City Settlement "Unbundling" Opens Road for Talent Flow

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Long Yuemei

Recently, the "Opinions on Promoting the Reform of the Social Mobility System of Labor and Talents" (hereinafter referred to as "Opinions") has been formally issued, focusing on creating top-level designs and systems around creating mobility opportunities, unblocking the flow of channels, expanding the development space, and securing the bottom line of society arrangement. The "Opinions" emphasizes the need to open an orderly flow channel, stimulate the vitality of social mobility, comprehensively eliminate restrictions on urban settlements of less than 3 million permanent residents in urban areas, and comprehensively relax the settlement conditions of large cities with 3 to 5 million permanent residents in urban areas. We will improve the settlement policy of mega-mega cities with urban permanent residents of more than 5 million.

A series of "necessities" closely related to daily life, such as education, medical care, and housing, are the important factors restricting the flow of talents. Many people want to go to a better place, a wider stage, and realize greater value. However, "a paper account stumped the hero", an unattainable account is prohibitive and helpless.

Others set aside Hukou and took the courage to venture outside. The ideal is indeed beautiful, but because of the hukou, many policies cannot be enjoyed, and a threshold is virtually set out to exclude them from the city's gates, making them unable to find a sense of belonging. Over time, these people chose to leave this familiar and unfamiliar city.

This time, the country has opened up an orderly flow channel with unprecedented strength and loosened household registration, which is very good for cities and individuals.

"Flowing water is not rotten, and household hubs are not stubborn." Only with the full flow of resources can a city have vitality and strength. In recent years, some cities have made great determination and investment in attracting talents, but due to reasons such as the hukou management system, they have done more with less. Now, the cancellation and relaxation of the settlement conditions in some cities has given these places a greater confidence in attracting talent. Especially for some emerging cities with advantages, foundations and scales, this “Dongfeng” can be used to attract more talents to settle down, thereby realizing the rise of the city and finally promoting the high-quality development of the local area.

For individuals, it is also a good thing. "Trees die, people move." The cancellation and relaxation of settlement conditions can allow talents to achieve a more free, reasonable, and orderly flow, find a stage that is more suitable for them, and release a larger one. energy.

Of course, we must also see that the threshold of "subtraction" means that the provision of urban public services must be "additive." While enjoying the bonus of talents and population, cities must also plan ahead and plan ahead for the future development of the city in terms of urban planning, education, medical care, housing, transportation and other basic public services. It will not cause serious "urban disease" because of the increase in population, and make people living here miserable; it will not lead to robbing of degrees, parking, seats, or beds because of the increase in population ... It is easy and difficult to keep people and hearts. This requires creating a good atmosphere that respects talents and allows them to live and work in the city.

Talent is a strategic resource for urban development, and a city with strong strategic resources is full of strength. In recent years, all over the country have been making plans for the introduction of talents, introduced a variety of policies to attract talents, and initially formed a good atmosphere for the benign flow of talents. It is foreseeable that the full implementation of the "Opinions" will create better conditions for local attracting talents and the free movement of talents, so that cities with conditions can have the opportunity to attract talents through a new round of reform, and welcome their own highlights; More talents enter the battlefield lightly, choose their own wonderful life, and finally form a vivid situation of the orderly development of the city and the emergence of talents.

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