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Xinhua News Agency, Chongqing, December 26 (Reporter Zhou Wentao) When the lives of the people were seriously threatened, he did not hesitate to fight the gangsters and used his life to fulfill the vow of "Don't be afraid of danger, come forward" He is the former Chief of the Fire Protection Section of the Public Security Bureau of Chongqing Administration of Civil Aviation, Zhou Linzhi.

Zhou Linzhi was born in Pengxi County, Sichuan Province in 1948. He joined the public security firefighting unit in April 1969. He joined the Communist Party of China in July 1971. He successively served as the soldier of the No. 1 Squadron, the leader of the No. 4 Squadron, and the deputy head of the Fire Protection Section of the Jiangbei Branch of the Chongqing Public Security. 1990 In September 1997, he was transferred to the position of Chief of the Police and Fire Division of the Public Security Department of the Sichuan Administration of Civil Aviation. In May 1997, he served as the Chief of the Fire Protection Division of the Public Security Bureau of the Chongqing Administration of Civil Aviation.

Since participating in public security work in 1969, Zhou Linzhi has been working hard, performing his duties, and devoting himself to the firefighting industry for 30 years. He has been repeatedly rated as an advanced worker and an excellent Communist Party member.

At 21:50 on June 13, 1999, more than a dozen gangsters carrying knives teased women in the civil aviation family courtyard of Jiangbei District, Chongqing City, and besieged and beaten civilian police and security personnel who came to stop them. At this time, after hearing the news, Zhou Linzhi, who was sick at home, rushed out of the house without hesitation, and joined other people in a frightful fight with the knife gangster. During this period, Zhou Linzhi was unfortunately stabbed in the waist by a gangster, but he still endured severe pain, twisted the gangster tightly, and eventually fell to the ground due to an injury, and died violently at the age of 51. With his actual actions, he interpreted the heroic spirit of the People ’s Police, who was justified and not afraid of sacrifice.

At the time of Zhou Linzhi's sacrifice, his daughter Zhou Zheng had just turned 20 and was approaching college. After his father was sacrificed, Zhou Yi determined to take over his father's baton and resolutely joined the Chongqing airport public security team. For the past 20 years, Zhou Zhen has been engaged in front-line work at the grass-roots level. She has worked in airport police stations, criminal investigation detachments, and special police detachments. With her tenacity and persistence, she has grown from an ordinary civilian police officer to a grass-roots leading cadre. On weekdays, no matter whether he is doing training or being on duty in the wind and sun, Zhou Yan is always dressed up and leading the way.

"The airport is the gateway to the city. It must be strictly guarded, controlled, and cracked down. Our airport police follow the flight. The special police are on duty 24 hours a day. It is very hard work, but the safety of the area and the safety of the masses are in exchange. Very fulfilling. "Zhou Yan said.

Inspired by the spirit of the martyr, the Chongqing Municipal Public Security Bureau Airport Branch Bureau adheres to the concept of "strong police with science and technology, and information support", and strives to improve the level of legalization and standardization of air defense safety work in order to maintain the safety and service of Chongqing Airport and air defense. Local economic and social development has contributed.

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