Give play to the unique advantages of democratic consultation in social governance

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The "Decision" of the Fourth Plenary Session of the Nineteenth Central Committee of the Communist Party of China proposed that social governance must be strengthened and innovated, and a social governance system under the leadership of the Party committee, government responsibility, democratic consultation, social coordination, public participation, guarantee of the rule of law, and support by science and technology must be built A community of social governance with responsibility, responsibility for everyone, and enjoyment for all, to ensure that the people live and work in peace and stability, and build a safer China with a higher level. Incorporating democratic consultation into the social governance system has enriched the channels and methods of social governance and reflected the concept of social governance under the leadership of the Communist Party of China. It is an inevitable requirement for strengthening and innovating social governance and is conducive to improving the modernization of social governance. Level.

At present, China's social situation is stable and the people live and work in peace and contentment, but the situation and environment facing social governance are still relatively complicated. It is urgent to further coordinate relations, straighten out emotions, resolve conflicts, and build consensus in all areas of society. Social stability and order. Democratic consultation is a process of extensive consultations around common issues within the people. It has the unique advantages of promoting the orderly political participation of the people, promoting the scientific and democratic decision-making, and strengthening the party's flesh-and-blood ties with the people. Taking full advantage of the unique advantages of democratic consultation in social governance can enhance the enthusiasm of all parties in society to participate in social governance, improve the social governance system of co-construction and common governance, consolidate the largest consensus of social governance, and form the largest synergy of social governance.

In recent years, the practice of democratic consultation in social governance has gradually deepened. For example, village (resident) people's councils, community owners' consultations, democratic appraisal councils, and online dialogue and negotiation have continued to develop in various forms of consultation. It played an important role. Practice has proved that in our country, democratic consultation has a deep practical foundation and a mass foundation, and is an effective way to strengthen and innovate social governance.

Building a social governance community where everyone has responsibility, everyone is responsible, and everyone enjoys, requires that under the leadership of the party committee, all social governance subjects work together to promote the coordinated operation of society. Whether or not the enthusiasm of various social governance subjects can be fully stimulated to form a benign interaction between government governance and social regulation and residents' self-government is an important indicator of the ability of the party committee and government to govern social governance. Democratic consultation in social governance involves party consultation, people's congress consultation, government consultation, CPPCC consultation, people's group consultation, grass-roots consultation, and social organization consultation. It is a participatory democracy and full-process democracy. Through a realistic and productive negotiation mechanism, various subjects can participate in social governance in an orderly manner, so that they can do their best and develop their respective strengths, forming an overall synergy of social governance.

Comrade Xi Jinping pointed out: "Innovating social governance must take the fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of the people as the fundamental coordinate and start with the people's most direct and most realistic interests." In reality, a large number of issues affecting the vital interests of the people must be resolved in the field of social governance, and decisions involving the vital interests of the people must be fully listened to by the masses. The essence of democratic consultation is that there is something to discuss, and everyone's affairs should be discussed by everyone. To carry out democratic consultation in social governance, on the one hand, we need to ask the people, open channels for expression in all aspects, listen to opinions and suggestions from all sides, and pinpoint the outstanding issues that the masses urgently need to solve. On the other hand, we must ask the people, respect the wishes of the majority, and take care of the reasonable demands of the minority, solicit opinions and gather the wisdom of the people. As a result, the fundamental and long-term interests of the people are effectively guaranteed, and the ever-increasing needs of the people's beautiful life are continuously met.

The process of extensive consultation among the people is also a process of unifying thoughts and building consensus. Carrying out democratic consultations in social governance can spread the party's line, principles and policies around public affairs that are needed for consultation, strengthen ideological and political guidance, and bring the broad masses of people under the banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics to unify thinking and unite their hearts . Through full communication and exchanges to enhance mutual understanding, find a balance point that can be accepted by all parties, and ultimately achieve a win-win situation. It can also find problems in time, promote the formation of mediation and resolution mechanisms for small disputes, quick discussions, and difficult discussions, effectively resolve conflicts and disputes, and ensure social stability and order. As there are good things to discuss and everyone's affairs are becoming more and more institutionalized, the power hidden in the people will be stimulated and condensed to the greatest extent, so that the advantages of the system will be better transformed into the effectiveness of social governance .

(Writing by: Chen Yi Zhou Qing)

People's Daily (13th edition, December 27, 2019)

Editor-in-chief: Shan Jie_DW089

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