Create a new pattern of rural governance

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Original Title: Creating a New Pattern of Rural Governance

Chen Lingen

The Fourth Plenary Session of the Nineteenth Central Committee of the Communist Party of China proposed to "improve the grass-roots governance system combining the autonomy, rule of law, and rule of morality under the leadership of the party organization" to orient the pulse of grass-roots governance in the new era. Rural governance is the cornerstone of national governance. We must adhere to the leadership of party building, give full play to the role of autonomy, "run silent," rule of law, "determination of divisions and disputes," rule of virtue, and "spring and rain." Speed up the formation of party committee leadership, mass participation, guarantee of the rule of law, and technological support. New pattern of rural governance.

Adhere to the leadership of party building and consolidate the foundation of rural governance. The strength of the party comes from the organization. To strengthen rural governance, it is necessary to highlight and strengthen the leadership of town and village party organizations, pay attention to the role of rural grid branch fortresses, the vanguard role of party members and group leaders, vigorously implement the "Leading Wild Goose Project", and improve the autonomy of the leaders of grass-roots party organizations. Moral ethics, build a team of rural cadres who stress politics, good governance, and service. It is necessary to continue to strengthen the village-level collective economy, adhere to the combination of "blood transfusion + hematopoietic", promote resource integration and group development, maximize the use of rural resources, and consolidate the material foundation for civilian affairs. It is necessary to deepen the "meeting of the grid and group services", relying on the grid branch and party pioneers, and promote the "leaders into the grid, cadres, village groups, and party members and farmers" to ensure that the party's organization is fully embedded in the grassroots governance network to ensure that "Little things don't go out of the village, big things don't go out of town, and contradictions are not turned in."

Enrich the discussion carrier, and unblock the channels for mass participation in governance. The improvement of rural governance is inseparable from the participation of party members and the masses. It is necessary to increase the vitality of self-government, and actively build a platform led by the people ’s parliamentary committees, led by the village party organization secretary, and participate in the governance of the masses, so that the masses can “speak, discuss, and act as principals”. It is necessary to strengthen the protection by the rule of law, establish a rural legal service group, strengthen publicity and education on the rule of law, improve rural legal services, guide the masses to comply with the law, learn the law, abide by the law, use the law, express appeals, resolve disputes, and safeguard rights and interests in accordance with the law. It is necessary to uphold morals and uphold morals, to deeply explore the moral power in rural society, to convene prestigious old party members, senior cadres, moral models, etc. to form a township counselor's council and a morality judging panel, and to formulate village rules and covenants to educate and guide the people to love the party Patriotic, faithful and trustworthy, diligent and frugal, and strengthen the soft power of rural development.

Make good use of technical means to strengthen the transformation of rural governance results. The ultimate goal of improving rural governance is to continuously enhance the sense of gain, happiness, and security of the masses. We must adhere to the "Internet +" thinking, use modern information technology represented by big data, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence, take the online mass line, grasp the public sentiment in real time, dynamically assess social risks, accurately respond to mass demands, and strive to build online party groups. "Lianxinqun". We must adhere to the "financial +" thinking, develop and customize financial products such as "Sanzhixin Agricultural Loan", comprehensively analyze the people's fine family style, moral literacy, and neighborhood reputation and other factors, and provide unsecured, unsecured pure credit loans with different limits, Effectively solve the problems of difficult credit evaluation and public loans.

(The author is the member of the Standing Committee of the Tongxiang Municipal Committee of Zhejiang Province and the director of the Organization Department)

Editor-in-chief: Liu Di_DW087

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