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Tian Hui

The Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Party put a prominent position on adhering to and perfecting the party's leadership system, emphasizing the need to implement party leadership in all areas and aspects of national governance. The strength of the party comes from organization, and organization can multiply strength. The grass-roots party organization is in the basic position in the organizational system and is the "nerve end" of the party's body. By building a strong "nerve", the party's foundation is stronger and more combative.

The party's grass-roots organizations are political organizations, and are an important carrier for the party's comprehensive leadership to extend to the grassroots. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the Central Committee of the Party has put forward the principle of "adhering to the party's leadership over all work" in response to the problems of ruling the party and weakening, weakening, and marginalizing the grass-roots party organizations. "Top" highlights the extremely important importance of the party's political construction. As the foundation of the party's ruling building, the most basic party organization is to strengthen political construction, and to study and implement Xi Jinping's new era of socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics as the primary political task. To achieve "two maintenance". The party, the government, the army, and the civilian studies, the east, the south, the north, and the south, the party leads everything. It is necessary to strengthen political leadership, strengthen the party organization's political leadership over social grassroots organizations in various fields, lead various organizations to adhere to the party's leadership and act under the banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and turn the party organization's intentions into the effectiveness of various organizations participating in grassroots governance. Measures to build grass-roots party organizations into a strong battle fortress to propagate the party's ideas, implement party decisions, lead grass-roots governance, mobilize the masses, and promote reform and development.

Strengthening the construction of grassroots organizations is to establish a clear direction from all work to the branch. The party branch is the basic organization of the party. Our party has always attached great importance to the building of branches. From the beginning of the party's establishment, it has grown from more than 50 party members to become the world's largest party with more than 90 million party members and more than 4.6 million grass-roots party organizations. All the achievements made have been related to Tens of thousands of party branches are inseparable from the strong support. Based on giving play to the main role of the party branch, we must vigorously carry out the standardization, standardization, and informatization of grass-roots party organizations, and set standards in four aspects: organizational setup, leadership building, funding guarantee, and venues for activities. Mechanisms, serving the masses, party building responsibilities, and work tasks are regulated in six areas, specifying what and how Party branches should be seized. It is necessary to build and make good use of the "wisdom party building platform", promote the organic integration of grassroots party building traditional advantages and information technology, expand the party's work coverage, and realize "where party members are, party branch construction will follow up."

General Secretary Xi Jinping has repeatedly emphasized that "the more the socialist cause with Chinese characteristics moves forward, the more it needs to gather the broadest forces." People's hearts are united. " Only when the grass-roots party organizations are rooted in the masses can they obtain a strong cohesiveness and combat effectiveness. We must keep in mind our original intention and mission, take serving the people and benefit the people as the starting point and end point of grassroots governance, transform the party's political and organizational advantages into development advantages, and continuously enhance the people's sense of gain, happiness, and security to win The support and trust of the masses. It is necessary to mobilize the masses to the greatest extent, build a grass-roots governance system with unified leadership of party organizations, active coordination of various organizations, and extensive participation of the people, and better unite the forces of all parties.

It is the key to strengthen party building and to reverse the responsibility system for party building work. Only by compacting and consolidating the main responsibility of the party's construction work can we manage the party truly, manage the party strictly, and the grass-roots party organizations can be full of vitality and stronger. Focusing on "clear responsibilities, fulfilling responsibilities, assessing responsibilities, and holding accountants", we must strive to build a strict and powerful grassroots party building work responsibility system. In terms of clear and explicit responsibilities, develop a list of responsibilities for grass-roots party building work with full coverage of the main body at different levels, industries, and categories; in terms of effective performance of responsibilities, make specific provisions on conferences, contact points, conversations, research, etc., and form work progress Mechanism; in the precise assessment of responsibilities, the comprehensive application of the "six-in-one" grassroots party building evaluation method of special job description, democratic evaluation, patrol and inspection, online evaluation, policy testing, and characteristic evaluation, and carry out the daily supervision of "plug in to the end" Establish a comprehensive evaluation and supervision mechanism by examining and evaluating informationization methods; in the strict accountability, further clarify the accountability situation, the main body and the procedures, and promote the formation of a clear direction of "assessment of cadres for party building and appointment of cadres for party building" .

(The author is the member of the Standing Committee of the Yingtan Municipal Committee of Jiangxi Province and the director of the Organization Department)

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