Let talents grow together with international operations

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Ma Zheng

Deep integration into the “Belt and Road” construction is a historical mission that central enterprises must undertake. In recent years, China's central enterprises have carried out in-depth international operations and cultivated a large number of middle and high-level talents who understand technology and international business. As the “Belt and Road” initiative has been further advanced, the structural contradictions of human resources in China's central enterprises have gradually become apparent, especially the shortage of strategic, leading and innovative talents. Speeding up the cultivation of high-level international talents with a global vision, familiar with national conditions and policies, proficient in international rules, proficient in arts and sciences, and cross-cultural communication, has become an inevitable choice for central enterprises to conduct international operations and prevent and control international business risks.

Hard power and soft power, in the final analysis, depend on the strength of talents. To vigorously cultivate international business talents, it is necessary to establish a modern enterprise human resource management system and improve the human resource governance capabilities of modern enterprises. Practice has proved that the two modes of on-the-job training and training of international organizations can effectively promote the rapid growth and value increase of international talents. The first is post assignment. Within the overall framework of talent training and training cooperation, encourage the strengthening of personnel assignments for senior management positions in overseas joint ventures and cooperative enterprises, strive to participate in all aspects of the local joint ventures' cooperative operations and management, and earnestly exercise and experience the international management concepts and Culture, etc. The second is field practice. Optimize the integration and integration of intermediary short-term and internship resources of inter-company overseas organizations and overseas partners, and exchange or assign middle management and technical personnel to the scene to collaborate with local international teams to systematically understand the characteristics and aspects of different overseas management, culture, and business. Advantages, open up the international perspective of trainees, strengthen cross-cultural communication skills and leadership, and lay a middle-level foundation for the cultivation and promotion of high-level international talents. The third is institutional training. Select high-quality international talent training resources at home and abroad, assist in the development of training courses that meet the actual needs of central enterprises' international development, in order to cultivate the leadership and emotional intelligence of international talents in the context of unprecedented changes in a century, and establish a new globalization Concept, enrich diversity management and cross-cultural awareness, improve outstanding decision-making ability and change thinking, so that international talents truly have the leadership ability to lead the team and scientifically promote strategic execution.

To build an international operation and management talent team, we must focus on cultivating sources and improving them. Make good use of international high-end training institutions and high-quality teachers, tailor-made training courses in accordance with the international development needs of central enterprises, with middle-level and above as the main training group, focusing on quality training in corporate leadership, strategic execution, and comprehensive decision-making. Focus on tapping the original potential under the iceberg to realize the qualitative process of self-reflection, self-improvement and self-development from the inside and the outside. Establish an international management talent pool and supporting policy system according to the characteristics of different international project categories and talent needs, focusing on the comprehensive training of middle and high-level talents with overseas work experience and capabilities, allowing talents to participate in international project operations throughout the cycle, and focusing on training capable Complex capabilities required for key overseas positions. Establish an international talent assessment system and service platform, in order to improve the growth path of corporate employees, coordinate the use of various human resources, promote overseas employees' promotion, training, and career planning to share the same fate with their projects and corporate headquarters, and strengthen the incentive and restraint mechanism Role, allowing international talents and international operations to grow together.

(Author: Sinopec International Cooperation Department)

Editor-in-chief: Liu Di_DW087

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