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Recently, the General Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China issued the "Outline of the Construction Plan of the National Party and Government Leadership Group for the Period of 2019-2023" (hereinafter referred to as the "Outline of the Plan"), and issued a notice requesting that all departments and units in all regions carefully implement it in accordance with actual conditions. The "Planning Outline" specifies the general requirements, goals, tasks, and important measures for the construction of the party and government leadership in the next five years. For all regions and departments and units to implement the general requirements for party building in the new era and the party's organizational line for the new era, strengthen the new era. The construction of party and government leadership is of great significance. For party and government leaders at all levels, they must conscientiously study and understand, grasp and implement them, and strive to create a good team with strong convictions, skills, responsibilities, and style, and strive to escort the development of the cause.

Create a good team with strong beliefs. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that ideals and convictions are the "calcium" of the Communists' spirit. Without ideals and convictions, ideals and convictions are not firm, and they will be "calcium-deficient" in spirit and "chondropathy". As a leader of the unit's ideological construction, the leadership team can only achieve the above rates, and talk about political positions, political directions, political principles, and political roads in terms of ideology and politics, and maintain the party's central authority and execute the party's politics in practice. Only in this way can other comrades in the unit be firm in their ideals and convictions and hold their political direction firmly. For the party and government leaders at all levels, on the one hand, they must conscientiously study Xi Jinping ’s socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era, consciously arm the mind with the party ’s innovative theory, cast ideals and convictions into the mind, and integrate them into the soul, and effectively strengthen the “four consciousness ", Firm" four self-confidence ", and" two maintenance. " On the other hand, we must stand firm on our political stance, keep a clear head, stand the test in the face of right and wrong, strong winds, and temptations of interests, and keep our convictions. Stick to the spiritual heights of the Communists.

Create a good team with excellent skills. As socialism with Chinese characteristics enters a new era, our party must take on the new missions and new actions in order to shoulder the historical mission conferred by the new era. This requires that party and government leaders at all levels not only have strong convictions, but also strong skills. Especially with the rapid development of science and technology in the current era, new knowledge and new problems are coming. The knowledge structure and overall quality of the party and government leadership team are facing severe challenges. The shortcomings in skills and deficiencies in capabilities are increasingly prominent. For party and government leaders at all levels, through intensive training, help team members to broaden their professional knowledge, strengthen their professional thinking, and improve their professional capabilities, and continuously improve the overall level of the leadership team. We must conscientiously study and understand the decision-making and deployment of superiors, adhere to deep learning, grasp the essence, and combine learning with practical use, effectively improve the ability to promote development and solve problems, and firmly and consciously implement all decisions and arrangements of superiors.

Create a good team with good responsibilities. Chernyshevsky said, "Life and lofty responsibilities are linked." The size of a cadre reflects the mind, courage, and style of a cadre. How big a responsibilities can be and how much work can be done and how much responsibility can be achieved. In order for the party and government leadership to be very responsible, they must keep in mind the trust of the party and the people, step by step, and do a good job in all aspects. Especially in the face of urgent and dangerous tasks, the members of the team should not push, drag, wait, act, and give full play to the role of the role model. The work was wildly popular. It is necessary to firmly establish a correct concept of performance, cultivate the feeling of "do not need to be successful in me", vigorously carry forward the hard-working spirit of obscurity, down-to-earth and hard work, and use solid work to create tangible results. Create a good team with a good style. The style is regular, everyone has the same heart, and everyone has the same career. Excellent work style is a huge force that unites the party and the people, and it is also the fundamental guarantee for advancing all work. For party and government leaders at all levels, it is important to maintain style at all times. Each member of the team must strictly adhere to political ethics, strictly observe party discipline, and consciously refrain from engaging in gangs or gangs. Deceive, conceal, cheat, and always be a politically understandable and honest person. We must persist in developing good work styles, especially hard work, solidarity, not arrogance, and impatientness, and use good work styles to consolidate the positive energy of entrepreneurs. It is necessary to adhere to the rules and regulations, implement the main responsibilities of party style and clean government in an all-round way, strictly implement such systems as democratic centralism, and strive to create a good working atmosphere. (Wang Xueming)

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