Bus volunteers donate cotton donations to give warmth

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The picture shows a group photo of volunteers participating in the "Civilized Bus, Love Man Homeland-Love the Winter Solstice". Reporter Huang Jingtong / Photo

Hebei Communist Party Network News (Reporter Huang Jingtong) December 22, 2019 is the winter solstice in the 24 solar terms. At 7 o'clock in the morning, the sky is still not bright, and the outdoor temperature is about 4 °. More than 10 volunteers from Shijiazhuang Bus and their children have gathered together at this time. They are busy carrying out the activities of “Civilized Bus, Love Manyuan—Love Warm Winter Solstice”, organize their cotton and down jackets, pack their shoes, Good rice noodle oil, bring a full case of laundry detergent, can not forget the most important gift-dumplings. The winter solstice is warm and the dumplings are warming. They want to let six special families in Tiancun Village, Xuting Township, Zanhuang County, have a warm and unforgettable winter solstice, and let them feel the warmth from Shijiazhuang bus.

Nearly sixty years old Shang Xudong is an lonely old man in the village. Seeing the loving supplies sent by the volunteers, Shang Xudong's eyes were wet: "On a cold day, you still remember me, thank you so much. "Volunteers asked the elderly about their physical condition and living conditions and chatted with them, hoping that they would remain optimistic and strengthen their confidence in life. Volunteers also help the elderly to clean the yard, clean the room, and clean the windows.

When volunteers were leaving, the elderly Mr. Shang Xudong reluctantly asked them to bring their own walnuts, and said, "You are your uncle's relatives!"

The picture shows a kind conversation between volunteers and poor households. Reporter Huang Jingtong / Photo

Mo Li, deputy secretary of the party branch of the Shijiazhuang Bus Three-way Fleet, said that during a two-hour visit, they sent six poor families a total of 5,000 yuan worth of daily necessities.

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