Reinventing the local civilization, the top design is very valuable

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In order to effectively curb the old habits of the countryside and establish a new culture of civilization, 11 departments including the Central Agriculture Office, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the Central Organization Department, the Central Propaganda Department, and the Central Civilization Office have recently issued the "Guiding Opinions on Further Promoting the Customs and Building a Civilized Countryside" (Hereinafter referred to as "Guiding Opinions"), to make a comprehensive deployment of the construction of civilized township. Yesterday, the State Council Office held a press conference on the relevant situation of the "Guiding Opinions". The "Guiding Opinions" proposed that through the efforts of 3 to 5 years, the civilized rural customs management mechanism and working system were basically improved. (Beijing Youth Daily October 30)

The country is thriving, and the village style is key. However, in recent years, while the rural economy has improved relatively well, many rural bad habits have not been effectively eliminated, and there is even a trend of further deterioration to some extent. Problems such as sky-high color gifts “ca n’t afford to marry”, luxurious funerals “ca n’t afford to die”, a wide range of gifts of people ’s gifts “ca n’t afford”, filial piety, and “elderly support for the elderly” in rural areas still exist in large numbers, and have become a country-style civilization. One of the major "pain points" and difficulties has attracted the attention and criticism of all parties in the society.

In fact, in recent years, in the face of the lack of local civilization and civilization, the relevant parties have continued to rectify, done a lot of work, and achieved some results. For example, the National Health and Family Planning Commission, the Ministry of Civil Affairs, and other joint issues at the end of 2016, "Opinions on the in-depth promotion of new marriage and childbearing activities during the" Thirteenth Five-Year Plan, "to promote tens of thousands of activities, put forward the idea of simple marriage, oppose arranged marriage, illegal early marriage, Do a lot of things and ask for property by marriage. After the publication of the "Opinions", many localities have issued a number of targeted measures in accordance with this spirit. For example, through the village regulations and the people's agreement, they have clearly required the standards for wedding gifts, banquets, etc. In some rural areas, large-scale and happy events, extravagance and waste have been further curbed.

However, this has not reversed the reality of the rural civilization in the countryside. There are many reasons for this. For example, the formation of a rural civilization is a long and complicated process, and its dissolution also takes time. It is impossible to completely change it in a short time due to the promulgation of a regulation or opinion. However, the author thinks that the more important thing is that we lack a strong and powerful top-level system design as a strong support for the remodeling of rural customs and civilization.

As we all know, for many years, in the face of the lack of local customs and civilizations such as sky-high colored gifts, luxurious funerals, and filial piety, many parts of the country have formulated policies to curb and rectify from different aspects. However, the effects of these systems seem to be not obvious effective. The reason is that, of course, the relevant systems themselves are not scientific, powerful, and weakly enforced. What is more critical is that these systems are individual local regulations, and it is difficult to form a social interaction, co-governance and deterrent effect.

At the same time, the local customs civilization is a complex related existence, such as sky-high colored gifts, luxurious funerals, filial piety, and so on. They seem to exist in isolation, but at a deep level, they have some kind of connection and require comprehensive management. However, the regulations previously issued in some places are often only a correction on one side, and they can not effectively achieve the aggregate effect of related governance. In addition, these systems are often local regulations, and it is easy to form different opinions and public opinions due to various reasons. Obstacles such as concerns cannot form a truly effective governance synergy in a timely manner.

In addition, because these regulations are often a local passive response, they are usually only undertaken by a single local or a small number of departments, and the masses are regarded as the object of governance, but they lack the initiative to play. The effective integration of departments, manpower and other aspects, which makes it difficult to manage the table, the system is not systematic, and the failure to take account of these other issues have further constrained the effectiveness of governance. All this shows and reminds that it is necessary and important to rectify the bad habits of the countryside and reshape the rural civilization, and to design and introduce a comprehensive top-level governance system or opinion.

Under this circumstance, the “Guiding Opinions” jointly issued by 11 departments including the Central Agricultural Office on the basis of prudent and scientific research clearly stated that it is necessary to strengthen the party ’s leadership, adhere to relying on the masses, and rely on the law to reshape rural civilization. Governance by regulations and measures according to local conditions can be said to have solved many weaknesses and deficiencies in the governance of rural civilization in the past. It is a general outline for taking action to govern rural civilization in all parts of the country in the next step. , Affirmation and expectation.

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