Carry out the original intention, fulfill the mission and take a new journey

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Wu Shuling

At present, the theme education of "Don't Forget Your Original Mind and Remember Mission" carried out in the whole party is a major event in the political life of the whole party, and it is another spiritual baptism and purification of the minds of all party members and cadres.

What is the original intention? The original intention is the commitment and conviction that was cherished at the beginning, and the responsibility and responsibility to perform in difficult times. Everything for the people is the starting point of the CPC and the "initial intention" of establishing the party. If you do n’t forget your original heart, you wo n’t forget the vow when you held your right hand high under the party ’s banner; if you did n’t forget your heart, you did n’t forget to throw your head and give your blood to the heroic heroes of the heyday; if you did n’t forget your heart, you did n’t forget the Communists That invariable ideal and conviction that penetrates into the bone marrow and blends into the bloodstream; never forgetting the original intention is to continue to carry forward and carry forward the spirit of "Perseverance, Self-improvement, Forge ahead, Fear of Sacrifice, and Succession".

Do not forget the original intention, and cultivate political concentration in theoretical studies . "If you want to be good at work, you must sharpen your skills first." The theme education of "Don't forget the original intention and keep the mission in mind" is to guide party members and cadres to learn from the original, to cultivate the original intention with theory, to guide the mission with theory, and to strengthen the "four consciousnesses." ", Firm" four self-confidence ", and" two maintenance. " At present, some party members and cadres lack the "calcium" of ideals and convictions. They have forgotten their original intentions, responsibilities and missions, and lived up to the burden of the party and the people. In fact, these are the lack of firm ideals and convictions of the Great Revolution, and the lack of indomitableness The inheritance of the spirit of the Long March marching forward bravely and selflessly, lacking a sense of the overall situation, a sense of alignment, and a fear of party discipline and rules. Party members and cadres must consciously strengthen the study of the spirit of the party ’s constitution and Xi Jinping ’s important speeches, make up the “calcium of spirit”, strengthen the “cultivation of faith”, cast the “spirit of faith”, and keep the standards and bottom lines of Communist Party members doing things to learn Belief, learning and using, and learning and doing, internalize the party's purpose and philosophy to the heart, externalize to the line, do not forget the original intention, and be careful.

Not forgetting the original intention, we must temper the spirit of the Long March in the cultivation of party spirit. Although the Long March has gone, the spirit of the Long March has quenched and sublimated in the times. The Long March is always on the road, as General Secretary Xi Jinping said: "The Long March was the Long March led by the Communist Party of China to seize power. We are now the new Long March in the new era of reform and opening up to achieve the goals of the" two hundred years "struggle. One generation must take the long march of our generation. "Carrying out the theme education of" Don't forget the original heart, keep in mind the mission ", this is another spiritual purification, soul baptism, change of style, and image building of the whole party. An important practice of sex education, more than 90 million party members started a new spiritual journey in the heart. Only by not forgetting our original intentions, working hard and continuing to carry forward the spirit of the Long March, can we take a new long march.

Don't forget your original intention, and you need to light up your party membership in the integration of knowledge and action . "Gong cannot be vanished, and the name must not be faked." The key to staying true to the original heart and not forgetting the people is to implement the action and resolve the concerns, annoyances, and confusion of the people. Serving the people to solve the problem can not be "screaming", but "shoulder up." We must always maintain the spirit of entrepreneurship and pioneering spirit of the officers, take the people's sufferings to heart, carry the party's cause on their shoulders, set the standard of qualified party members, and establish a model image of the pioneers of the party members; Standards constrain oneself, stand firm in front of various temptations, be innocent, and do things cleanly. Regardless of past, present or future, we must always maintain a humble, cautious, non-arrogant, and impatient style, always maintain a hard-working style, be brave in change, innovation, and struggle.

The original heart is like a rock, and the mission is like a mountain; Looking back on the past, we are convinced in the war and artillery. Looking forward to the future, our confidence is multiplied with the support of the party's leadership and the people. Let us continue to strengthen our belief in faith, change the original mind into perseverance, treat mission as life, and root the original faith in the heart, not because of time shift or position. Only by not forgetting the original intention, holding forward the sail with faith, taking action as the great oar of struggle, drawing the source of power from the spirit of the Long March, always maintaining the spirit of struggle and revolution, dare to fight, be good at it, and be firm If the party speaks and walks with the party, and strives hard for all its life, it will make great achievements on the road of the "New Long March." (Author Unit: Organization Department of Chiping County Party Committee)

Editor-in-chief: Huang Jingtong_DW058

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