Shijiazhuang City's Wucheng District Market Supervision and Administration takes standardization as the starting point to promote the improvement of the food production concentrated area (Gongmen)

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Hebei Communist Party member network (reporter Cui Jianxiong correspondent Hu Zixuan) Since this year, the Shijiazhuang Wucheng District Market Supervision and Administration Bureau has carried out solid food production in accordance with the provincial government ’s “Double Creation and Double Service” key work arrangements for 2019 and the provincial food production concentrated areas meeting the key points. Governance and improvement work in concentrated areas (miya noodles), focusing on solving outstanding problems and hidden dangers in production and operation, improving the quality assurance capabilities of food production enterprises, sounded the horn of high-quality development of the noodle industry.

The first is to set standards and grasp standards. In accordance with the "Food Safety Law", "Key Points for Food Production Concentration Areas in Hebei Province", "General Hygienic Norms for Food Production", etc., the Bureau has formulated the "Quality Improvement Standards for Palace Noodle Manufacturers in Wucheng District" and requires 16 palace noodle manufacturers in the region. 7 small workshops comprehensively carried out improvement and improvement in accordance with the standards, standardized the production enterprises in the concentrated area to meet the requirements of personnel management, equipment management, material management, system management, environmental sanitation management, and unified supervision and publicity, namely the "six unifications". Through special rectifications such as comprehensive environmental sanitation, improvement of regional product governance, prevention and mitigation of risks, repeated supervision and inspection of palace enterprises, and suspension of production and rectification for failure to meet standards.

The second is precise management and promotion. In order to improve the effectiveness of supervision, the Bureau organized production company leaders and quality leaders to hold interviews and business training meetings, arrange regional governance improvement work priorities in 2019, and put forward regulatory requirements; hire inspection companies to label food labels Special training on relevant requirements, food inspection, etc., and organized a free food labeling inspection activity to ensure that the food of the enterprise was detected, detected, and accurately detected, and urged the enterprise to strictly control the inspection of the food factory. Supervise enterprises to establish and improve the food quality traceability system to realize the traceability of food from raw materials and auxiliary materials purchase to food factory sales information. At present, all palace enterprises have implemented form record management, and one palace enterprise has installed an electronic traceability system based on the existing paper traceability to implement full electronic traceability.

The third is advanced benchmarking and promotion. In order to further promote the improvement of governance, the bureau carried out typical demonstration and cultivation activities in palace production enterprises in the region, and set a benchmark for internal management standards, strict system implementation, and excellent product quality. This year, the Shijiazhuang City Market Supervision Bureau ’s food production agglomeration district governance improvement work site meeting was held in this district. More than 60 people from comrades in charge of food production supervision in various counties and urban areas and representatives of palace production enterprises learned the "Information compilation of governance and improvement work", went deep into the factory area and checked the operation of raw materials procurement, production control, product delivery, etc. of the palace noodle enterprises, consulted the food production management system, the company's various books, archives and other content. Through on-site observation and on-the-spot learning, the effect of mutual learning and mutual improvement has been achieved.

The fourth is to set up associations and grasp self-discipline. The Bureau organized palace enterprises to set up industry associations to regulate the implementation of industry production standards through industry associations, strengthen industry self-discipline, further improve the efficiency of industry supervision, and ensure regional product quality and safety. At present, according to the characteristics of the palace noodle industry, the group standards of the palace noodles have been formulated and approved for implementation by higher authorities. This has laid a solid foundation for further standardizing palace noodle production operations, improving the quality of palace noodles, and creating a unique palace noodle industry.

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