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A group of migratory birds fly over Hengshui Lake, forming the beautiful winter scenery of Hengshui Lake. Hengshui City has continuously increased its protection. The water quality has been upgraded from once inferior to Category V to Category III. The negative oxygen ion content in the atmosphere is as high as 4,600 per cubic centimeter, and the number of birds has increased from 286 to 323 when the reserve was just established. Reporter Zhao Haijiang Zhao Jie

A good ecological environment is the most fair public product and the most inclusive livelihood and well-being. Over the past year, the provincial party committee and government led Yan Zhao's children to adhere to the priority of ecology, promote green development, and resolutely fight for the defense of the blue sky, clear water, and pure land. The ecological background of the beautiful Hebei has become increasingly bright.

Promote the adjustment of the energy structure, and resolutely win the defense of the blue sky

No ash was visible in the kitchen, the neat living room windows were clear, and the clean floor was shining. In the middle of the winter season, outdoor cold winds burst, but Wu Shushen, a villager in Beiganzhai Village, Ren County, Xingtai County, was as warm as spring. Wu Shushen used the temperature to measure his indoor temperature, 16 ℃!

"In the past, coal was used for heating, and it could not be burned at this temperature for a moment. In November this year, the home was vented with natural gas, installed a wall-mounted stove, used it for cooking and heating, clean and environmentally friendly, and it will be warm winter every year." Wu Shushen's face was filled with a happy smile.

2.21 million households! This is the number of households that have completed the "two generations" project this year. Since the beginning of this year, Hebei Province has vigorously promoted the adjustment of its energy structure, taking the reduction of coal pressure as its main target, and implementing gas-based coal replacement and electricity-based coal replacement. Many rural areas have bid farewell to the fumigating traditional heating methods.

Atmospheric environment, people care about. In response to the people's thoughts, expectations and urgency, the Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government regard solving outstanding ecological and environmental problems as a priority area of people's livelihood, and resolutely win the battle for the defense of the blue sky.

Focusing on top-level design and strengthening policy guidance, Hebei Province has successively formulated and implemented the Action Plan for Comprehensive Control of Air Pollution in Hebei Province in the Autumn and Winter of 2019-2020. The implementation plan and a series of action plans and work plans, the province's pollution control policy system is becoming more and more perfect.

Ordinary people flickered with stars, Hebei Province tackled the root causes, and made breakthroughs in key sets. It hit a set of "combination punches" for pressure reduction, coal reduction, enterprise management, dust reduction, and vehicle control.

Adjust and optimize the industrial structure, unswervingly reduce production capacity, and "operate" to the family base that has been accumulated for many years. As of 24:00 on November 14, the province's steelmaking capacity was 14.02555 million tons, coal capacity was 10.06 million tons, coke capacity was 3.198 million tons, cement capacity was 3.343 million tons, and flat glass capacity was 6.6 million weight boxes. Eighteen heavily polluting enterprises have completed their relocation tasks, forcing companies to transform and upgrade to achieve green development.

Vigorously promote the in-depth treatment of industrial pollution, and each of the "big polluters" has become a "pioneer of pollution control." This year, Hebei Province completed 103 ultra-low-emissions transformation projects in the steel industry, 61 ultra-low-emissions transformation projects in the coking industry, and 75 deep reductions in coal-fired power plants. It took the lead in completing all steel, coking, and coal-fired enterprises that meet the transformation requirements in the country. Deep governance.

The development of multimodal transport, the active promotion of public transit to the railway, and the "green" transport structure. As of the end of November, the province had completed 436 million tons of local railway freight, opened 31 multimodal transport lines, completed 25.804 million TEUs of container trains, completed 30 sets of high-voltage shore power in ports, and promoted 67,300 new energy vehicles. Standard car.

Insist on iron-fisted law enforcement, we must strengthen environmental law enforcement supervision.

Monthly notification of the province's ambient air quality assessment rankings, warnings, notifications, and even public interviews of cities, counties (cities, districts) with problems in air pollution control. The province has initially formed a complete assessment system for environmental air quality “national examination cities, provincial examination counties (cities, districts), and city examination townships”, effectively transmitting the pressure of atmospheric governance to governments at all levels.

Adhere to iron-handed law enforcement, and also take into account flexible services.

Provincial key projects and Zanhuang Jin'ao Cement Kiln Cooperative Disposal of Hazardous Waste Projects, which have been in operation for several years, have passed the approval of the Shijiazhuang Administrative Examination and Approval Bureau with the joint efforts of the Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment and enterprises. Through assistance and guidance, Shijiazhuang Jiayu Tongchuang Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. not only improved the level of environmental governance, but also saved tens of thousands of yuan in governance funds.

Carry out "front-line consultation", conduct "full medical examination" for enterprises, and "prescribe prescriptions" accurately. The province ’s “Environmental Protection Leaders' Ten Thousands of Environmental Protection Cadres Entering Ten Thousand Enterprises and Helping Improve Environmental Governance Level” activity helped more than 11,200 contracted enterprises and found 3,469 hidden environmental hazards, which effectively helped enterprises solve a large number of production development and the environment. Practical difficulties in protection.

Insist on iron-fisted law enforcement and emphasize scientific precision.

Non-stop production in severely polluted weather! At 12:00 on December 13, Hebei Province initiated a regional severe pollution weather emergency response. Unlike in previous years, Zhang Zhaoxiang, manager of Hengshui Baili Rubber Products Co., Ltd. no longer has to worry about the order being delivered due to the company's production restriction or suspension.

Insist on protecting the blue sky, safeguarding people's livelihood, and maintaining development simultaneously, without pursuing a one-size-fits-all approach. In October this year, Hebei Province took the lead in establishing a positive list of ecological environment supervision in the country, implementing differentiated management and control, including 1,640 projects (companies) including Baili Rubber. It was included in the first batch of lists, and during the emergency response period of severely polluted weather, it will not stop production, limit production, check or disturb.

Persevering day by day, striving for one microgram by one microgram, the high-frequency vocabulary "smoke" once appeared in Hebei Province is becoming less and less, and the blue sky and white clouds have become the norm.

As of the end of November this year, the average PM2.5 concentration in the province was 49 micrograms per cubic meter, a year-on-year decrease of 5.8%. Among them, the average PM2.5 concentration in the five consecutive months from May to September reached the national air quality standard. The best level of history.

Prominent comprehensive measures for source control, and focus on fighting the clear water

Between clumps of pampas grass, several red-and-white, black-crowned waterfowls were playing lightly. In the early morning of September 2nd, Li Hongkai, chief engineer of Hengshui Binhu New District Resource Protection Bureau, came to Hengshui Lake to observe the birds as usual. "That is the crested cormorant, known as the" water phoenix "Lingbo Fairy." It is a bird that has taken root here all the year round. "Li Hongkai is a family treasure.

Yihong water is the source of life and the source of ecology.

Focusing on the battle for the protection of clear water, Hebei Province has fully implemented the system of rivers and lakes, with the provincial party committee secretary and governor serving as the chief river chief. The province has set up more than 50,000 river and lake heads. To prevent and control water pollution, Hebei Province has set up a leading group for water pollution prevention and control, headed by the governor, to coordinate and advance water pollution prevention and control. The Standing Committee of the Provincial People's Congress has promulgated measures for governments at or above the county level to report on the state of the ecological environment, and regularly conduct law enforcement inspections and special enquiries. The work pattern of "Party and Government Responsibilities, Same Duty and Double Responsibilities, and Common Management" in the battle for clear water protection has taken shape.

Focusing on key river basins and key areas, since this year, Hebei Province has adhered to source control and comprehensive measures, systematically promoted water pollution prevention and protection of water ecology, and the quality of water environment has continued to improve.

Innovating the system and mechanism, many "Hebei's first initiatives" rang throughout the country——

Beginning in April of this year, Hebei Province ’s compliance with surface water environmental standards has been changed from the previous annual notification to monthly notification, and reward and punishment accountability is based on rankings. At the same time, we strictly observe the bottom line of water quality that can only be improved and cannot be worsened, and adopt early warning prompts, notifications, interviews, and limited approvals for areas with deteriorated water quality.

"The change of ranking notification from 'annual accounting' to 'monthly settlement' can effectively and timely transmit pressure to achieve the quality of the water environment on a monthly basis and a yearly basis. The combination mechanism of 'monthly ranking + reward and punishment accountability' It is also the first case in China. "Said Zhao Jun, deputy director of the Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment.

It is the first country in China to build a cross-border cross-section water quality monitoring system covering provinces, cities, and counties. A total of 678 monitoring sections including the national examination and provincial examination sections are set up in the eight major river systems in the province. 101 monitoring sections are set up in 49 rivers entering the sea. Monthly water quality monitoring, assessment and ranking notifications are conducted, and ecological compensation is implemented for transboundary sections. Gold withholding system.

The combination of investigation, supervision and administration of the government will lead to the implementation of the "last mile" policy. Among the provincial environmental inspectors' "looking back", Hebei Province took the lead in carrying out special inspections of water pollution prevention and control, which effectively promoted the solution of prominent water environmental problems. This year, five districts, cities and six counties (cities, districts) with lagging water quality standards and key work will be interviewed publicly, and regional restricted approval will be implemented for six counties (cities, districts).

We carried out law enforcement and inspection special actions such as large investigations and rectifications of water-related industrial enterprises, clear water 2019, and cutting swords, and the province handled 800 cases of water-related administrative penalties, with a penalty of 115.94 million yuan. Since October 2017, the number of law enforcement and inspection enterprises in the province has consistently ranked first in the country.

Water and land co-ordination and comprehensive management, a series of special actions to make the clear waters reappear Yan Zhao land——

Strengthen water source protection. The province has accumulated 348 centralized drinking water source protection areas with a total area of approximately 12,200 square kilometers. The designation of centralized drinking water source protection areas at the county level and above has been completed.

Make every effort to promote the ecological environment management of Baiyangdian. Fully promote the implementation of 98 key work tasks and 110 key engineering projects, complete the environmental improvement of 3,718 large-scale livestock and poultry farms, and strictly enforce environmental supervision of 1,013 water-related industrial enterprises. After systematic management, from January to November, the four rivers of Fuhe River, Xiaoyi River, Puhe River, and Baigou River all reached Grade IV water quality, and the water quality in the heart of Baiyangdian Lake reached Grade IV, which is an improvement over last year.

Focusing on the comprehensive governance of the Bohai Sea. In Qinhuangdao, the pilot implementation of the "Bay Length System" carried out water quality monitoring on 49 rivers entering the sea in the province. The water quality of sections of 13 rivers and seas that have entered the sea has reached or exceeded the water quality target requirements. The ratio of excellent seawater quality in coastal waters reached 100. %.

Promote comprehensive river basin treatment, carry out industrial sewage rectification, and comprehensively promote rural domestic sewage treatment ... Comprehensive water environment improvement efforts will be made. From January to November, of the 74 national examination sections in the province, 52.7% of the sections reached or better than Type III (excellent), an increase of 2.7 percentage points compared with the same period last year, and 6.8% of the inferior section Ⅴ sections, a decrease from the same period last year. 9.4 percentage points.

Persist in finding out the classification and control of base numbers, and solidly advance the defense of pure land

In the winter season, from the Chongli District of Zhangjiakou City to the Genting Snow Park, under the blue sky and white clouds, the large white birch forest on the hillside slope and the green pine forest complement each other, forming a colorful picture.

70-year-old Yang Cheng is a native of Chongli. He clearly remembers that when he was a child, there were not many plantations in his hometown. Wind, sand, and soil erosion were common.

Now, the barren mountains and bald ridges have become oasis. Around the Beijing Winter Olympics bid, Chongli took the initiative to delineate 77.7% of the ecological red line area, and further strengthened the greening and afforestation. The forest coverage rate of the whole area reached 67%, and the core area of the Winter Olympics reached 80%.

Build beautiful Hebei, strive to build the ecological environment support zone of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, vigorously promote the restoration and protection of the ecological environment, implement large-scale land greening operations, strengthen the comprehensive management of open-pit mines, and solidly promote the defense of pure land, and the verdant green is gradually expanding in the land of Yanzhao .

The soil is repairing-

This year, Hebei Province persisted in finding out the base number, classified management and control, completed a detailed investigation of agricultural land soil pollution status, obtained nearly 480,000 monitoring data, the province's 598 key plots were included in the supervision of the national soil environmental management information system, and the first 14 cultivated lands The pilot projects for the application of pollution control and remediation technologies have all completed the construction content.

Establish a list of 602 key companies in heavy industries and implement 152 heavy metal emission reduction projects. Monitoring facilities were installed and connected to 58 hazardous waste disposal units and 606 waste-producing units in the province, and foreign waste was strictly prohibited from entering.

The mine is regreening-

Every morning, many citizens come to exercise and fitness in Qingquan Park in Handan Fengfeng Mining Area. 76-year-old Zhang Zitao said, "The environment here is good, the birds are fragrant, and there are all kinds of fitness equipment. Come here to exercise in the morning, and you will have the energy and spirit all day."

Qingquan Park was originally a stricken coal mining subsidence area. After ecological restoration and careful construction, it has now become a rare high-grade ecological park in the north, realizing a green turning of "the mining area becomes a scenic spot".

Steady progress has been made in the three-year combat plan for the continuous improvement of open-pit mine pollution. As of the end of October, Hebei Province has rehabilitated and repaired 714 green open-pit mine sites and suspended production and renovation of 792 open-pit mines.

Green is extending-

The 3000 acres of barren hills contracted by Yu Fengsen in Shangma Village, Yuantou Town, Zanhuang County are now lush forests. The hills are covered with fruit trees such as walnuts, chestnuts, apricots, and red dates. "Each year produces 30,000 kg of dried walnuts and 15,000 kg of chestnuts." Looking at the fruit trees in the mountains, Yu Fengsen was proud.

The barren hills were put on green clothes. As of now, the province has completed 10.26 million mu of forests, exceeding the annual task. The forest coverage of Taihang Mountain has been increased to 30%, the forest area has been increased to 18 million mu, and more than 30 national and provincial forest parks including Wuyuezhai, Qiannantuo, Tuoliang and Tianshengqiao have been built.

The sky is bluer, the water is clearer, and the ground is cleaner. Residents of Hebei urban and rural areas often proudly say that the “Temperament” of Yanzhao Land is more beautiful and the value is higher. The road of ecological priority and green development is getting wider and wider, and living comfort and happiness are getting stronger and stronger. (Reporter Jia Nan)

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