Zhang Yuguang: Shirtless against the enemy and protect the mountains and rivers

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On July 17, 1905, Zhang Yuguang was born on the west side of Qinglong Bridge in Jinan City, according to Chasi Street. His original name was Zhang Shuyi, and his nickname was Yu Guang. In 1924, Zhang Yuguang was admitted to the Department of Mathematics of Beijing Normal University. In addition to studying in school, Zhang Yuguang also actively participated in revolutionary struggles. He had participated in the "March 18" patriotic movement led by Li Dazhao and joined the Kuomintang in the struggle.

In 1927, Zhang Yuguang went south to Guangzhou and joined the Northern Expedition, returning to Lu with the army the following year. Soon, because he despised the darkness of the Kuomintang Party, government, and military circles, he resigned angrily and resigned from the Kuomintang Party Department into the education world. He successively served as a teacher at Peiping Shandong Middle School, Tongfu Middle School, and headmaster of Tai'an Shandong Provincial Third Middle School. In October 1928, he was supervised by the Education Department of Shandong Province.

In June 1929, under the influence of the underground party of the Communist Party of China, the progressive teachers and students of Qufu Shandong Provincial Second Normal School (Qufu Second Division) staged a one-act historical drama "Zi Jian Nan Zi", which triggered anti-imperialist anti-feudalism that shocked China and foreign countries. "Zi Jian Nan Zi" case. When Zhang Yuguang participated in the mediation, he firmly supported the struggle for progressive students.

In February 1930, Zhang Yuguang became the principal of Qufu Second Normal University and concurrently served as a member of the Shandong Provincial Primary School Teachers Committee. He reformed the teaching content, hired progressive teachers, supported students to carry out progressive activities, and soon formed a team of teachers with Communist Party members and left-wing teachers as the core.

After the September 18th Incident, Zhang Yuguang strongly supported teachers and students' anti-Japanese demands and launched various forms of anti-Japanese and national salvation activities. In mid-December 1931, the Qufu Second Normal University Student Union and Lunan Seventh School formed a 2,000-member southward petition group, lying on the railroad in Luzhou to intercept the car, and went to the Nanjing National Government to petition against Japan. The struggle of the Second Division of Qufu shook Lunan and became an important position for the activities of the Communist Party of Shandong. It was known as "Little Moscow".

The rising revolutionary atmosphere of the Qufu Second Division gradually attracted the attention and hatred of the reactionary forces. Qufu, Surabaya, Luzhou and other Kuomintang counties and party departments jointly sued the KMT Shandong Provincial Government for hiding and defending the Communist Party. In May 1932, the provincial government ordered Zhang Yuguang to be wanted. At this point, Zhang Yuguang had fled to Japan in Qingdao.

In Japan, Zhang Yuguang was admitted to the Department of Education and Research at Tokyo Imperial University to study educational science with concentration. After returning to China in 1934, he taught at Beijing Normal University as a lecturer in the Department of Education.

After the "One, Two, Nine" Movement broke out in 1935, Zhang Yuguang joined the "Beiping Teachers' Salvation Federation" led by the Chinese Communist Party's Beiping Municipal Party Committee and was elected as the Executive Committee. In the spring of 1937, Peng Zhen, Minister of Organization of the North Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, convened the leaders of the salvation groups in Pingjin to set up a "North China Salvation Federation." After the "July 7 Incident", Zhang Yuguang, acting as a representative of the North China Salvation Federation, used his influence in the education sector in Shandong to go to Jinan to push the education sector in Shandong to fight the war.

In 1938, Zhang Yuguang and a large number of Communist Party members and cadres went to Liaocheng to assist the Kuomintang's patriotic general Fan Zhuxian in the war. Zhang Yuguang used his influence to actively carry out united front work, which strongly promoted the establishment and development of the anti-Japanese base area in northwestern Shandong. In June 1938, according to Zhou Enlai's instructions, the Shandong Provincial Party Committee of the Communist Party of China absorbed Zhang Yuguang as a Communist Party member.

On November 12, 1938, the 114th Division of the Japanese invaders colluded with the traitors to attack Liaocheng, and Fan Zhuxian led his troops to fight. Zhang Yuguang, who assisted Fan Zhu's resistance to the enemy, had broken out of the city. Later, he found that Fan Zhu was still in the city and returned to the city without hesitation to continue the battle. On the 15th, the Japanese invaders broke, and Zhang Yuguang and 7 others fought barefoot against the enemy. They were brutally killed by the Japanese invaders. They were only 33 years old.

(Source: Provincial Department of Veterans)

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