The story of diligence
· 陈文水:“让更多孩子走出大山” 2020/01/03 Chen Wenshui: "Let more children out of the mountains"
· 一月安东令 January 20, 2020
· 太平良相王旦 Taiping Liangxiang Wang Dan
· 北宋廉官曾致尧 Zeng Zhiyao
· 为民请命的廉吏兄弟 The Honest Official Brothers Asked for the People
· 一双铁脚板走过30年 2019/12 / 17A pair of iron feet has walked for 30 years
· 幸福花开满山乡 Happy Flower Blossoms in Manshan Township
· “事关群众利益,必须深挖细查” 2019/12/16 "It concerns the interests of the masses and must be dug and investigated"
· 从执纪新兵到业务尖兵 2019/12 / 16From disciplined recruits to business elites
· 李坚真:只留清气在人间 2019/12/13 Li Jianzhen: Only stay clear in the world
· 江西萍乡市莲花县九旬老人王振美扶贫济困六十余年乡亲救过他的命他用真情报乡亲 2019/12/13 Ninety elderly Wang Zhenmei, Lianhua County, Pingxiang City, Jiangxi Province, has helped his poor people for more than 60 years.
· 河北唐山滦南县李营村党支部书记李志刚—— “乡亲们过上好日子,心里就舒坦” 2019/12/13 Li Zhigang, Secretary of the Party Branch of Liying Village , Junan County, Tangshan, Hebei Province-"Farmers live a good life and feel at ease"
· 宋璟砸碑 2019/12/10
· 困难再大也要一查到底 2019/12 / 09No matter how difficult it is, you must check it out
· 心里装着群众干好扶贫实事 2019/12/09 Pretend that the masses are doing good poverty alleviation
· “带领全村百姓致富奔小康是我最大的梦想” 2019/12/03 "Leading the people in the village to become rich and well-off is my biggest dream"
· 带领乡亲过上好日子 2019/12 / 03Leading folks to a good life
· 青海玉树上拉秀乡党委副书记、乡长格扎—— 百姓亲切称他“放牧乡长” 2019/12/03 Qinghai Yushu Shanglaxiu Township Party Committee deputy secretary and head of the township Gezha-the people kindly call him "grazing the head of the township"
· “要把论文写在大地上” 02/12/2019 “Write the paper on the ground”
· “再硬的骨头也要啃下来” 02/12/2019 “No matter how hard the bones are to be smashed down”

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