Expected salary of undergraduate employment is 6884 yuan per month

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Expected salary of undergraduate employment is 6884 yuan per month

Universities are still important positions for corporate recruitment. "Stable" state-owned enterprises are still preferred by college students

By Yan Durong, media reporter Yang Jiawei, cartography / Guo Ziliang

In 2019, the number of Chinese university graduates reached 8.34 million, an increase of 140,000 from last year, reaching a record high. A large number of "post-95s" and even "post-00s" began to understand and contact the workplace, and will become the main force of the future workplace. Recently, Zhilian Recruitment released the "2019 China's Best Employer Selection Report" (hereinafter referred to as the report) shows that compared with the recruitment scale of enterprises in the past two years, in 2018, each enterprise recruited an average of 214 college students, and in 2019 this number reached 298 People, universities are still important positions for corporate recruitment.

Internet company

High attention from college students

The report shows that in 2019, the scale of corporate campus recruitment has increased, and the companies participating in the "Most Undergraduate Concerned Employer" award have recruited an average of 298 fresh graduates, an increase of more than 80 from 2018. At the same time, nearly 14% of companies have more than half of the company's Recruitment budgets are invested in campus recruitment. 96% of enterprises have set up internship positions for college students, and 33% of companies have provided more than 50 internship positions for college students. The tentacles of corporate talent reserves have gradually extended to the campus.

In the end, Alibaba Group, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., Tencent Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., Microsoft (China) Co., Ltd., Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Co., Ltd., Beijing BYTE Beat Network Technology Co., Ltd., Huaxia Happiness Foundation Co., Ltd., and Vanke Ten companies including Enterprise Co., Ltd., Starbucks China, and Bank of China Co., Ltd. were honored with the title of "Most Undergraduate Concerned Employer" and became young employers living in the "future."

According to Zhang Xiaojin, a human resources expert recruited by Zhilian, from the list of companies that attracted the most attention from college students, Internet companies still have the highest proportion. Large companies such as Alibaba, Tencent, and Huawei still receive special attention from college students.

Fair and humane employer

Favored by college students

The report shows that as a younger generation who has been exposed to the Internet and various new ideas, college students have more information and methods of acquiring information, and their values are more diverse and individual. Facing this group, companies need to understand their concepts and demands, attract talents in a way that they can more easily accept, and realize the iterative update and common development of enterprises and talents.

Through comparisons over the years, it is found that respect for employees has been evaluated by college students for years as the primary characteristic that an ideal employer needs to possess, and the principle of fair and just employment has been increasingly valued by college students. This shows that college students are more willing to serve fair and humane employers.

The award-winning companies actively catered to the post-95 career development demands, only to stand out from the 50,096 companies, gain recognition from the majority of college students, and gain the loyalty of these young forces. The survey data shows that the retention rate of university students in award-winning companies is 94.9%, which is nearly 10 percentage points higher than that of last year, while the retention rate of university students in non-winning companies is only 74.8%.

College students start pursuing "stability" and high pay

The college student group has just entered the society, and its own independence and ability to resist risks are weak. It is more sensitive to changes in the environment. In order to avoid future employment risks, job selection preferences have also changed accordingly. In this year's selection, the state-owned enterprises surpassed foreign companies and private enterprises for the first time with a voting rate of 26.4%, and became the most ideal place for university students. The government / public institution followed closely with a support rate of 24.8%. The stronger advantages of the system and system guarantee the state-owned enterprises to stand out in the general environment and become the "golden rice bowl" of solid gold.

In terms of expected salaries, college students also issued higher price codes this year, further raising salary expectations to 6,884 yuan per month, which is 354 yuan higher than in 2018. In terms of gender, the expected income of men is 7,105 yuan per month, and the expected income of women is 6,720 yuan, a difference of 385 yuan.

According to Zhang Xiaojin, college students, as the most powerful human resources in the future, are also an important driving force for enterprises to achieve sustainable development and growth. While practicing internal skills, enterprises also need to improve their ability to adapt to the external environment, withstand the test of time and environment, and provide conditions for attracting and retaining talent.

Editor-in-chief: Zhang Xiaoming_DW068

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