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· 有实力有底气有信心 2020/01/06 Powerful, confident and confident
· 运用制度威力应对风险挑战的冲击 2020/01 / 06Using the power of the system to deal with the impact of risks and challenges
· 理想信念是干事创业的不竭动力 2020/01/03 Ideals and beliefs are an inexhaustible driving force for officers to start a business
· 用作风建设凝聚强大正能量 2020/01 / 03Used as wind to build strong positive energy
· 谱写新时代改革开放新篇章 2020/01/03 Compose a new chapter of reform and opening up in the new era
· 胸怀两个大局开辟发展新局 2020/01/03 Opening up new developments with two big picture in mind
· 把党的正确主张变为群众自觉行动 2019/12/31 Turn the Party's correct ideas into mass conscious actions
· 推动理想信念教育常态化制度化 2019/12 / 31Promote the normalization and institutionalization of ideal and belief education
· 实施产业基础再造工程 2019/12 / 31Implement industrial foundation reengineering project
· 发挥民主协商在社会治理中的独特优势 Give full play to the unique advantages of democratic consultation in social governance
· 加强和完善国家治理的重要经验 Important experience in strengthening and improving national governance
· 切实强化制度意识 2019/12 / 26Effectively strengthen system awareness
· 全面把握社会主义核心价值观的特点 Fully grasp the characteristics of the core values of socialism
· 练就妙笔书写宣传思想工作新篇章 2019/12 / 25Practice a new chapter in writing and propaganda
· 做爱国奋斗的新时代青年 A young man in the new era of patriotic struggle
· 书写新时代的英雄故事 Write a hero story of the new era
· 龙文百斛鼎笔力可独扛 2019/12/25 Long Wen Bai Ding can be carried alone
· 榜样的力量直抵心灵 The power of role models reaches the soul
· 创造第二次人口红利 Create a second demographic dividend
· 眼力是新闻工作者观察力和判断力的关键因素 Eyesight is a key factor in journalists' observation and judgment

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