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· 许新建:勇斗暴徒血洒边陲 2020/01/02 Xu Xinjian: Fighting Thugs Spilling Blood
· 马忠学:烈士后代冲锋在前 2020/01/02 Ma Zhongxue : the descendants of martyrs charge ahead
· 鲁运新:烈火英雄精神永传 2020/01/02 Lu Yunxin : The Spirit of the Fiery Heroes
· 曾福兴:忠诚实干舍己为人 2020/01/02 Zeng Fuxing: Loyal, Doing Self- denial
· 蒋学远:用生命践行誓言 2020/01/02 Jiang Xueyuan: Practice vows with life
· 铁血战士永恒忠魂 2019/12/30 Eternal Warrior
· 陈树湘:穿透纸背的生与死 2019/12/30 Chen Shuxiang: Life and death through paper back
· 奇袭白虎团的战斗英雄杨育才 Yang Yucai, the fighting hero of the White Tigers
· 张郁光:赤膊抗敌护山河 2019/12/27 Zhang Yuguang: Shirtless against the enemy to protect the mountains and rivers
· 周林志:用生命践行誓言 2019/12/27 Zhou Linzhi: Practice vows with life
· 曾霖:找到党组织重新入党 2019/12/27 Zeng Lin: find the party organization and rejoin the party
· 红色布衣——三位百岁老红军的家风故事 2019/12 / 24Red commoner--the family story of three centenarians
· 张志民:生命定格在车轮之下 2019/12/24 Zhang Zhimin: Life is fixed under the wheel
· 刘旭东:一门九烈群英齐荣 2019/12/23 Liu Xudong: A Nine Martyrs, Ying Qirong
· 康岱沙:从豪门闺秀到延安青年 2019/12/23 Kang Yusha : From the magnificent lady to the youth of Yan'an
· 吴良珠:用生命筑起抗洪“大堤”的钢铁战士 2019/12/23 Wu Liangzhu: Steel Warrior who builds a "dike" against floods with his life
· 宋侃夫的早期“密码”生涯 2019/12/20 Song Kanfu's Early "Password" Career
· 傅敏超:打击假币的勇士 2019/12/20 Fu Minchao: Warrior against counterfeit currency
· 便衣神探梁学章 2019/12 / 19Clear clothes detective Liang Xuezhang
· 李延年:荣誉属于所有烈士 2019/12/19 Li Yannian: The honor belongs to all martyrs

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