Wu Liangzhu: Steel Warrior who built a "dike" against floods with his life

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Xinhua News Agency reporter Jia Qilong

On the bank of Lianhu Park in Anqing City, there is a bronze statue of Wu Liangzhu, a "steel warrior iron soldier," and his eyes cast affectionately on the Wanjiang River not far away.

Wu Liangzhu was the pilot of the Anqing Military Division of the Anhui Military Region during his lifetime. In 1998, he fought against the severe floods with his troops. For more than 50 days from investing in flood fighting and rescue to hospitalization, Wu Liangzhu used all the power of life to model the glorious mission entrusted by the party and honored the sacred duty of a soldier. Iron will, fighting desperately with the flood, wrote a song of revolutionary soldiers bravely sacrificed and dedicated with their lives.

In the summer of 1998, the Yangtze River Basin encountered a severe flood that never happened in a century, and the situation of flood resistance in the Wanjiang River was severe. In June, Wu Liangzhu participated in intensive flood control work, driving a car, barrage, plugging leaks, carrying a sandbag ... due to overwork, he collapsed on the embankment. In mid-August, Wu Liangzhu, who had severe abdominal pain, was rushed to the hospital for treatment. When the hospital performed abdominal surgery on Wu Liangzhu, he was found to have advanced liver cancer and the cancer cells had spread.

Later, although he was rescued at all levels, Wu Liangzhu, who had struggled with the disease for 70 days, died of his illness at the age of 26. His illness of participating in flood fighting and rescue work spread quickly across the country. The majority of the military and civilians lauded Wu Liangzhu as a role model for learning, which has widely set off a wave of learning from heroes.

The Communist Youth League's Anhui Provincial Party Committee awarded him the title of "Excellent Youth in Anhui Province." The former Nanjing Military Region Party Committee made a decision to start learning from Wu Liangzhu. The Central Military Commission awarded him the honorary title of "Iron Fighting Steel Fighter."

Like many heroes in history, Wu Liangzhu has a long history despite his short life: he dragged his sick body and fought for nearly two months on the front line of flood fighting and rescue; in the case of severe floods in his hometown, his parents were frail and unattended. He passed through the house four times without entering, and remained on the flood prevention dyke day and night. Even if he fainted on the embankment many times, he always insisted on fighting the flood with steel-like will and perseverance. His spirit of seeing death as a reflection of a soldier's sincerity towards the party, the country and the people.

"On the day when a soldier is appointed, he forgets his family; when he is in battle, he forgets his family; when he drums, he forgets his body. Wu Liangzhu is such a person who forgets his family, forgets his family, Forgotten heroes. "An Qingjun District Political Commissar said.

The earth was speechless, Wanjiang booed. The 26-year-old's life has been fixed, but Wu Liangzhu's spirit has never disappeared. After the hero traveled, Anqing soldiers and civilians consciously contended to be the "Wu Liangzhu spirit" heirs, and resident troops and schools hung portraits of Wu Liangzhu. In order to deeply remember the heroism, Wangjiang County Party Committee and County Government renamed a local primary school as "Wu Liangzhu Primary School"; Every major festival, party and government officials, army officers and soldiers, and the general public will go to Anqing Lianhu Park Wu Liangzhu statue to look forward and learn.

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