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When mentioning the scholar of the late Qing Dynasty, Wang Rongrong, many people knew that he was the first to discover Oracle, but little is known about the fact that his family, the family of the Wangshan family in Fushan, Yantai, Shandong, has also produced many government officials who have asked for the people and worried about the country. Officer. In the Qing Dynasty, the two brothers Wang Rou and Wang Jian, the heirs of the eleventh generation of the Wang Family, were such clean officials, one was known as the "White Bread Man" and the other was called the "Blue Parents".

"White Bread Man" Wang Rou

During the Kangxi reign, Wang Rou was appointed as Tongzhi and Yongzhou Tongzhou. At that time, the people in Qianzhou were rude, and feuds happened from time to time. Wang Rou came to the villages to inspect the situation, set up village regulations, sent people to measure the land uniformly, distributed to the people according to the population, encouraged them to cultivate and cultivate, and the people's customs improved, and the people lived and worked in peace. Therefore, this place is called "Yongsui".

During the Yongzheng Reign, Wang Rou served as Hubei's press envoy, facing the more than 400 accumulated cases left by his predecessor, he settled them one by one in only a few months. At that time, some toasts objected to "changing the soil and returning to the land," and after hearing that, Wang Rou convened various toasts for enlightenment, and finally the government order was smoothly implemented.

At that time, a woman in Macheng County was beaten to death by her husband, but was sentenced to suicide by the Governor. Seeing a lot of doubts about this case, Wang Rou opened the coffin and re-posted the autopsy. However, the governor played Wang Rou with the reason that he was "good at setting up novelty and not suitable for punishment". Wang Rou was fearless, and he tried his best to disagree with each other. Some people wrote this as the opera "Legend of the Heavens", praising Wang Roulian's cleanness and wisdom, and called Wang Rou "the white bread man".

Wang Rou was later re-appointed to the Zhejiang Coast Defense Forces and other ranks. He enforced justice impartially and honestly for the people. He also vigorously cleaned up the gangsters and allowed the people to settle down. The Emperor Qianlong once praised him as "the first military officer." In the 25th year of Qianlong, 71-year-old Wang Rou told his old man to return to his hometown and died five years later.

"Qingtian Parents" Wang Jian

Wang Jian was the fourth brother of Wang Rou. During Qianlong's reign, Wang Jian was appointed Governor of the Tongyong River, and was praised by the court as "being good at keeping clean." When Wang Jian was appointed as the ambassador of Changlu Salt Transport, he was summoned by the Emperor Qianlong. The Emperor Qianlong said to him: "Ru Cao is well-known, but as a transport ambassador, it is a barren ye." It means that Wang Jiandang Although Yan Yunshi was not as fat and fat as others, he became thinner and thinner, showing that he was very clean.

Later, Wang Jian successively served as the Shanxi envoy, the governor of Gansu, the governor of Hubei, the governor of Hubei and Guangxi, and the governor of Guangdong. In Gansu, he visited the disaster-stricken area and set up a congee factory for relief. He did not starve to death in one area. In Hubei, he set up a marine police officer to clean up the bandits and keep the two sides of the Yangtze River closed overnight. In Guangdong, he managed the extravagance of the official court and strictly forbid all meals. He also conducted a census of the sacrifice of local sacrificial fields and distributed the surplus land to the poor. All the villagers called him "blue parents."

In the 32nd year of Qianlong, King Jian died of working day and night and died in office in Guangdong Province. When his soulmate returned to his hometown, the local people wept with tears and the road was blocked.

The deeds of the two brothers Wang Rou and Wang Jian, who are officials of honesty and honesty, have been rumored in the countryside. Their words and deeds are worthy of the clan motto of the Wangs' family-it is more expensive to have a child to write, and it is better to be rich than to be poor. (Zou Jie, Sun Huiming, Discipline and Commission of Yantai Economic and Technological Development Zone, Shandong Province)

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