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On December 6, the land curling team of the third primary school in Yongqing County was training. Yongqing County actively carries out ice and snow sports into campus activities. At present, the county's primary and secondary schools have established 34 land curling and roller skating teams, with nearly 400 athletes, which has driven nearly 10,000 people to participate in ice and snow sports. Photo by reporter Du Baihua correspondent Zhang Yuyu

A solid mass foundation is a solid "taki" for snow and ice sports. During the 2018-2019 snow season, the number of people participating in the ice and snow sports in Hebei Province exceeded 10 million for the first time, reaching more than 13 million. However, relative to the goal of “30 million people participating in the ice and snow sports in the province by 2022”, they still face “who is going to skate” problem. How to straighten the question mark of "Who goes skiing" and further consolidate the "taki" of the ice and snow sports population?

Everyone can be "on ice and snow"

From "I want to slide" and "Take me to slide", speed up the transition to "I want to slide" and "I love to slide"

On December 13, the first curling competition in the social group of the First Ice and Snow Games in Xinhua District of Shijiazhuang City was held in the district's sports center. The 38 teams participating in the competition are all middle-aged and elderly people in their 50s and 60s. These uncles and grandmothers who are usually busy shopping for food and cooking, seem to behave in every way in the game.

Opening the "program list" of the first ice and snow games in cities, counties, universities, and colleges across the province, you can find that in addition to skiing and skating sports that really need snow and ice, there are winter sports such as roller skating, pulleys, land curling, and dry ice hockey. Substitute projects; there are competitions for different groups and projects such as youth groups, government cadre groups, and social groups, as well as various forms of training and promotion activities. As of December 17, the province has held more than 1,800 races of various types of ice and snow events, with a total of more than 15 million participants.

"The process of holding the first ice and snow sports event is not only a process of popularizing ice and snow sports, but also a process of deepening the understanding of ice and snow sports and the thick planting of ice and snow sports culture." Said Fan Yali, deputy director and researcher of the Institute of Social Development of the Provincial Academy of Social Sciences. The first ice and snow game in the province broke the mindset of many people and made people realize that ice and snow sports are not “niche” sports, but that the public can “go on ice and snow”; it is not only the ice and snow season that can be “on ice and snow”, in fact "Ice and snow" in all seasons. "The idea has become wider and wider, which will further accelerate the popularization of ice and snow sports in our province."

Fan Yali believes that we should take advantage of the situation, further strengthen the work force, and normalize good work methods, so as to attract and drive more people to participate in and like ice and snow sports. From "Want me to slide", "Take me to slide", and speed up the transition to " I want to slide "" I love to slide ".

interest is the best teacher. Attracting and motivating the broad participation of the masses, it is necessary to continuously enhance the attractiveness of ice and snow sports by continuing to carry out interesting activities.

"Daddy, you work harder, let's hurry up!" "Hurry up! Hurry up!" On November 17, a fierce ice-cart race was going on at the Cangzhou Air Film Skating Gym. The sound made the icy field warm. On that day, 111 groups of families from all counties (cities, districts) of Cangzhou City participated in the city's first ice and snow games social group ice cart, ice hockey parent-child fun game, and enjoyed the joy of ice and snow sports.

A person in charge said that since 2018, the city has hosted more than 50 fun ice and snow events, such as parent-child ice and snow fun games, snow tug competitions, snow rope skipping competitions, etc., with more than 200,000 participants.

In addition to the competitions uniformly set up throughout the province, the first ice and snow sports meets local conditions, and has set up special features such as ice dragon boats, ice bumper cars, VR skis, etc., creating a strong atmosphere of "happy ice and snow", which has effectively stimulated the enthusiasm of the people to participate .

It is true that there is a certain skill requirement whether it is truly "on ice and snow" or participating in alternative projects. For this reason, it is necessary to continuously strengthen the skills of snow and ice sports to eliminate the "distance" between the masses and snow and ice sports.

Beginning on November 21, Zhangjiakou City carried out the city's first ice and snow sports cross-country pulley entering campus activities at 61 municipal ice and snow sports characteristic schools; on November 20, Langfang City began training and promoting the pulley project in the city; in the province's first ice and snow sports During the promotion and exhibition activities, seven “Ice and Snow Caravans” cruised in park squares, school communities, etc. to introduce knowledge, project experiences, and competitions, attracting 300,000 people to participate directly.

Grab key groups

Enhancing the "stickiness" of young people in ice and snow sports, and turning "potential stocks" into "outstanding stocks"

On December 20, 12 young players of the Handan Youth Ice Hockey Team are doing intense pre-game training at the Chengde Ice Sports Center in preparation for the first provincial ice-snow games (Chengde Division).

As the captain, Shi Dongdi, who is studying in the fifth grade of Shuguang Road Primary School in Handan City, said: "I look forward to discussing with other teams." At the first Ice and Snow Games in Congtai District, Handan City, held on November 23, Handan youth hockey The team once teamed up with the Shijiazhuang youth ice hockey team to present a wonderful exhibition match for the audience. On the field, Stoney rushed left and right, showing an eye-catching performance.

"Our team members are between 5 and 10 years old. Although the training time is not long, everyone is very interested and confident in the game." Handan Youth Hockey Team coach Yuan Zepeng said.

Once upon a time, ice hockey was still far away from the youth in our province. In the first provincial and provincial games (Chengde Division), the youth team ice hockey team has reached 9 teams.

Teenagers are the new force and hope for the future of ice and snow sports, and they are the key people to achieve the goal of 2022 Winter Olympics "to participate in the competition". How to fully stimulate the enthusiasm of young people to participate in ice and snow sports, so that "potential stocks" become "outstanding stocks"?

Bingxue entering the campus is undoubtedly an important promoter. There are more than 13 million school-age students in our province. As of December 18, more than 15,000 primary and secondary schools in the province have launched the first ice and snow games or related events, with more than 6.8 million participants; 103 colleges and universities have organized ice and snow events. With more than 560,000 participants. Liu Xijia, the director of the Sports Humanities Teaching and Research Office of Hebei Normal University, suggested that, according to the current situation, promote the development of ice and snow sports into the campus and deepen it. The "stickiness" of movement.

On December 15th, the first ice and snow sports meeting in Baoding was held at Qishan Ski Resort in Wuyuan County. The youth group set up short track speed skating, speed skating, ice hockey, alpine skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, pulley, land curling 9, roller skating.

Ren Pinjia and more than a dozen students from Wuyuan No.1 Primary School participated in a snowboard competition. Because of the limited number of skis in the past, in order to achieve good results, the 11-year-old stepped up to practice the snowboarding event to participate in, and finally successfully completed the first show.

The competition is a "booster" that stimulates enthusiasm for training and improves the level of the project. Guo Jian, director of the Baoding Sports Bureau, said, "Various competitions will run through the snow season in Baoding. In the future, Baoding City will host an annual ice and snow sports meeting to use the games to increase everyone's" snow and snow sports ".

Liu Xijia believes that ice and snow sports events should be widely held in various places and schools. On this basis, a snow and ice event system based on provincial events, city events as support, and county events as the foundation is established. Snow and ice cultural atmosphere, promote the improvement of snow and snow sports level. (Reporter Zhao Ruixue)

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