Zeng Lin: Finding a Party Organization and Rejoining the Party

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In August 1948, the uprisings in Guang'an Dai City and Guange area, which were an important part of the Huaying Mountain Uprising, failed successively. The enemy launched a raid on the revolutionaries who had evacuated from Huaying Mountain to Chongqing. Part of the data also revealed the physical characteristics of a commander of the uprising: nearly sixty years old, fat, sloppy, and fetters, and claimed that he established the Southwest General Branch in Huaying Mountain and personally directed the Huaying Mountain riots.

"This person is Zeng Lin." On December 25, Liu Youhong, vice chairman of the Yubei District Social Science Federation, told a story to the reporter of Chongqing Daily.

Find ways to find party organizations after being released from prison

"In November 1897, Zeng Lin was born to a poor peasant family in Longxing Town, Yubei District, Chongqing City." Liu Youhong introduced that in 1925, Zeng Lin was introduced by the Communist Party member Huang Kejian and entered the independent revolutionary group of the Fourth Army led by Ye Ting. .

In January 1927, the independent regiment was reorganized into the 73rd Regiment of the 25th Division of the Fourth Army, and Zeng Lin served as the staff of the regiment. In June of that year, Zeng Lin was transferred to Mahuiling, Jiujiang, Jiangxi, and introduced by Zhang Tangkun. He gloriously joined the Communist Party of China, became a communist fighter, and participated in the Nanchang Uprising. On August 3, according to the instructions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the insurgents successively withdrew from south of Guangdong. Due to the Kuomintang army's pursuit and blocking, the insurgents were scattered and moved, and Zeng Lin was forced to leave the army.

"Although he left the army, Zeng Lin did not abandon his revolutionary ideals." Liu Youhong introduced that in November 1927, with the mission of organizing accountability, Zeng Lin went to Hankou to connect with organizational relations. Later, the organization arranged to return to Chongqing in March 1928 and renamed Tian Zicai.

In 1933, Zeng Lin was dispatched by the organization to work in Li Fuxi, a bandit named Yibin. Zeng Lin found someone who was familiar with Li Kexi and brought an introduction letter with him. Unexpectedly, when passing by in Weiwei County, the letter was found by the enemy, and Zeng Lin was put in prison as a "suspected gangster". It was not until the winter of 1936 that Zeng Lin's classmate and his ally, Liu Yaokui, was promoted to commander, and Zeng Lin was released from prison when passing by as a county. After being released from prison, Zeng Lin tried every means to find a party organization.

After the outbreak of the Anti-Japanese War in 1937, Zeng Lin learned that Ye Ting was the captain of the New Fourth Army. After being introduced by his friend Lu Chao, the Fan Shaozeng Department of the Eighty-eighth Army was deputy commander. New Fourth Army. In 1939, Fan Shaozeng's ministry arrived in Puyang, Jiangxi, and Zeng Lin wrote to Ye Ting and Zhou Zikun to propose to participate in the revolution in the New Fourth Army. Soon after the letter was sent, Ye Ting wrote back and instructed him to go to the Shangrao office of the New Fourth Army. Zeng Lin immediately left Fan Shaozeng's ministry, went to southern Anhui via Shangrao, and returned to his team.

After review, the Party Central Committee approved Zeng Lin to rejoin the Party

Back in the army, Zeng Lin reported to Zhou Zikun truthfully after leaving the party and proposed to return to the arms of the party. However, because he had left the organization for too long, Zhou Zikun asked Zeng Lin to do revolutionary work well before the time came to resolve the organizational relationship. Later, Zhou Zikun arranged for Zeng Lin to be the deputy section chief of the Third Section of the New Army's Deputy Headquarters. In November 1940, Zeng Lin assigned the New Fourth Army Special Service Regiment as a reconnaissance staff.

After the South Anhui Incident that shocked China and foreign countries in January 1941, Zeng Lin's regiment changed to the right column, and was ordered to attack Tongshan and Zhan Gaoling via Maolin and attack Taiping. On the night of January 9, Zeng Lin and his scouts spied forward in front of the troops. When they reached Da Kang Wang Street, the team was dispersed by enemy forces. With a leg injury, Zeng Lin took more than ten people to hide on the nearby Xiecun Mountain and ran out of food for three days. On the night of January 13, the Kuomintang army searched the mountain and Zeng Lin was unfortunately arrested.

During his detention, Zeng Lin never revealed his identity, only to say that he was hired as a machine gun instructor by the New Fourth Army, and nothing else was known. In prison, Zeng Lin's leg injury continued to worsen. It was not until the end of 1941 that he was released from prison by a Sichuan native and sent for treatment.

In early 1943, Zeng Lin set out from Xiangtan, Hunan, and returned to Chongqing. After several setbacks, he returned to Chongqing in October. He first reported to Zeng Jiayan's 50th Zhou Gongguan and reported his situation after being captured. The next day he was arranged to study at the Eighth Route Army Office. In September 1944, he went to Yan'an and studied in the Sixth and Second Departments of the Party School Military Training Course for two years. Because Zeng Lin lost contact with the party organization in 1936, the organization problem remained unresolved. In 1944, after a review, it was proved by Chen Yi that the Party Central Committee approved and decided to let Zeng Lin rejoin the party.

Keep in mind the status of a party member and fight for the cause of the party for life

In June 1946, the organization decided to send Zeng Lin back to Sichuan to work. In February 1947, Wu Yuzhang, the secretary of the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee, convened a meeting of the leaders of the Provincial Party Committee and the Xinhua Daily to prepare for an armed struggle and let Zeng Lin take charge of the military command of the Huayingshan armed uprising.

"Although Zeng Lin's right foot had some ills, in order to see the terrain, he climbed the slopes and downhills, exposed to the sun and rain, and walked through the Huaying Mountains." Uprising preparations. After half a year's efforts, nearly half of the township security regime and armed forces are in the hands of Communist Party members, progressive masses, and United Front targets; Zeng Lin also set up two small arsenals, established three guerrillas, and controlled the county Sanqing regiment. And the Education Council, and use the factional contradictions of the Kuomintang to support and cover the party's underground activities.

Considering that most of the guerrillas and leaders had never fought, and lacked military common sense, Zeng Lin successively held eight guerrilla training classes in Linshui, Yuechi, and Guang'an. In addition to politics, situation, "three major disciplines and eight attentions", integrity education, and rescue common sense, the training also explained guerrilla tactics. Without textbooks, Zeng Lin explained her military common sense and personal combat experience with vivid examples and popular language, which benefited the trainees.

In August 1948, after the Huaying Mountain Uprising, Zeng Lin led his troops to fight against the Kuomintang army next to the water in Daluowan, Guang'an. Zeng Lin led the remaining 20 people to break up when he broke through. He lived alone in a household in Luoduxi for two days and spent three nights on the barren slopes. He then withdrew from Chongqing because he failed to find an organization and returned. Longbei's hometown in Jiangbei County is hidden.

After returning to Longxing, Zeng Lin did not wait passively. On the one hand, he was looking for an organization while actively working on the other. In the case of losing organizational ties, he took advantage of some local social relations and persisted in struggle while hiding. He inspected and developed party members in Longxing, and established the Longxing branch in 1949 to lead local party members and the masses to achieve results in anti-taxation, counter-levy, and arrest. He also sent people to the local self-defense force to master The Kuomintang is armed locally. On the eve of Chongqing's liberation, he also mobilized party members and progressive people to write slogans, publish posters, publicize the party's policies, and expose the enemy's reactionary crimes.

"After the liberation of Chongqing, after review by the party organization, Zeng Lin restored the organizational relationship and made new contributions in new posts." Liu Youhong said that Comrade Zeng Lin was forced to lose contact with the party organization twice, but was not discouraged. Always keep in mind his status as a party member, continue to struggle for the cause of the party, and finally return to the embrace of the party organization. Today, our party members and cadres, like Comrade Zeng Lin, should always have a party organization in their hearts, and they must truly recognize the organization, rely on the organization politically, obey the organization at work, and trust the organization emotionally.

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