30 pairs of iron feet

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In the early winter season, Wang Wenhui greeted the fruit farmers who were picking warmly in the acres of orange gardens in Zhangzhuangpu Town, Orange Township, Jingnan. They were affectionately called "iron feet". In those days, Wang Wenhui visited the fruit farmers non-stop to learn about the implementation of the Huinong policies and related subsidies.

Regardless of Wang Wenhui's lively life, as early as 1999, he suffered a major car accident on a business trip, his left eye was almost blind, and his lumbar disc was almost broken. What was unexpected was that after just 45 days, he was discharged from the hospital and returned to work without any recovery.

The accident caused Wang Wenhui to suffer from lumbar pain. Leaders and colleagues advised him to move less and rest more, but he always smiled, as usual, "can't sit still", and he still appeared in the small villages and fields in the town. Wang Wenhui said that he was the son of a peasant. Although he was tired in the field, he was very fulfilling. He loves discipline inspection and supervision, just like he takes care of crops.

The diligence of the "iron feet" has made "micro corruption" impossible. Once, the town party committee arranged for Wang Wenhui to participate in the inspection and acceptance of the “one case, one discussion” finance for the construction of public welfare undertakings at the village level with awards instead of supplementary projects. A village should have dug three weir ponds. After the village cadres took them to see the two newly dug weir ponds, they said that the other weir pond was far away, so there was no need to go, but Wang Wenhui insisted on going to the field to check. After walking in the overgrown country road for a long time, the village cadre pointed to a large area of low lake fields and said, "The weir pond is just opposite." To find out the truth, Wang Wenhui walked regardless of the road and found that the weir pond was not dug at all. On the spot he spotted the fraudulent behavior of the village cadres.

In the Yantang incident, the fraudulent village cadres brought gifts to Wang Wenhui's office, hoping that Wang Wenhui could "raise his expensive hands." Wang Wenhui vehemently refused and demanded that the problem be rectified immediately. Later, the unearthed weir pond was dug and the village officials were also held accountable.

During a year of flood control and flood prevention, Wang Wenhui led a team to conduct a style inspection and found that a cadre had left the post without duty. Before returning to the unit, Wang Wenhui received a call. It turned out that the cadre had entrusted a friend to intercede.

"There is a reason for it, I hope that Wang Shuji's network will open up ..." Without saying so, Wang Wenhui stepped back: "If everyone is like this, who will follow the discipline? Flood prevention matters are related to the safety of the lives and property of the people. The lover touched a gray nose. In the end, the cadres who left the post were dealt with seriously and notified throughout the town.

"It is my principle to act in accordance with the rules." Over the years, Wang Wenhui has handled hundreds of cases, but he has not handled a personal relationship case or a relationship case, and none of the cases he handled were appealed or reconsidered.

In the eyes of relatives and friends, Wang Wenhui also has a "wrong" that admits death. Because the car accident left symptoms, Wang Wenhui went to Jingzhou, Wuhan, Hubei, and Beijing for treatment many times, and spent a lot of money, but he never told the organization about the difficulties. On several occasions, the unit leader took the initiative to talk to him and asked him if there was any need to help the organization to solve it. He never mentioned anything. His wife also sometimes complained about him, saying: "I'm a Communist and I can't trouble the organization."

There are old, young, and young, and his wife is laid off at home. The burden of the family rests on Wang Wenhui's shoulders. But in the 30 years of working in discipline inspection and supervision positions, Wang Wenhui has never thought of seeking personal gain for himself and his family. "Take others a point, you don't deserve a point." This is a word he often uses from Mian.

Villages and towns have a small geographical area and many acquaintances. In some people's eyes, doing disciplinary inspections and supervision is the hard work of "offending people" and "not liking incense", but Wang Wenhui always has a "love". As the earliest publicly selected cadres in the county, he did not have the opportunity to leave this post, but he resolutely chose to stay. Today, Wang Wenhui, who has passed his fate, is still ill and sticks to this post for which he has struggled all his life, and continues to write a life without regrets.

(Zhu Chaoyang Xia Yubin)

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