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· 培育本土人才推进乡村振兴 2019/12 / 31Cultivate local talents to promote rural revitalization
· 让过硬好班子为事业发展保驾护航 2019/12/17 Let the good team escort the career development
· 重塑乡风文明,顶层设计很可贵 2019/11/11 Reshape the rural civilization, the top design is very valuable
· 用“三者承诺”落实四中全会精神 2019/11/11 Implement the spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session with the "three promises"
· 涵养初心践行使命走好新征程 2019/10 / 30Cultivate the beginning of heart, fulfill the mission and take a new journey
· 坚持不忘初心、牢记使命,共筑中国梦 2019/10/28 Persist in not forgetting the original heart, keeping in mind the mission, and build the Chinese dream together
· “三字”诀促“三六八九”落地见效 2019/10/28 "Three-character" tips to promote the "three, six, eight, nine"
· 国之大典凝聚新时代奋进伟力 The ceremony of the country unites the power of the new era
· 牢记总书记殷切嘱托,汇聚力量共筑中国梦 2019/09 / 29Remember the Secretary General's earnest entrustment and gather strength to build the Chinese dream
· 党的领导是新中国70年取得辉煌成就的关键 Party leadership is the key to the glorious achievements of New China in 70 years
· 把奋斗的光辉融进祖国的星座 2019/09 / 17Merge the glory of struggle into the constellation of the motherland
· 当好“大先生”,添彩“中国梦” 2019/09 / 10Become a "Mr. Big" and add color to the "Chinese Dream"
· “学习强国”——让我钟爱有加的精神营养配餐 26/08/2019 “Learning to be a Powerful Country” —— Mental Nutritional Food I Love
· 牢记总书记谆谆教诲,争做新时代的好干部 2019/07/18 Keep in mind the teachings of the General Secretary and strive to be a good cadre in the new era
· 深改教育教学,夯实国民教育之基 2019/07 / 18Deep reform of education and teaching, consolidate the foundation of national education
· 以生命守护“脱贫之花” 2019/07 / 10Guard the "flower of poverty" with life
· 推进自我革命需“走心” 2019/07/10 Promoting self-revolution requires " heartwarming "
· “黑救护车”横行十年,是不知还是不管 2019/07/08 "Black ambulance" has been running for ten years, I don't know or don't care
· 治城市内涝,先治政绩观 2019/07 / 08Tackling urban waterlogging
· 为孩子科学筹划“起跑线” 2019/07/05 Planning the "starting line" for children

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