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· 黄河歌者——访河北省政协委员石砚洗 2020/01/03 Singer of the Yellow River——Interview with Shi Yanxi, Member of the CPPCC of Hebei Province
· 河北师范大学2020新年音乐会举行 2020/01 / 02Hebei Normal University 2020 New Year Concert
· 基辅芭蕾舞团芭蕾舞剧《天鹅湖》精彩上演 2020/01 / 02The Kiev Ballet's ballet "Swan Lake" is staged
· 第四届张家口灯谜艺术节入选年度“中华谜坛十件大事” 2020/01/02 The 4th Zhangjiakou Lantern Riddle Art Festival was selected as the "Ten Major Events of Chinese Enigma"
· 2019年文化热点回眸 2019/12/30 Review of cultural hot spots in 2019
· 为河北梆子振兴建言献策 2019/12/30 Suggestions for the revitalization of Hebei Xunzi
· “青春河北” 河北高校影院落成 2019/12/27 “Youth Hebei” Hebei University Cinema Completed
· 元旦戏曲音乐演唱会即将在石家庄上演 2019/12/27 New Year's Day opera music concert will be staged in Shijiazhuang
· 快来报名! Sign up for 2019/12/27 ! Hebei Bangzi Theatre Performing Arts Co., Ltd. Recruitment
· 石家庄市首批文化志愿者书画院挂牌 2019/12/24 The first batch of cultural volunteer painting and calligraphy institutes in Shijiazhuang are listed
· 河北省原创舞台剧《幸福国际庄》入选第三届全国话剧展演 2019/12/24 Hebei Province's original stage play `` Happy International Village '' selected for the 3rd National Drama Show
· 河北省评选出100个省级乡村旅游重点村 2019/12 / 24Hebei Province selected 100 provincial rural tourism key villages
· 文旅部:元旦春节假期依法查处“不合理低价游” 2019/12/24 Ministry of Culture and Tourism: New Year's Day Spring Festival holiday investigated and dealt with "irrational low-price travel" according to law
· 沧州再添3家省级众创空间总数达21家 2019/12 / 20Cangzhou adds another 3 provincial-level creative space to a total of 21
· “李子柒”凭什么火爆海内外 2019/12/20 Why is "Li Ziying " popular at home and abroad
· 河北省58.76万场农村公益电影丰富群众文化生活 2019/12/20 587,600 rural public welfare movies in Hebei Province enrich the cultural life of the masses
· 井陉矿区2019年第二届社火季展演拉开帷幕 2019/12 / 19The 2019 second community fire season exhibition in Jingcheng Mining District kicked off
· 衡水景县将投资1500万元建设中国脸谱文化体验旅游区 2019/12 / 19Hengshuijing County will invest 15 million yuan to build China's Facebook cultural experience tourism area
· 18部(篇)作品获第三届孙犁文学奖 2019/12/19 18 works were awarded the 3rd Sun Li Literature Award
· 衡水市发行6000张文化惠民卡 2019/12 / 16Hengshui City issued 6000 cultural benefits cards

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