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Zeng Zhiyao (AD 947-AD 1012), a native of Fengxi, Jiangxi Province, was an official of the Northern Song Dynasty and the grandfather of the Northern Song writer Zeng Gong.

Zeng Zhiyao was once an official in Shouzhou, and Shouzhou was very close to Kaifeng, the capital. At that time, many wealthy merchants and giants handed over courtiers, affecting local politics. After Zeng Zhiyao came to office, he was not afraid of the power, and inherited the eunuch's character of "sexuality, good words", and changed the former officialdom to make the local politics clear and the people live and work in peace. Because of his remarkable achievements, when Zeng Zhiyao left office, his elders in Shouzhou repeatedly stayed. He had no choice but to take two servants to leave quietly on a fast horse ride. Shouzhou is far away, but there are still people in Shouzhou catching up and begging him to stay.

Zeng Zhiyao has successively held positions in Zhishi Museum and Secretary. He noticed the people's suffering, dared to write bad official customs to the court, and exempted the people from harsh donations and miscellaneous taxes that violated the legal system. Everywhere he went, he was quite political. He is not afraid of power and dares to expose others. When doctor Wei Wei was appointed to Suzhou Zhizhou, he had many violations of law and discipline, but because he was a court minister, no one would dare to say anything wrong. After Zeng Zhiyao checked the situation, he was impeached. Song Taizong believed that Zeng Zhiyao was loyal and commendable, and was commendable. He did not favor Wei Wei and fired Wei Wei.

Zeng Zhiyao's official voice was good, but he was shy. When he wished for his mother, he wore only the simplest clothes and his mount was very thin. Seeing this situation, some people talked about Zeng Zhiyao, but Zeng Zhiyao's mother proudly said, "My son is poor because of the government, this is my glory! If I wear bright clothes by searching for people's fat, I ride a strong horse Home, does it conform to my usual teaching? "(Cheng Jincang, Commission for Discipline Inspection, Huainan City, Anhui Province)

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