Fully grasp the characteristics of socialist core values

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Original title: Fully grasp the characteristics of the core values of socialism

Cultural self-confidence is a more basic, deeper, and lasting force in the development of a country and a nation. The development of advanced socialist culture and the extensive consolidation of the people's spiritual strength are the deep support for the modernization of the country's governance system and governance capabilities. The core values of socialism are the concentrated expression of the contemporary Chinese spirit, and the ideological and moral foundation for condensing Chinese power. The Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Party emphasized that "adhering to the socialist core values to lead the cultural construction system." Implementing this requirement requires us to fully grasp the characteristics of the core values of socialism. Generally speaking, in terms of status, the core values of socialism embody the dominance and loftiness; in terms of cultivation, the core values of socialism are systematic and integrated; in terms of content, the core values of socialism show nationality and epochalism.

Embody the dominance and sublimeness

Core values are the deepest core of culture, and they reflect the cultural ideals and spiritual heights of a country or nation. The ability to build core values with strong appeal has a bearing on the harmony and stability of society and the long-term stability of the country. The core values of socialism are the concentrated expression of the contemporary Chinese spirit, condensing the common value pursuit of all people, demonstrating the development direction and bright prospects of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and embodying the characteristics of dominance and loftiness.

To cultivate and practice the core values of socialism, we must adhere to the education of ideals and beliefs as the core. A country, a nation, and a political party must establish and adhere to clear ideals and beliefs at all times and under all circumstances. If there is no or loss of ideals and convictions, you will lose your goal and direction, just like a piece of sand and no cohesion, you will lose your spiritual pillar and self-disintegrate. Since the founding of the Communist Party of China, under the guidance of the Marxist worldview, it has established socialism and communism in China as its own great ideals and struggle goals, and generations of Chinese Communists have established a firm belief in unremitting struggle. . Strengthening ideals and convictions, and insisting on the spiritual pursuit of Communists, is always the basis for Communists to settle down. The belief in Marxism, the belief in socialism and communism, is the political soul of the Communists, and the spiritual pillar of the Communists to withstand any test.

The world today is experiencing unprecedented changes in a century, and our country is in a critical period to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. We should be guided by Xi Jinping's thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, and focus on the great struggle, the construction of great projects, the promotion of great undertakings, and the realization of great dreams. To consolidate the social ideological consensus to the greatest extent, to coordinate and aggregate the people's power to create history, to invigorate and carry forward the spirit of "rolling up the mountain", to achieve the goal of "two hundred years" and to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Dreams provide a powerful guarantee to give full play to the advantages of our cultural system.

Systematic and inclusive

The construction of values is a subtle and cumulative process that requires continuous effort and long-term contribution. As a theoretical abstraction, the core values of socialism play a leading role in national education, the creation of spiritual civilization, and the creation and production of spiritual and cultural products. They must be integrated into the working practices of the masses, so they are systematic and integrated in cultivation. specialty.

The cultivation of socialist core values is a systematic project. First, the foundation of ideals and beliefs must be built. The great ideal of communism and the common ideal of socialism with Chinese characteristics are the ideological basis for maintaining the unity and unity of the party. It is necessary to persevere in arming the entire party and educating the people with Xi Jinping's ideology of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, guiding people to grasp the rich connotation, spiritual essence, and practical requirements, and to lay a solid foundation of ideology and belief. Widely carry out education on ideals and beliefs throughout the society, deepen publicity and education of socialism and communism, deepen publicity and education of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the Chinese Dream, guide people to continuously enhance the "four self-confidences", and share the great ideals of communism with socialism with Chinese characteristics The ideals are unified, and the realization of personal ideals is integrated into the great dream of achieving the prosperity of the country, the rejuvenation of the nation, and the happiness of the people.

Second, we must adhere to scientific methodology. To cultivate the core values of socialism, it is necessary to use dialectical materialism and historical materialism world views and methodologies to think about and solve practical problems. For example, paying attention to people's interests and value aspirations requires strategic thinking; finding the resonance point with people's thoughts and the meeting point with the people's interests requires dialectical thinking; being good at using the methods that the people like to see and hear, building a platform for the people to participate, and opening up the people Participatory channels require innovative thinking; etc. At the same time, we must be clear-cut and daring to fight against some erroneous thoughts, opinions, and speeches, and make targeted analysis and refutation to help people distinguish between right and wrong, improve their ability to discern, and consciously resist the erosion of wrong ideological views.

Thirdly, in the path design, it is necessary to carry out normalization and institutionalization. Through institutionalization measures, the core values of socialism are embedded in the daily lives of the masses, realizing daily life. Work on penetration, combination, and integration, work on downsizing, downsizing, and implementation, and transform core socialist values into people's emotional identity and behavior habits. We must continue to deepen the publicity and education of socialist core values, increase recognition, establish clear guidance, and strengthen demonstration. In order to guide people to use socialist core values as the fundamental obedience of self-cultivation and ethics, make it a daily use Imperceptible ethics and codes of conduct. Adhere to both morals and law, nourish the spirit of the rule of law with morality, embody moral concepts with the rule of law, and promote the integration of socialist core values into the construction of the rule of law.

Highlighting nationality and the times

If you do n’t have spirit, you do n’t stand up, and if you do n’t have spirit, you do n’t. Spirit is the soul that a nation depends on for a long time. Only when the spirit reaches a certain height can this nation stand up and bravely advance in the flood of history. The national spirit centered on patriotism and the spirit of the times centered on reform and innovation are the solid spiritual support and strong moral force for the continuous growth and development of the Chinese nation. The core values of socialism are rooted in the fertile soil of Chinese culture and cast into the great practice of our party leading the people in the long-term struggle. They are the essence of advanced socialist culture, and they are marked by their national and contemporary characteristics.

Chinese excellent traditional culture is the cultural roots of the Chinese nation. The ideological concepts, humanistic spirit, and moral norms contained in it are the core of Chinese thought and spirit. Chinese traditional virtue is the essence of Chinese culture and an inexhaustible source of moral construction. We must treat Chinese outstanding traditional culture with respect and pride, so that the genes of Chinese culture can be better rooted in people's ideology and moral concepts.

In the long-term practice of production and life, the Chinese nation has gradually formed a great national spirit with patriotism at its core, unity and unity, peace-loving, hard-working and brave, and self-improvement. Patriotism has always been a spiritual force that unites the Chinese nation. It is a banner of struggle that inspires the unity of the Chinese nation. It is a powerful force to advance the history of the Chinese nation. The core values of socialism are integrated with the values of patriotism, which is of great significance to promote national unity, maintain the unity of the motherland, and guide people to rejuvenate China and Huawei's responsibilities and serve the motherland consciously.

Do not forget that we can open up the future, and good at inheritance can lead to better innovation. To inherit the great national spirit of the Chinese nation, we must deepen the history of reform and opening up, the history of the new China, the history of the Communist Party of China, the modern history of the Chinese nation, and the history of the Chinese civilization, and promote the great creative spirit, great struggle spirit, great unity spirit, and great dream spirit of the Chinese people. Advocate all ideas and concepts that are conducive to unity, peace, hard work, bravery, and self-improvement, and build a common spiritual home for the Chinese nation. The red genes of the Chinese Communists' lofty ideals, firm convictions, noble morality, and fine work style are contained in the "Red Ship Spirit", "Jinggangshan Spirit", "Long March Spirit", "Yan'an Spirit", and "Xibaipo Spirit". It is necessary to inherit and carry forward the fine tradition created by the party to lead the people, pass on the red gene, and continue the spiritual pedigree. It is necessary to vigorously carry forward the spirit of patriotism, sing the main theme of patriotism, guide the people to adhere to the unity of patriotism and the party and socialism, and enhance patriotism and homeland feelings. Maintaining the motherland's unity and national unity is an important focus and end point of patriotism education, and it has a clear banner against the words and deeds of attempting to split the country and undermine national unity.

The spirit of the times, centered on reform and innovation, reflects the characteristics of the times of the Chinese spirit. The advanced socialist culture is a profound reflection of the great practice of socialism with Chinese characteristics, the era foundation of the core values of socialism, and the embodiment of a prosperous, aggressive, and positive era. The core values of socialism, which embody the spirit of the times, are integrated with real life and become a clear sign of the spiritual life and moral practice of all people. In contemporary China, the core values of socialism represent the fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of the people and reflect the value aspirations of the overwhelming majority of the people. This enhances the realistic appeal and persuasiveness of the core values of socialism. We must firmly focus on comprehensively deepening reform and opening up, and further promote socialist modernization. We must vigorously advocate the concepts of emancipating the mind, seeking truth from facts, keeping pace with the times, and seeking truth and being pragmatic. Philosophy, carry forward the spirit of reform and opening up, labor spirit, model spirit, craftsmanship spirit, excellent entrepreneurship spirit, scientist spirit, so that all people can maintain a spirit of vigorous and uplifting spirit.

(Written by Mei Lan)

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