Yuan Tongli went to Tangshan to investigate the environmental protection work of Luohe

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Yuan Tongli asked when Tangshan surveyed and inspected the ecological environment protection of Luohe River

Actively promote the fundamental improvement of the Luohe ecological environment Actively promote the fundamental improvement of the Luohe ecological environment

Hebei News Network (Reporter Wang Yumin) On December 21, Yuan Tongli, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and executive deputy governor, went to Tangshan to investigate the ecological environmental protection work of the Luohe River, and inspected and cleaned up illegal construction projects within the scope of the Luhe River embankment and river management. On-site and deployed for the next step of protection and governance.

Yuan Tongli pointed out that restoring the clean, tidy and beautiful water space of the Luohe River as soon as possible and promoting the high-quality development of the Luohe River Basin are the incumbent duties of party committees and governments around the line. Relevant departments of cities, counties and provinces along the Luohe River must thoroughly implement Xi Jinping's ecological civilization ideas, adhere to the people-centered development concept, and actively perform their duties, fulfill their responsibilities, and overcome difficulties in accordance with the deployment requirements of the provincial party committee and government, and resolutely implement the river chief To promote the fundamental improvement of the ecological environment of the Luanhe River.

Yuan Tongli demanded that education should be carried out in conjunction with the theme of “Don't forget the original heart and keep in mind the mission”, vigorously promote the cleanup and rectification of the “four chaos” in rivers and lakes, and organize “look back” to comprehensively and completely rectify the problems of random occupation, random mining, random piles, and random construction . It is necessary to do a good job of pollution prevention, speed up the construction of domestic sewage collection and treatment facilities, and garbage removal and transportation systems in waterfront villages, strengthen river cruise enforcement supervision, strengthen the monitoring of water quality in branch rivers and estuaries, strictly control the total amount of pollutants discharged into rivers, and promote continuous water quality improve. To ensure the safety of flood prevention, conduct a survey on the flood prevention impact assessment of all projects along the Luanhe River, and resolutely dismantle and close down those areas that have severely occupied the flood area and have major hidden safety hazards.

During the investigation, Yuan Tongli and his party also inspected Tangshan Shandong New Energy Materials Co., Ltd. related projects and Leting County Building Support Equipment Industrial Park project.

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