High-quality party building leads high-quality development of enterprises

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Original title: High-quality Party Building Leads High-quality Development of Enterprises

Zhao Ping

● Party organizations are the core of leadership and politics of state-owned enterprises. The role of party organizations in state-owned enterprises is brought down to one point: the direction, the overall situation, and the guarantee of implementation.

● To do a good job of party building in state-owned enterprises, the key lies in building a high-quality party member and cadre team in state-owned enterprises. We must adhere to the selection of talents as a key and fundamental issue to promote the reform and development of state-owned enterprises and establish a correct employment orientation.

General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that adhering to the party's leadership and strengthening party building is the glorious tradition of our state-owned enterprises, the "root" and "soul" of state-owned enterprises, and the unique advantages of our state-owned enterprises. State-owned enterprises are an important material and political foundation of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and an important pillar and relying force for our party to govern and rejuvenate the country. In recent years, as a central enterprise managed by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, China Coal Geological Administration has worked hard to play the role of “national team” and “pioneer” in the coal and chemical geological prospecting industry. Implement the spirit of the national state-owned enterprise party construction work conference, adhere to the party's requirements to manage the party and administer the party rigorously, and persistently promote the party-building work of state-owned enterprises, and actively explore high-quality party building to lead the company's high-quality development.

Strengthen the foundation and improve the quality of party building work. "The elders who seek wood must solidify their roots." The party's grass-roots organizations are the foundation of the party's overall work and combat effectiveness. The development and growth of state-owned enterprises must first grasp the grassroots level and lay the foundation to improve the quality of party building. Strengthen the foundation of thought. Take studying and implementing Xi Jinping's new era of socialist thought with Chinese characteristics as the first political task, work hard to learn and practice, and guide the majority of party members and cadres to establish "four consciousness", firm "four self-confidence", and resolutely achieve "two "Maintenance", solidify the ideological foundation, and strengthen political identity. We must uphold the party's unwavering leadership over state-owned enterprises, and ensure that the party and state policies and major deployments are implemented in state-owned enterprises. Tighten the foundation of the organization. Party organizations are the core of leadership and politics of state-owned enterprises. The role of party organizations in state-owned enterprises is brought down to one point: the direction, the overall situation, and the guarantee of implementation. It is necessary to clarify the powers, responsibilities, and working methods of party organizations in all aspects of decision-making, implementation, and supervision, so that party organizations can play their role in organization, institutionalization, and concreteness, and resolutely prevent the "two skins" of enterprise development and enterprise party building. It is necessary to unify the strengthening of the party's leadership and improve the corporate governance structure, embed the corporate party organization into the corporate governance structure, clarify and implement the legal status of the party organization in the corporate legal person governance structure, and improve the implementation of "two-way entry, cross-servicing The leadership system implements the "single shoulder" of the chairman and the party committee secretary, writes the general requirements for party building work into the company's articles of association, and clarifies that the party committee's research and discussion is a pre-procedure for major issues of decision-making by the board of directors and managers, so as to ensure the organization and implementation of cadres Clear responsibilities and strict supervision. Without a certain coverage, it is difficult to achieve practical results in party building. It is necessary to focus on training business backbones into party members, training party members into business backbones, transferring party member backbones to important positions, and selecting outstanding party members who are "three-understanding, three-competitive, and three-strong" to be elected to the posts of grass-roots secretaries. In the form of "joining, building, co-creating, and creating", the coverage of the grass-roots party organizations will be expanded so that wherever the construction project goes, the branch will be built, and the role of the party member's pioneer model and the role of the party branch's fighting fortress will be played. Improve the institutional system. The system is fundamental. The key to strengthening the foundation and strengthening the foundation and improving the quality of party building lies in strengthening the system. To this end, our bureau has revised and improved the learning system of the Party Committee's central group, the rules of procedure of the Party Committee, regular meetings and reporting systems for party building work, improved the implementation of the party building work responsibility system, strengthened the party building work responsibility system assessment, and gave full play to the "baton" role of assessment and evaluation, Responsibilities changed from "soft tasks" to "hard indicators", transforming the advantages of party building work into the advantages of enterprise development.

Select talents and talents and build a team of high-quality cadres. "The key to success is people." To do a good job of party building in state-owned enterprises, the key lies in building a high-quality party member and cadre team in state-owned enterprises. We must adhere to the selection of talents as a key and fundamental issue to promote the reform and development of state-owned enterprises, and establish a correct employment orientation. Highlight political standards and focus on practical guidance. Fully implement the party's organizational line in the new era, strengthen the building of leading cadres and talents, promptly select talented people who have grown up in practice to the leadership positions of state-owned enterprises, and train qualified and clean corporate cadres to become politically competent, ethical, and honest. The party's governing backbone in the economic field. Strictly implement the principle of party management of cadres, and in accordance with the requirements of state-owned enterprise leaders who are "loyal to the party, courageous to innovation, good governance, prosperous enterprises, and honest and honest", complete and perfect the rules for the selection and employment of enterprises, and further regulate motion nominations, Organize inspection, discussion and decision-making procedures, and select a team of high-quality professional coal chemical geological prospecting cadres who are loyal and clean. Insist on the combination of introduction and training, cultivate and reserve a batch of reserve cadres in important management positions and production lines, and focus on introducing a group of high-quality cadres who understand management and good management. Strengthen practical exercises to improve the ability to perform duties. "The flowers in the greenhouse are not big enough to grow a horse in the stable." Encourage the majority of cadres to exercise in key positions, and practice in the factory floor and production and operation front lines, so that they can grow and grow. Guide the majority of cadres to actively participate in the construction of the "Three Earths", rely on geological survey technology, comprehensively strengthen the exploration of underground space, and participate in the construction of "transparent earth"; rely on disaster management and environmental restoration technology as the pioneers of ecological civilization construction, Dedicated to the construction of a "beautiful earth"; relying on geographic information technology to comprehensively build a geological information industry platform and participate in the construction of a "digital earth". It is necessary to support the active integration of cadres into the national development strategy, actively coordinate the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei coordinated development and the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, assist in the construction of the "Belt and Road" initiative, seek cooperation, and seek new directions for enterprise development. Improve the incentive mechanism to release the kinetic energy of the officers. Adhere to the "career first", "have a promising place", implement "dare to take responsibility" in all aspects of selecting and employing people, make full use of the comprehensive assessment of the leadership team and leading cadres, focus on the results of research, and comprehensive "know people" to promote effective "good" "Len", let those cadres who work hard and complain relentlessly, those cadres that can be seen at a critical moment, and those whose major tasks can stand up to them, and those who have a clear personality, adhere to principles, and dare to fight have a stage, a promising future, and a motivated one. Reasonable delineation of fault tolerance, delineation of an acceptable "edge line" and a resolute "red line" and "bottom line" will boost the spirit and energy of cadres and let them release their hands and feet of officers and start their own businesses. Promote positive energy, select a group of moral models, geological pioneers, innovative experts, professional models, management pacesetters, and corporate artisans, use advanced models to lead the progress of the people around them, and create a good atmosphere for officers and entrepreneurs.

Enabling innovation to drive high-quality development of enterprises. Innovation is an important way to improve the quality of party building. Party building leads the high-quality development of enterprises, and it is inseparable from the innovative development of party building work. We must adhere to the problem orientation, speed up the innovation of party building, and promote the development of enterprises with party building innovation. Create a party-building brand and strengthen carrier innovation. Deepen the establishment of the "Branch on the project, the party flag floats on the construction site" brand building of the party building, play a leading role of party members and party branches in the process of project production management, environmental quality, safe production, secondary operations, harmonious construction, and overcoming difficulties. The role of battle fortress, to achieve a deep integration of party building and production and operation. In-depth development of branch standardization and standardization, and grasping the implementation of major tasks as a touchstone to test the organization of grassroots party organizations. Work hard on "themed party day +", make practical use of the "themed party day + enterprise-land joint construction", "themed party day + technical research" and other means to explore flexible, diverse and rich themed party day activities to make the theme Party Day has a stronger "Party Taste" and a more "Umami Flavor", and has become a position for party members to learn about politics, a platform for exchange of ideas, and a bridge serving the masses. Respect the pioneering spirit and promote practical innovation. Focus on exploring new ways and methods to strengthen the party building of state-owned enterprises from the innovative practices of grass-roots party organizations and party members and cadres, summarize and refine new experiences and new measures, and concentrate on solving the problems of weak and weak grass-roots organizations and lack of main responsibility. The organizational strength of the party organization promotes the comprehensive progress and soundness of grassroots organizations. Strengthen supervision and management and promote institutional innovation. Yan is love, pine is harm. We must persist in putting political supervision in the first place, rigorously clarify the party ’s political discipline and political rules, strengthen supervision of fulfilling duties and performing duties, and urge cadres to carry forward the spirit of struggle, strengthen their ability to fight, overcome difficulties, and pay close attention to implementation; Careful daily supervision, grasp early and small, prevent micro-duration. We will deepen the reform of the discipline inspection and supervision system and mechanism, expand regional dispatching pilots, set up discipline inspection commissions of the General Administration of Discipline Inspection Commissions in Beijing, Guizhou, Nanjing, and Wuhan, and be fully responsible for the supervision and discipline accountability of units at all levels in the region. Give full play to the role of the Supervisory Committee, do a good job of supervision and inspection on rectification of problems found during inspections, and coordinate and coordinate the work of discipline supervision, cadre supervision, audit supervision, financial supervision, legal supervision, and democratic supervision of employees to form a concerted effort to promote the formation of a clean and upright spirit Good ecology.

China Coal Geological Administration will more steadfastly draw from the party's glorious journey, forge ahead with the strength of the party, more steadfastly light the beacon of faith in the party's great cause, and more steadfastly become a society with Chinese characteristics in the new era of Xi Jinping The loyal practitioners of the doctrine of the doctrine of the mind, move forward without forgetting the beginning, and open up the future in the mission.

(The author is the secretary and director of the Party Committee of China Coal Geology Administration)

Editor-in-chief: Liu Di_DW087

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