The large-scale centralized questioning of Shijiazhuang Children's College set off a new climax before the end of the year

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Hebei Communist Party member network (reporter Cui Jianxiong correspondent Liu Mingyang) is facing a critical period of end-of-year and early-year planning in various current tasks. The "three-deepening, three-upgrading" efficiency revolution, the school made full use of the end of the year, combined with key work, launched a tough battle, implemented a major challenge, and set off a new climax of centralized inquiry.

Attaching great importance to strengthening leadership and ensuring that activities are carried out solidly

The Shijiazhuang Children's College attaches great importance to the organization and leadership of the "dual questioning" campaign as an important guarantee to ensure the effectiveness of the event, and strives to work hard, carefully, solidly and effectively. The party committee focused on large-scale centralized accounting work. The meeting learned the significance of large-scale centralized accounting activities before the end of the year. It arranged and deployed the whole school's activities. The school leaders actively planned for it, commanded and dispatched in advance, and arranged carefully. Grasping one level at a time, implementing it layer by layer. The school's "dual questioning" leading group is responsible for activities supervision, situation synthesis, and other tasks to ensure the smooth progress of the work.

Combining actual and extensive mobilization to ensure the steady progress of activities

In accordance with the requirements of the Office of the Leading Group of the "Dual Questions" activity in Shijiazhuang, our school has formulated the "Notice of the Leading Group of" Dual Questions "on the implementation of large-scale centralized inquiry activities before the end of the year", List of Planning Activities "and" Ask for Comments on Planning ". All departments are required to attach great importance to putting the questioning activities on the important agenda, drawing out a list of key questions, and clarifying the responsible persons and time limits of each questioning task. Various departments carry out inquiry activities in the form of on-site visits, requests for advice, and report discussions, etc., to better and better win the support of the higher authorities for the work of our school. The members of the leadership team should personally visit and contact the departmental comrades of the counterparts; the heads of various departments should personally visit and contact the responsible comrades of the department of the counterparts.

Grasp the key points and target them to ensure the effectiveness of the event

Shijiazhuang Children's College combines the reality with the opportunity to learn the spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the People's Republic of China. The focus of the question is on upgrading majors such as undergraduate, professional certification, training programs, land certificates, cooperation with Hebei Normal University, counterpart admission examination group examinations and other key tasks, tracking and mastering policies issued by the state and the government, keeping an eye on the rules, and effectively undertaking , Make good use of the policy, use it, and use it up. School leaders continued to increase their efforts to run upwards and communicate. On December 20, Secretary Yuan Yangang and President Yang Fengyong personally went to the Provincial Education Department's Development Planning Office, Vocational Education and Adult Education Office, Basic Education Office, Political Office, International Exchange Office. And other departments, docked with the heads of various departments to understand the latest policy developments and strive to grasp the opportunities. All departments concentrated their efforts to accurately grasp the superior policies and seek more policy support. A total of 233,700 yuan was obtained for the project; the key points of the survey were combined with the department's key work and plans, and discussions, surveys, and door-to-door visits were used to solicit the opinions and suggestions of teachers and staff on the development of Shijiazhuang Junior College. After sorting and summarizing, we carried out more than 23 downward surveys and carefully studied the opinions and suggestions solicited to ensure that the activities achieved tangible results. Ask the experts and colleagues at the same time, and ask experts, such as Huo Liyan, Dean of the Preschool Education College of Beijing Normal University, to keep track of the latest policies and development trends of preschool education. Ask members of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Preschool Education Union Chairman Unit, such as the School of Preschool Education of Hebei Normal University, the School of Education of Tangshan Teachers College, and the School of Education of Xingtai University, to ask the Shijiazhuang Preschool to make better use of the role of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Preschool Education Union and accelerate the construction Comments and suggestions.

The large-scale centralized questioning activity before the end of the year is to ask for higher-level units' guidance and help for our school's work plan, task promotion, and major issues next year; it is to absorb and adopt rationalization suggestions and implement them for effective results. The Shijiazhuang Children's College regards this activity as a serious political task, combines the work responsibilities and innovative activity carrier, and surrounds the development goals of the Shijiazhuang Children's College to lay a solid foundation and provide strong support for the sound and rapid development of the provincial capital.

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