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· 国新办举行水平评价类技能人员职业资格退出目录国务院政策例行吹风会 2020/01/03 The State New Office holds a regular briefing on the State Council's policy on the withdrawal of professional qualifications for level evaluation skills personnel
· 扬长避短,让人才充分施展才华 2019/12 / 31Strengthen strengths and avoid weaknesses, so that talents can fully display their talents
· 冰雪运动人口“塔基”咋夯实 2019/12/30 Consolidation of ice and snow sports population “Taki”
· 规范高校人才流动应以“治”代“管” 2019/12/30 Regulating the flow of talents in colleges and universities should be "managed" instead of "managed"
· 聚天下英才而用之 Use it to gather talents from all over the world
· 冰雪师资力量缺口咋补齐 2019/12/30 Fill in the gap in the strength of the ice and snow teachers
· 坚持完善科技人才体制机制建设 2019/12 / 30Insist on perfecting the system of science and technology talents
· 城市落户“松绑”为人才流动开路 2019/12/30 Cities settle in "unbundling" to open the way for talent mobility
· 让人才与国际化经营共同成长 2019/12/30 Let talents grow together with international operations
· 人才实力彰显中国战胜风险挑战底气 2019/12 / 24Talent strength shows China's confidence in overcoming risks and challenges
· 为创新发展凝聚智慧力量 2019/12/24 Gathering wisdom for innovation and development
· 让技能成才成为时代新风尚 2019/12/12 Make skills become a new trend of the times
· “凤凰”引得来更要留得住 2019/12/04 "Phoenix" attracts even more to keep
· 人社部国家文物局发布文博专业人员职称改革新规 2019/12 / 04The National Bureau of Cultural Relics of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security issues new regulations for the reform of professional titles of cultural and arts professionals
· 响鼓重锤提升职业技能 2019/11 / 27Drumming hammer to improve professional skills
· 厚植技能人才成长沃土 Fertile soil for growth of skilled workers
· 人才驱动下的城市数字化转型去向何方 Where does the digital transformation of the city driven by talents go?
· 服务类岗位供需两旺技工类高端人才紧缺——雄安新区秋季大型人力资源招聘会见闻 2019/11/21 There is a shortage of high-end talents in the supply and demand of service posts for high-skilled technicians-the autumn large-scale human resources recruitment meeting in Xiong'an New District
· 职业技能提升行动(“315”工程)图解(一) 2019/11/19 Graphic illustration of vocational skills improvement action ("315" project) (1)
· 激荡“聚天下英才”的磅礴力量 2019/11/15 Stimulate the majestic strength of "gathering talents in the world"

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