Regulating the flow of talents in colleges and universities should be "managed" instead of "managed"

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Luo Ronghai

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According to reports, recently, the Ministry of Education pointed out that in response to the proposal to cancel the "Yangtze River Scholars", the "Yangtze River Scholars" program is an important part of the country's high-level talent training support system; all units have introduced the national prefix "hat" in a vicious competition and ignored it. The main reason for the problem of bringing in really needed talent is the disorderly flow of talent. The Ministry of Education stated that it will give full play to the role of university talent work alliances, explore the establishment of university industry self-discipline mechanism and talent flow coordination and communication mechanism, explore the establishment of regional high-level talent compensation agreement system, inter-university talent training and mobility compensation mechanism, and truly promote the rationality of college talents flow.

The phenomenon of "digging people" to each other in universities has a long history. With the in-depth advancement of the "double first-class" construction, in recent years, the battle for talents in universities has become increasingly fierce. As soon as the "Yangtze River" and "outstanding young people" were rated, they were spotted, digging people purely with high salaries, and even the entire team was dug out. To the beginning of 2017, Minister of Education Chen Baosheng issued a call "Every university in the east, please be merciful to the talents of the universities in the central and western regions ... you are digging for talents, but they are actually digging for their lives!"

Against this background, in 2017, the Ministry of Education issued the "Notice on Adhering to Correct Orientation to Promote the Reasonable and Orderly Flow of High-level Talents in Colleges and Universities." In the same year, 75 universities directly affiliated to the Ministry of Education collectively signed a contract for the establishment of a university talent work alliance and issued the "Convention on University Talent Work Alliance." Some provinces and cities have also issued detailed rules on the flow of talents in their provinces. For example, the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education issued a special document, "Don't encourage or support the mining of talents between provincial universities, or encourage or support Southern Jiangsu universities to dig into Central Jiangsu and Northern Jiangsu universities. Grab talents, and discourage talents from universities in the central, western, and northeastern regions of the country. "

The scramble for the "hat" around the national prefix is naturally not the crime of "hat". As long as a "ranking" heart is immortal and the "hat" is cancelled, there will naturally be another "hat". The Ministry of Education clearly sees that the problem is not in the "hat" or the flow, but in the disordered state. What is currently being done is to make the flow orderly.

To make the flow orderly, on the surface, it is a matter of establishing the corresponding system. In fact, what is more profound is the question of the thinking and level of governance. If the thinking of governance cannot be carried out and the level of governance cannot be improved, no matter how many notices and conventions are issued, how many alliances are established, or how many alliances are established, in the end, the "management" thinking is difficult to achieve the expected effect.

In terms of "governance", the disorder of talent flow first manifests as the randomness of decision-making will. The so-called randomness is followed by personal "will" and a few leaders' "will". Have you agreed to transfer in or remove a talented person, have you sought the opinion of the Teachers' Congress, have you sought the opinion of the Academic Committee, and have you respected the views of the party organization? If the daily governance system of universities is not sound and unscientific, the random and disorderly flow of talents will be difficult to eliminate.

The disorder of talent competition is more reflected in the randomness of salary. There are no certain rules for the remuneration given to a talented person. If so, how was this rule made. How to attract talents without compromising the salaries of existing employees requires the democratic decision-making of party organizations and the Teachers' Congress, which requires fair procedures, rules and procedures.

The disordered state of talent competition is also a natural manifestation of the disorderly and incompetent nature of the university self-discipline industry association. If I am willing to transfer and the transfer school agrees to transfer, is there a reasonable and effective communication platform and related system between the original unit and the new unit? Such platforms and systems are the starting point for effective governance by industry associations. At present, the strength of this industry has not yet grown, and governance has not yet been effectively generated.

Governance is the cornerstone of the system. The Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee pointed out that "the institutionalized channels for the masses to participate in grass-roots social governance" should be "played with the role of mass organizations and social organizations, and the self-discipline function of trade associations and chambers of commerce, to achieve government governance and social adjustment, and residents' autonomy "Benefitful interaction, consolidating the foundation of grassroots social governance," the problem of disorderly flow of talents in colleges and universities may be the entry point and starting point for the implementation of governance thinking and the improvement of governance.

(Author: Luo Yung Hai, Department of Beijing Normal University teachers)

Editor-in-chief: Liu Di_DW087

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