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· 以务实举措推进城市基层党建创新 2020/01 / 03Promote party building innovation in urban grassroots with pragmatic measures
· 凝聚乡村振兴人才合力 2020/01/03 Cohesion of talents for rural revitalization
· 发挥师范类高校优势做好资政育人工作 2019/12 / 31Using the advantages of normal colleges to do a good job of asset management and education
· 厚培“中国之治”根基 2019/12 / 30Hou Pei "Governance of China" Foundation
· 开创乡村治理新格局 Create a new pattern of rural governance
· 高质量党建引领企业高质量发展 2019/12 / 30High- quality party building leads high-quality development of enterprises
· 创新推进新时代人才工作奋力开创人才工作新局面 2019/12 / 30Innovate to promote talent work in the new era Strive to create a new situation in talent work
· 探索基层治理新路径 2019/12/30 Exploring new paths for grassroots governance
· 以务实创新激发治理效能 2019/12 / 30Inspiring governance effectiveness with pragmatic innovation
· 讲好中国治理故事 2019/12/30 Tell a good story on Chinese governance
· 走好主题教育“长征路” 2019/12/24 Take the theme education "Long March Road"
· 创新体制机制集聚四方之才 2019/12 / 24Innovation system and mechanism gather the talents of the Quartet
· “动态清零”整顿软弱涣散 12/12/2019 “Dynamic Zeroing” rectifies weakness
· 用好人才资源配置的“两只手” 2019/12 / 12Use the "two hands" of talent resource allocation
· 凝聚社会治理最大公约数 2019/12 / 12Cohesion of the largest common denominator of social governance
· 让干部围着群众转 Let cadres turn around the masses
· 健全完善选贤任能制度机制 2019/12 / 12Improve the system of selecting talents
· 构建践行初心使命长效机制 2019/12 / 12Build a long-term mechanism to fulfill the mission of the original intention
· 锻造作风过硬的干部队伍凝聚高质量发展磅礴力量 2019/12 / 12The forging cadre team with strong style condenses high-quality development majestic strength
· 将制度植于心践于行 Embed the system in your heart and practice it

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