 repertoires. Many of its works have won many national and provincial awards, including the National Mandarin Award, the Excellent Repertory Award, and the "Five One Project" award of the Central Propaganda Department.

According to job requirements and in accordance with the principles of openness, fairness, and competitive selection, we are now recruiting professionals for long-term positions in the society. The related matters are announced as follows:

I. Basic conditions for recruitment

1. Firm political stance, firmly establish "four consciousness", firm "four self-confidence", and achieve "two safeguards";

2. Love the party's artistic career, abide by the professional ethics of literary and art workers, have good professional skills, and relevant work experience is preferred;

3. Technical secondary school or above;

4. Age under 30;

5. Have the physical conditions and psychological qualities to meet the requirements of the post.

Recruiting positions

(I) Several professional actors

Martial arts

2. Shelves beat face

3. Copper hammer face

4. Wu Chou

(Two) several professional players



3. 铙钹 (also small gong)

4. Erhu

Recruitment process

1. Submit your resume by email. You must provide a scanned copy of your academic credentials, degree certificate, qualification certificate for professional and technical positions, honorary certificate and other supporting documents when registering. One recent 2-inch color crownless ID photo and one electronic version of your life photo will be uploaded as an attachment to the registration mailbox . Each person is limited to one post.

Candidates are responsible for the authenticity of the materials submitted. Anyone who cheats will be disqualified from examinations and employment once it is verified.

2. Qualification review. Qualification review of the basic conditions of applicants and related post requirements.

3. Professional exams. Those who pass the qualification examination take the professional examination organized by the theater. The specific examination time and place will be notified separately. During the registration period, applicants are requested to keep the phone open.

4. Identify candidates. Combining the comprehensive performance and performance, the theater will determine the candidates for employment.

5. Formal employment. Sign a formal employment contract, enjoy the corresponding salary after the probation period, and pay social insurance such as pension, medical treatment, work injury, unemployment.

Fourth, contact us

Recruitment consultation phone: 0311-85259826

Resume delivery email:

Contact: Cao Liqin, Sun Binggan

Editor-in-chief: Gao Hongran_DW056

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